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Baltimore Chief: Injured Officers Expected to Recover, "Take Control of Your Kids"

April 28, 2015  | 

Baltimore chief Anthony Batts addresses a press conference. (Photo: Twitter)
Baltimore chief Anthony Batts addresses a press conference. (Photo: Twitter)

In a late Monday night press conference, Baltimore Police Commissioner Anthony Batts said six officers seriously injured in the rioting are expected to recover.

Batts blamed the rioting on high school students who "thought it was cute to throw cinder blocks at police."

The police chief insisted the main instigators of Monday's violence were local "youthful residents" who "came out of a local high school" and "outnumbered and outflanked" police.

"Take control of your kids," Batts urged parents in closing. "This is our city. Let's make a difference."

The commissioner was responding to a question referencing a viral video purporting to show a mother physically striking her son for participating in the riots, the reports.

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rede2hike @ 4/28/2015 6:11 PM

Why can't these politicians speak the truth...they were not "youthful offenders" , they were gang members, the criminal element, the enemy of the police and they should be called what they truly are, a waste of flesh, the enemy of all law abiding Americans everywhere and should be dealt with all available means. These are the same idiots that cause the problems that this country deals with everyday, they are taking this country down and the color if their skin should not be a factor on how and when the law should be enforced.
If you don't want bad things to happen, DON'T BREAK THE LAW!!!
" Breath easy, don't break the law"
In almost every case of "police brutality", sorry "unarmed black man harmed by nasty evil police" the poor, not innocent, got a record mile long, victims brought it on themselves.
Sorry, my sympathy gauge is pretty much empty except for the kid with the toy gun case.
When are these idiots going to wake up, GANGS are bad, GANG MEMBERS are the root of this countries problems and need to be dealt with...
Stay safe, watch out for each other.

ssc1911 @ 4/28/2015 6:27 PM

No,Commisssioner it isn't cute for these kids to throw cinder blocks at the police.
It is battery on a police officer and whatever other criminal charges may apply.
The offenders if caught and admit they threw cinder blocks at the police should be prosecuted and sent to jail for a few years. Youths or not they need to know their actions won't be tolerated by law abiding citizens .Stand strong Baltimore PD.

tedb @ 4/29/2015 9:24 AM

Looks like BPD and the Governor of Maryland learned from Missouri's mistakes.

Retired Chief @ 4/29/2015 11:38 AM

Mr. Commissioner if YOU had done YOUR job, and adhered to YOUR oath of office there is a pretty good chance your officers could have stopped the riot in its infancy saving million of dollars in damage to YOUR community and serious injuries to YOUR officers.....but no. You let a socialist mayor dictate what YOUR officers would do---in this case they would do nothing. The blood of YOUR officers is on YOUR hands. You are unfit to wear the badge.

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