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Video: Cleveland Mother Demands Prosecution of Officers in Replica Gun Shooting

December 08, 2014  | 

VIDEO: Cleveland Mother Demands Prosecution of Officers in Replica Gun Shooting

The mother of a 12-year-old boy shot dead last month by Cleveland police after he was seen holding a replica gun held a press conference today. She says she wants both involved officers convicted, reports ABC News.

One of the family's biggest complaints has been that police officers stood nearby and did not administer aide to Tamir for several minutes after the shooting.

The news conference came after Rice first spoke with ABC News earlier this morning and reiterated her wish to see both officers convicted, though only one of them fired the fatal shots.

The mother of four has already filed a wrongful death lawsuit over Tamir's death but she said this morning that she wants "the police [to] be accountable for what they did to my son," she said on Good Morning America.

"I'm looking for a conviction for both of the officers," she said.

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TC @ 12/8/2014 4:56 PM

An even bigger question is why are children not afraid to confront law enforcement officers? What are they being taught? Certainly, they are not taught to respect the law and the people who enforce it.

Joe @ 12/8/2014 5:14 PM

Or a better question yet. If she is such a concerned and attentive parent how did she let her son leave the house with a "replica" gun that had the Orange safety tip removed?

Jack Peet @ 12/8/2014 5:22 PM

Maybe the mother should be prosecuted for raising a delinquent who has no respect for the law or rights of law abiding citizens.

TH @ 12/8/2014 5:42 PM

I don't know why those officers pulled up right beside the kid. If it was a real gun they would have been sitting ducks. Better tactical move would have been to park and walk up. As far as shooting the kid, he should have dropped the gun as soon as he saw the police car. Unfortunate situation.

Melz13 @ 12/8/2014 10:05 PM

They should arrest the mother for buying and letting her son (with little common since). Any gun toy or not should be treated a real, sorry mom...not the officers fault, maybe not even yours. But your son was a fault, poor judgement, poor parenting, proper police procedure. Ever parent wants to blame others for their sweet little boy who was going to be a doctor. Teach your children better.

cocop @ 12/9/2014 4:37 AM

I guess this is the new welfare system....have an unwanted kid, ignore him in his formative years, training him to be a victim and a bully. He confronts the police is shot and then you sue.

Renee @ 12/9/2014 5:00 AM

This whole incident could have been avoided if the parents of this 12 year child would have had his butt at home. If I come upon a person pointing a gun at me, I don't have time to decide if the gun is real of fake. I have a ccw, and I carry. I would have shot him myself, and I am a black woman!!! Enough with the parents claiming "my child did nothing" YOUR CHILD WAS POINTING A WEAPON AT PEOPLE...12 is old enough to know what the outcome might be if you are point a gun at officers when they drive up. This country is headed in a direction most of us are not prepared for. Personally I want to be found on the good side of an encounter with the LEOs not at the other end of their service weapon, taser, or baton.

Richard Koleff @ 12/9/2014 5:18 AM

Nothing's been said about the moron who painted or removed the bright orange toy gun indicator from the gun! Another indicator of irresponsible parenting, which, I might add, is rampant in this particular ethnic group!

Ed @ 12/9/2014 5:24 AM

TC, finally someone not afraid to say the right thing. Thank you .

Ima Leprechaun @ 12/9/2014 8:58 AM

What she wants is irrelevant. Why the kid had a real looking gun and was seen on video pointing it at people is her fault for allowing him to have a real looking weapon. I demand she be charged and convicted. While the rookie Officer may have screwed up, the second Officer has no responsibility for the shooting. From what is coming out now about the Rookie, the Police Department should be liable for his actions for not doing a complete background check when they hired him. Only a few states have a complete database of Police Officers fired for misconduct, there should be more.

Jelly @ 12/9/2014 10:10 AM

Sad situation for all involved. I don't really care who is at fault, that's not for me to decide. But what I do know is a 12 year old boy is dead, his family and friends are grieving and two officers have to deal with the aftermath of a horrible situation. Police work is the community and law enforcement working together to make a better life for all. We as professionals are better than some of the comments posted on this site.

Daniel Stokes @ 12/9/2014 4:38 PM

What kind of imbecile parent allows her kid to go out in public with a realistic gun and go around threatening people? If we acted logically, we'd charge the parent(s) with child endangerment or the like.

krisnlc @ 12/10/2014 3:34 PM

As i read this..i don't remember seeing or hearing that this kid was pointing this gun at people.. when i watched the video i did not see people around him to point that gun at. I did see the kid taking the gun out and pointing and also carry it to his side. It did not look like the orange safety cap was on the gun. But he did look like a kid, even on video. He did not look volatile or acted strange he was a kid doing something stupid (caramba). The police that responded did not use any tactics they pulled right up to him and shot looked like the kid went for the gun (but why?) was he scared, was he being intimidating was he playing a game with death? The police immediately jumped out and shot him...had they already plan their attack? was this what they had in mind, a surprise ambush, because they had already made up there minds that this person was dangerous? dont know, what i do know if it was me i would not have pulled up that close...Distance, caution and diffuse.

Leonard @ 12/12/2014 9:57 AM

Many of the comments here border on plain ignorance. Never in my life, would I expect the actions of a twelve year old child be compared to that of a a supposedly trained adult policeman. Fact of the matter is the following:
1. The created created the situation by stopping the vehicle so close to the child. This effectively erased any possibility of the police to determine if there was a threat or not. It's plain negligence on the police part.
2. Police did nothing to substantiate what was reported by the 911 call. The 911 caller stated twice that the gun was probably fake and yet this was not relayed to the officers. Given that fact that eye witness testimony is fallible, why not take the time to effectively evaluate the situation.
3. Ohio is an open carry state and yet the police came in guns blazing. They know that citizens have the right to carry firearms and without direct visual evidence on the officers part, they could not be justified in their actions.

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