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Some NYPD Brass Ban Vacations in Response to Alleged Police Slowdown

January 15, 2015  | 

The New York Post reports this announcement was posted inside an NYPD station house.
The New York Post reports this announcement was posted inside an NYPD station house.

The New York Post is reporting that officers of the NYPD are being told by their commanders that they will not be granted vacation or sick days until summons activity increases. The action is reportedly a counter strike by the brass against an alleged slowdown in police activity following widespread anti-police protests and the perceived support of the protests by New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Throughout the city, precincts are being ordered to hand up to borough commanders “activity sheets” indicating the number of arrests and summonses per shift, sources told The Post.

“Police officers around the city are now threatened with transfers, no vacation time and sick time unless they write summonses,” one union source said.

In at least one precinct, the brass backlash — which comes in the wake of Police Commissioner Bill Bratton ordering officers back on the job after The Post reported a 90 percent drop in ticket writing — is downright ­draconian.

“Everyone here is under orders — no time off” during the summons catch-up blitz, said one officer at the 105th Precinct in Queens.

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bob retired leo @ 1/15/2015 4:51 PM

There goes management screwing the rank and file again. Im glad Im retired.

Tom Ret @ 1/15/2015 5:14 PM

What NYPD is putting in place is a quota system. I'm glad I don't live in NY.
The brass obviously is less concerned about the quality or righteousness of the arrests/ summons than they are in numbers. I wonder how people in NY will
like that knowing that they are possibly being ticketed/arrested due to a numbers game assuming the officers go along with this?

kevCopAz @ 1/15/2015 8:42 PM

Don't give in NYPD until the Mayor or the brass leave. F em all. Im sure that if you are sick and take the day off your contract makes the city pay or your union sucks! Hang in there. They can bully all 35K of you. We are with you.

Erich Weinfurter @ 1/16/2015 12:44 AM

I would assume that there is wording in their contract to the effect that NYPD must accommodate Vacation/Admin Sick/LT days. If a vacation was already authorized and the Officer has put money down on a trip, the city may have to pay any nonrefundable amount. This will also disrupt the ability to cover every shift after this blanket ban is lifted. Not to mention if the city will have to compensate the officers for unused time at the end of the year. Where will the city be, if this so called slowdown does not end this year?

Question: Is there a NY State law banning ticket/summons quotas?

What happens if the Officers decide to make up the difference by issuing summons to the Anti NYPD demonstrators, after all that is where they are detailed for a period of time. (Jay-walking, Blocking a public roadway/sidewalk)

This action by the NYPD does not sound well vetted, It all comes down to the $550 million in fines the city is looking to lose if this continues.

UncleMike @ 1/16/2015 6:28 AM

It'd too bad that cities think of their Police Officers as income generators.
Their job is to protect the Public, not fleece them for the money to run City Hall.
Like bob retired leo said.
I'm glad I'm retired......

Edd @ 1/16/2015 7:23 AM

This would not be an issue if the brass and the politicians would support the polices on enforcing the LAWS they created. That is all the police are wanting is support from them. Damned if you do damned if you don't is not a good place to be. Lawmakers and politicians need to decide which side of the fence they are on and stick to it. Monkey is on their back.

BT @ 1/16/2015 10:52 AM

Great idea commanders ! Start giving city residents more summons out just to pick up the revenues. That should really help boost the public image of the NYPD.

Bob retired leo NY/FL @ 1/17/2015 10:40 AM

@Erich Weinfurter: In your memo book with NYPD you usually get a book of 20 summonses . Each month you are supposed to fill what I called a quota but management called productivity. They said if you dont issue at least those 20, you are not being productive or doing your job. Management stated its not a quota. So as people got used to it, most officers by months end still had tickets and had to go and look for offenses. Now when I moved to FL. the department I worked for had no quota, one deputy had not issued a summons in many years. It was a lot more relaxed here in FL then in NY.

Ima Leprechaun @ 1/20/2015 9:40 AM

There really is a quota and the NYPD brass just proved it.

Ima Leprechaun @ 1/20/2015 9:51 AM

We got a ticket book of thirty and the brass expected 30 tickets per month so I wrote ten on each of the first three days per month and then gave warnings the rest of the month. It was pure numbers and if they were correct for the month nobody bothered you. Sad but true.

[email protected] In Florida the money generated by the police goes to Tallahassee and the locals get just $10 per ticket. Nearly all fines for criminal summons violations also goes to Tallahassee. Not like most states where the fine money goes into the city or county general fund. There is no real local benefit in the fines so the brass in Florida really doesn't care about the revenue since they don't see it.

132&Bush @ 1/21/2015 2:24 PM

They want ticket, write tickets. For everything possible. Saw it in a goofy cop movie ?Supercops?. See if you can write 200 in a day. Do it in 4 man crews 3 writing 1 on lookout.

132&Bush @ 1/21/2015 2:27 PM

Oh and station undercover cops across from NY Times and see how many jaywalkers you can get.

Longarm @ 1/24/2015 8:44 AM

I'm sure this is probably a violation of their collective agreement that can be successfully grieved.

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