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Video: Violent Protest Flares After Fatal Police Shooting Near Ferguson

December 24, 2014  | 

VIDEO: Violent Protest Flares After Fatal Police Shooting Near Ferguson

A large crowd of nearly 300 protesters gathered at a Berkeley, Mo., Mobil Gas Station following a fatal officer involved shooting. The shooting occurred around 11p.m. Tuesday night at the store located at 6800 North Hanley Road. Things continued to heat up as people surrounded a squad car. Objects were reportedly thrown at a police vehicle.  A Hazelwood squad car also had its rear window smashed.

The situation escalated further as police tried to break up a scuffle, KTVI TV reports

Several people were on the ground in handcuffs. Police tried to keep people back and set up a perimeter. During the scuffle it appears that someone threw fireworks near a gas pump.  After that explosion, our crews saw police use pepper spray to keep crowds at bay.

Two officers were injured and four people arrested.

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Ima Leprechaun @ 12/24/2014 10:09 AM

Here we go again. Still nothing about this had to do with race. But it had everything to do with good vs evil. I hope there is video of this event either at the gas station or by the Officer.

Concerned Citizen @ 12/24/2014 12:26 PM

These stupid Hard-Left trolls/useless idiots talk about how they don't want a "Police State" but are happy to cause conflict when there is none. They also want to convict innocent people and be a lynch mob. If Michael Brown had a firearm he would have killed Wilson and other innocent people! Unarmed teen bs! If Obama supports don't want a "Police State" how about stop being Bigots and Racists yourselves? How about looking at evidence and common sense? They were willing to Lynch an innocent, and give a Thug that committed a Strong Arm robbery the benefit of doubt? Talk about not having priorities in check! "Violent Protest" aka Committing crimes! The media is so in the tank for the left agenda it's not funny! Hope the hate the MEDIA sows, will come back to their children and their families! Stupid "Progressive Media!" Just shills for One World Government. They don't mind other people getting killed as long as it's not their LOVED ONES! Some of those News People belong in H E L L!

kevCopAz @ 12/24/2014 1:31 PM

So now we LEOs should not even shoot at B/Ms with weapons/guns? This is obviously ridiculous, this is proof that these folks are thugs and just want to riot so the hell with them. Im tired of these anti police types just talking in generalities, "we need to change the police" "we have a problem with police". OK JUST what do they want us to do when confronted with an armed suspect? Just take a bullet, let them shoot first what? No reported ever asks them for specifically what they want changed! They let them speak platitudes and ridicules statements never confronting them. Asinine!

Tom Ret @ 12/24/2014 3:00 PM

Unfortunately, the fact that the black youth was armed and pointing a gun at the officer will not alter the feelings of many in the black community. It will be much like the NYPD dispatchers who, after the two NYPD officers were killed who had nothing to do with the Garner case, said the police had it coming and supposedly got into a yelling match with FDNY dispatchers. The facts are irrelevant in their quest for "equal justice".

rede2hike @ 12/24/2014 5:49 PM

He didn't have a gun, it was just a turkey & cheese on wheat.
Merry xmas & happy rioting!
My Brothers & sisters in blue please be careful, watch over each other and stay safe please!!!!

Kim jordan @ 12/24/2014 8:19 PM

Those protesters need to be taken care of. This is so rediculous and the stupidity of these people is out of hand. Where do they get off protesting because the police are doing there job. Not all policeman are bad as goes for black or white people. There are good and there are bad people. The law is the law and someone needs to wake up and get a life.

TC @ 12/25/2014 9:02 AM

The facts about the shootings have never mattered to the rioters. The police have been made into a 'class' by the media, which encourages criminal behavior against them. Criminals should always be held accountable for their actions.

A. Yeungs (ret) @ 12/25/2014 1:38 PM

A philosopher once said a society that does not treasure their warriors is hopeless. We are heading that way.

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