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Video: Phoenix Activist Shoots Unarmed Man in Force-on-Force Training Scenario

January 08, 2015  | 

VIDEO: Phoenix Activist Shoots Unarmed Man in Force-on-Force Training

Jarrett Maupin has been very vocal during the recent protests, leading marches on the Phoenix Police headquarters after officers shot an unarmed man who reportedly fought with them.

He agreed to go through a force on force training with the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office and went through three scenarios where you have to decide to shoot, or not to shoot.

Scenario one is a call of a man casing cars in a parking lot. Maupin approached the man and started asking questions. The suspect in the drill shot Maupin, who was asking him what kind of car he drove. It happens that fast.

FOX 10 asked him when he thought it was time for him to address the scenario with the use of force. "When he came to the back of the vehicle and started hiding, I could sense something was wrong," said Jarrett Maupin.

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Sammy Roshevskiy @ 1/8/2015 4:18 PM

Nice story. Although I detest these Monday morning quarterbacks, at least this one had the huevos to participate in the training drill and realize he was clueless.

martyb @ 1/8/2015 4:37 PM

It appears that this video has been pulled by the "fair and balanced" folks at fox news... All of the links you have to go to the video are inoperable. Once you get to the Fox News sit their link is dead as well. Too bad. It would have been nice to see a "Hater" figure out that having to use deadly is a lot harder than ordering their pricey coffee drink at Starbucks.

plato's playdough @ 1/8/2015 5:24 PM

Click the FOX10 link to continue...
Scenario two is a call of two men fighting. "What's going on today gentlemen, what are you doing?" he said. He fired at the suspect in the scenario.

FOX 10 asked him why he shot the suspect. "Hey, he rushed me... I shot because he was in that zone, I didn't see him armed, he came clearly to do some harm to my person," said Maupin. "It's hard to make that call; it shakes you up."

Scenario three was a call about a possible burglar walking down the street. Maupin gets him on the ground, but the suspect is not complying. "I need you to keep your hands up sir, I need to check that's in the waistband," he said.

There were no shots fired, but the suspect did have a knife in his waistband.
FOX 10 asked Maupin what his biggest take-away from the exercise will be. "I didn't understand how important compliance was, but after going through this; my attitude has changed, this happens in 10-15 seconds. People need to comply for their own sake," said Maupin.

Retired NY Boss @ 1/8/2015 8:17 PM

This gentleman learned something and maybe we need to expand this to other "activists." I will give Mr Maupin credit for doing this and doing it with an open mind.

Joe @ 1/9/2015 4:09 AM

This activist is a man. He tried to wear a cops shoes and learned something. This video should be shown on every news station across the counrty

Kevin J. Street @ 1/10/2015 4:27 AM

What you have is a one man learning he does not know as much as he thought. He is right. Comply with the police orders. If you are hacked off about the matter, file a complaint.

Most folks who get into situations do so because they assume the matters are debatable. NEWS FLASH.....There will be no debate. If you argue, it will not end well for you. As stated earlier, comply then file your complaint. Rest assured, the camera will not lie. You may cause yourself another problem by filing a false police report.

Having started policing in 1971 and still policing in 2015, I have observed that most folk going to jail do so because they cannot shut up. That is right...they talk themselves to jail!

Bob @ 1/12/2015 6:35 PM

The PPD also served him dinner. They served he Crow. LOL

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