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Mayor de Blasio Says He Will Not Apologize to NYPD

January 08, 2015  | 

Mayor Bill de Blasio speaking at a recent NYPD swearing-in ceremony. (Photo: YouTube)
Mayor Bill de Blasio speaking at a recent NYPD swearing-in ceremony. (Photo: YouTube)

Mayor Bill de Blasio said Wednesday he would not apologize to police union leaders and rank and file cops, despite calls from some top officials for the Democratic mayor to be contrite in the wake of a glaring rift between the NYPD and City Hall.

"I respect the question but the construct is about the past and I just don’t want to do that. I think this is about moving forward," Mr. de Blasio told reporters when asked about whether he’d consider apologizing to the police.

"I’ve always tried to tell the truth as I know it and I tried to be respectful and if you look at years of what I’ve said about the NYPD, I have immense respect for the men and women of the NYPD. I believe in them and I’ve obviously directed a lot of resources to helping them do their work and be safe," he added.

Mr. de Blasio and two of the city’s most prominent police unions, the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association and Sergeants Benevolent Association, have been at war for much of his tenure as mayor. Patrick Lynch, the PBA president, blamed Mr. de Blasio for creating an atmosphere that led a mentally unstable 28-year-old man to murder two NYPD officers in December.

Police unions and their conservative backers revile Mr. de Blasio for tolerating the anti-police brutality protests that roiled the city after a Staten Island grand jury voted not to indict a white police officer in the death of Eric Garner, a black man. On the night the decision was announced, Mr. de Blasio repeated a mantra of the protest movement, "black lives matter," and said he warned his biracial son about interacting with police. Many in the NYPD recoiled at those remarks, the New York Observer reports.

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Simon Norquist @ 1/8/2015 4:25 PM

What we have to realize is that de Blasio is openly Communist, and is race-baiting cop hating scum. And I am using excessively polite language in saying so.

Captain @ 1/9/2015 6:50 AM

"I’ve always tried to tell the truth as I know it" sounds like a politician! In a Seinfeld episode George told Jerry that it is not a lie if you believe it. Sound familiar? He is not a friend of NYPD

kevCopAz @ 1/9/2015 2:32 PM

Funny, is it not when the Libs and the Pols step in it and or say the wrong thing, all they want to do it "forget the past" and "move forward" yet when conservatives, cops or the anti-Libs do the same, the investigations, the demand for resignations etc etc are all that the LIBS and the media talk about and NEVER "move forward!"

Retired NYPD @ 1/9/2015 7:43 PM

The NYPD has a much longer reputation of being on the side of All people throughout history than this Mayor, who has a political agenda for Only himself. People of N.Y. Please look at who will still be here in 4 years.

Marty @ 1/10/2015 3:20 AM

piece of work !! He needs to resign !! Sharpton needs to go to jail for tax evasion ..

Tamikka @ 1/10/2015 4:00 AM

The nypd is upset because the mayor told his son to becareful why? Instead of being upset with the mayor they need to be upset with the trigger happy cops who abuse there authority. The cops who shoot first, who beat people men and woman like there nothing. Those officers know damn well if they were not cops they would tell there children the samething. Not all cops are bad n im not saying if put in a dangerous position not to protect yourselves. Why shoot to kill why not shoot the person in the leg or arm hell in the ass to try and stop them instead taking there lives. Im not saying not to protect yourselves If put in a situation that person is armed do what you need to do. Give the mayor a break he was being a father first warning his son to becareful.

Vincenzo4 @ 1/10/2015 6:51 AM

"I’ve always tried to tell the truth as I know it and I tried to be respectful..." how many times I have heard this from SUBJECTS. DECEPTION, DECEPTION, DECEPTION.

TruthSeeker @ 1/11/2015 6:30 PM

hey "Captain"....sorry to disappoint you, jackwad, but de Blasio is more your boss than a friend. Cops are servants, not bosses. Remember that next time you hit the streets.

Eddie @ 1/12/2015 6:36 PM

Tamikka it is an insult to tell his son to worry about cops,when gangs,drug dealers and thugs who are also black are killing black men,women and children by the thousands every year! That's the real danger,not the police.I grew up in a black neighborhood ,I never had problems with the police ,but then I was never hanging out on the streets commiting robberies ,resisting arrest or being a career criminal.Rich people have the money to protect them ,the poor have the police,and I have personally watched cops clean up neighborhoods ,making them safe for poor people ,and risking their lives to do it.

arabrab @ 1/12/2015 8:05 PM

@Truthseeker "jerkoff", no one needs or wants diblabbio as a friend except for an angry little asshole like you. Remember that next time you walk the streets.....

Kevin @ 1/9/2018 7:46 PM

There the truth and there is a lie. Saying I told the truth as I saw it is a pretty way of dressing up a lie to appear semi truthful.

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