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Video: Berkeley, Calif., Protest Gets Violent for Second Night

December 08, 2014  | 

VIDEO: Berkeley, Calif., Protest Gets Violent for Second Night

A peaceful protest in the university town of Berkeley, Calif., Sunday night over police killings of black men was overtaken by a group vandalizing police cars and stores and briefly shutting a local highway, reports USA Today.

It was the second consecutive night that protests over the chokehold death of Eric Garner in New York and shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., turned violent.

A roaming crowd of 300-400 protesters moved between the Oakland border on Telegraph Avenue and downtown Berkeley, leaving California patrol cars and a string of stores damaged, according to California police and local reports. Media reports said eight people were arrested.

While an air of calm returned as the marchers headed back to the University of California-Berkeley campus, they left a trail of damage and confrontations — both with police and between the groups of protesters, one trying to prevent vandalism.

Police fired teargas at protesters after a group would not leave Highway 24, shutting off the artery between Berkeley and the eastern suburbs of Walnut Creek for 45 minutes.

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solikesilly @ 12/8/2014 7:21 PM

Yeah, because the whiny little white bitches at Berkeley can relate to the struggles of the black man so well, really? It's like OMG, like one day this mean cop said something and I had Daddy send a whole group of attorneys down here because like I was soooo mad.

plato's playdough @ 12/9/2014 3:21 AM

I want genocide. I mean the extinction of all life on Arrakis. (Quote, Emperor Shaddam IV, House of Corrino, planet Kaitan.)

kevCopAz @ 12/9/2014 2:49 PM

This is just another example of black thugs taking the opportunity to be thugs and criminals. All of the LEOs know (as do any critical thing person) that doesn't matter if the shootings or other deaths are justified or not, these black thugs will loot burn and be thugs. Im surprised the hispanic and white thugs don't join in to loot and burn. I live in the Phx Az area. We have had several days of demonstrations about the same shootings/deaths and have not had ANY criminal problems at all. The NAACP rep and other Reverends marching even complemented the police on how the acted. Perhaps its not a Race thing at all, its just where the Black folks live and how they are raised and their criminal actions are condoned by Lib/Democrat that causes the riots, not Race its being a punk. Those in Phx got their point across without any violence and I commend them. Have any of you heard ANY reports of this in the Media??? Hell no, its not news…they love the violence, its makes $ for the Media.

kevCopAz @ 12/9/2014 2:56 PM

Im tired of "no justice No peace"& "I can't breath" etc. Perhaps we LEOs should just say the hell with it, sit back wit from crime to happen, when we get the rte "ask" criminals to surrender and if they don't let them go. We will see how long it takes for even the Libs to get tired of being victims. I spent 32+ years in Law Enforcement and am still working for a LEO agency, but if I had to do it over again, I would NEVER do any on-view proactive enforcement again, or risk my bacon for these ungrateful citizens. F em all! I would take reports, write tickets and let the criminals kill and loot till society changes they get what they ask for…crime up the rear! Then perhaps they would reconsider. I agree that LEOS take one day across the nation and just fail to respond to one single call in their areas and see how the nation reacts to that. They couldn't fire us all! "no support-NO response" If they ask why, we should all say "we couldn't breathe" or claim PTSD for lack of support!

kevCopAz @ 12/9/2014 3:06 PM

Oh Im sorry, it was Berkley, for one thing the :ins there should all "understand the plight of the Blacks and White privilege" and let them do as they please. Im sure the rest of the US (other then maybe NYC & Mass.) would rather Berkley burn down and a real college be established there. If we were lucky the fire would spread to San Fran weirdo and Oakland and we would have a triple play and rid us of 3 liberal useless cities.

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