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Video: 2 Officers Shot in Ferguson During Protest

March 12, 2015  | 

VIDEO: 2 Officers Shot in Ferguson During Protest

Two police officers were shot just after midnight Thursday outside the Ferguson police department. One officer was hit in the face, the other in the shoulder. The wounds have been described as "very serious" but not "life-threatening."

At least three shots were fired at the officers as police were confronting protesters who had gathered outside the police station in response to the resignation of Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson. The officers who were shot were not part of the direct crowd control response.

St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar said one officer was with his department and the other was with the Webster Groves, Mo., department. Both are being treated at Barnes-Jewish Hospital, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports.

The Webster Groves officer was shot in the face. He is 32 and has been on the force seven years. 

The county officer was hit in the shoulder. That officer is 41 and has been on the force for 14 years.

No suspects have been identified in the shootings.

After the shots were fired, the scene turned chaotic. Some protesters dropped to the ground. Others fled the scene.

Bradley Rayford, a freelance journalist who has been reporting from Ferguson since the unrest began there last summer, said he saw three or four muzzle flashes from the crest of Tiffin Hill, a residential neighborhood with large century-old homes.

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Tom Holland @ 3/12/2015 6:21 AM

The climate that led to this attack lies squarely on the shoulders of our Federal leaders and there principle advisers, Sharpton and Jackson. It is they who have, by design, created the atmosphere of anti-law enforcement behavior that is presently sweeping our nation. We can be sure of one thing; there is more to come.

Mort Sahl @ 3/12/2015 6:23 AM

Thanks, Eric Holder. This is the result of your jihad against police. Will Al Charlatan be flying in to comfort the families of the wounded officers? Will he lead a march against the perpetrators of this violence?

Best wishes to the wounded officers and their families.

Chuck @ 3/12/2015 6:31 AM

Come on people. Why go after the men and women in law enforcement, there only there to protect us. They have families too. I hope that whoever did this is captured and sent to prison for a very long time

Trigger @ 3/12/2015 6:48 AM

Thank you very much Mr. President and Mr. Holder, we now have a sniper involved. Maybe you two should put on the badge, gunbelt and boots and work the streets to receive a hands on education of life.

tom @ 3/12/2015 6:59 AM

Really !!!!!, The Chief resigns and these people still want to protest, why ? As far as I'm concerned this whole situation has been kept churnign by the DOJ. If they would have backed off, and the media too, then I don't believe that this would have happened. Leave Ferguson alone, and see how things work out. Afterall the Chief of Police and the City Manager have both resigned, give those that replace them a chance to make the changes necessary and see how things work out. You can't expect major change overnight, and if you do, then your part of the problem.

Tom Ret @ 3/12/2015 7:23 AM

I, like a majority of cops active and retired I suspect, find Sharpton, Holder and Obama partially responsible for this event. It is they who have racketed up the emotion over the Brown shooting which was justified by all accounts.

UncleMike @ 3/12/2015 7:26 AM

The Divider in Chief and his buddy, the outgoing AG, have as much as called for such actions by declaring that Ferguson PD is racist.
To my Brothers and Sisters in Law Enforcement.
Take whatever measures are necessary to remain safe and cover each others backs at all times.
We are living in a time where certain factions will stop at nothing to achieve their goals and local Law Enforcement stands in their way.

rede2hike @ 3/12/2015 7:59 AM

To all my "BLUE LINE FAMILY", watch over each other cause no one else will, we are all targets of opportunity now and if it's not being shot with bullets it's a camera phone in the face & some tree hugging college idiot trying to get us to do something stupid they can post on You tube.
Be careful and don't take chances, be professional-always and be sure we ALL get home at the end of shift.

Jon Retired LEO @ 3/12/2015 9:15 AM

While it is good to be retired, even those of us who are retired need to be mindful that some of the criminal element still remember us and what we were. Stay safe everyone in Blue, Brown and Black, watch your backs. My thoughts are with the Officers in Missouri as they seek to protect themselves while performing their duties.

Vincenzino @ 3/12/2015 10:14 AM

I grew up in Newark, NJ during the '67 riots. I'm getting flashbacks.

Sam Dawes @ 3/12/2015 12:02 PM

Reminds me the aftermath of the Rodney King arrest. For months the media and politicians whipped up the ignorant wrath of the low lifes. Then when violence erupted ... as planned ... the media and politicians pretended to be shocked. Shocked!

fedfedup @ 3/13/2015 8:30 PM

Will the DOJ investigate if the officer's rights were violated?

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