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Video: Justice Department Demands Changes After Investigation Reveals Ferguson Uses Police to Generate Revenue

March 05, 2015  | 

VIDEO: Justice Department Demands Changes After Investigation Reveals Ferguson Uses Police to Generate Revenue

In the aftermath of a scathing report showing Ferguson unfairly targeted African-Americans and preyed on its most vulnerable citizens, the Justice Department is asking the city to make more than two dozen changes to the city's police department and municipal courts — or face a costly lawsuit. 

The 102-page report on the patterns and practices of the Ferguson Police Department released on Wednesday, describes an out-of-control police department whose officers target African-Americans, stop and search people without reasonable suspicion, arrest people without probable cause, abuse their authority to quash protests, routinely ignore civil rights and use excessive force by unnecessarily using dogs, batons and Tasers.

It describes a city government that uses its police and courts as an ATM, tolerating a culture of police brutality while pressuring the police chief and court officials to increase traffic enforcement and fees without regard to public safety, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports.

It exposes a court run by the police department that routinely violates due process and intentionally inflicts pain on the most vulnerable residents and whose supervisors circulated racially insensitive emails, one of which in 2011 depicted President Barack Obama as a chimpanzee. 

Read full DOJ report here.

Comments (8)

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Tom Ret @ 3/5/2015 5:57 PM

Holder finds racism everywhere except in himself. Similar to Obama, he is a lying racist weasel and he and Obama make a good team if you are trying to destroy the country from within.

Jerseycop @ 3/5/2015 6:19 PM

What's new lol acting like owns don't do this across the states .. He's a joke

plato's playdough @ 3/6/2015 2:41 AM

Tell me again why the riots and looting and arson were allowed? How many kids in Ferguson does Holder have? Baby-mamas?

plato's playdough @ 3/6/2015 2:43 AM

Be sure to grasp this. DOJ will not prosecute. Holder is really trying to "get lucky" eh?

TX Lawman @ 3/6/2015 6:24 AM

Sorry, I can't believe anything that comes out of Holder's mouth. He is a pathological liar and a criminal. Let the State come in and do an audit and I'll believe them. The Federal government needs to stay out of State's affairs.

Mccannman @ 3/6/2015 10:28 AM

I believe the US Constitution forbids the federal govt from interfering in local governments. It disturbs me that the recent trend is Washington threatening state & local governments "you better change this" or "you better pass this law" or else we'll sue you or withhold federal funds. Not supposed to work that way.

JoJo @ 3/11/2015 7:14 AM

What a joke. I read the entire report and he bases his assertions of racism on a few inappropriate emails among court staff and the fact that more blacks are stopped than their numbers in the community. He includes stories from people that he claims are fact, but dismisses any such statements from officers as being unproved. He knew where he wanted to end up and then tries to use this report to get there. Ferguson was doing some bad policing, some questionable citing, but there is no proof that it was based on race. This report and Eric Holder are both a joke and a disgrace to the country. Ferguson should be dealt with, but not because it was motivated by race, but because they were violating people's rights to make money.

Foly @ 4/5/2015 2:30 PM

i do agree a little bit with @JOJO, but i don't think Eric Holder made up the report for a particular reason, i think there are people of different races in the justice department that can question the inconsistency of this report if necessary. I do agree agree however that the whole situation should not based on race alone, the police department should be sanctioned and individual officers should be punished for inappropriate acts and abuse of power as well as use of force. When there is corruption in a police department where supervisors or police chief are corrupt, alot of things gets swept under the carpet. So i think citizens complaints are accurate and not made up, they might not be reported by the police officers however just because of code of silence that exists withing the force.

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