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Video: Ferguson Chief Asks Why No Guard Help During Monday Riot

November 28, 2014  | 

VIDEO: Ferguson Chief Asks Why No Guard Help During Monday Riot

Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson is trying to find out why National Guard troops were not deployed to his city ahead of the Monday night grand jury decision announcement.  He learned the Guard would not be on duty the first week in November.

“I asked what caused the decision, the change in mission, but I wasn’t able to get an answer,” he told KTVI TV.

Dozens of Ferguson and Dellwood businesses were damaged or destroyed Monday night as rioters and looters moved freely across the communities.  Some set arson fires.  Rioters, firing shots in the air, kept fire department crews from responding to the flames.

St. Louis County Police are in charge of protecting areas of Ferguson where protestors gather.  Chief Jackson said initially Guard troops were expected to assist police.

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Jacob Gonzales @ 11/29/2014 1:59 AM

*1st week of Nov. or December ??

William @ 11/29/2014 6:13 AM

I think He knows the reason as does most everyone else with any basic common sense. This whole thing is being "played" by obama and the so called justice department for their own perverted reasons. Remember their mantra...."never let a crisis go to wsste".

Tom Ret @ 11/29/2014 6:22 AM

Either the Governor is incompetent or more likely taking orders from Holder and Company.

Stephen Segal @ 11/29/2014 7:19 AM

I would think that the business owners who were attacked deserve an explanation as well; possibly, a class action suit against the state government and governor. I also think that our do-nothing Congress should also look into this matter as it sounds like another scandal of President Obama and Company.

Carlos @ 11/29/2014 7:48 AM

IIRC, every Ferguson, MO business owner should close shop and move their source of tax revenue to a city that appreciates the service that they were providing.

rede2hike @ 11/29/2014 8:56 AM

We all know the governor is an incompetent idiot. Remember his comments just hours after poor innocent Brown died?
Anybody with any common sense waits till the facts are known before saying anything. If you have to speak, you say how sorry you are for the family of the doped moron took himself out of the gene pool! Politicians are idiots.

Capt. Crunch @ 11/29/2014 10:00 AM

No guards really, no surprise to me. Obama, just wanted to protect his buddies. Besides it won't look good on Obama's watch to have a war like situation here in the USA.

SnowCop @ 11/29/2014 11:40 AM

At the end of the day doing nothing works in the favour of Law Enforcement. It reminds people how important and needed they are and it shows the public what the demonstrators are all about. As soon as you start interrupting other peoples lives, by looting, damaging property, shutting down highways, malls, etc. You quickly loose support from the community and you just become annoying. That is what will happen with this Ferguson thing, especially now that the facts have been released and they are pretty hard to dispute them.

The average Joe may have an opinion about the matter, but really doesn't care enough to alter his life for the cause. If these demonstrators alter his life and daily routines and freedoms, they will loose support.
Keeping the Guard out may have been a power play by someone not playing the Holder/Obama game, or it may have been a genuine bureaucratic goof. It sucks for the people that lost their businesses, hopefully they have insurance.

TheRookie @ 11/29/2014 1:21 PM

Governor Nixon had them activated one week prior & they were a no-show on their opening night. I'm sure this was orchestrated & directed by "Card Carrying" Erica` von With-Holder @ Dept. of No-Justice & his trusty side-kick race baiter "Bat Boy' Obammy. They had their point man Al "Cocaine Snorting C.I. 7" Shark-ton screaming from the mountain top & Mike Brown's step-dad delivering the main message, "Burn this bitch down, Burn this bitch down, Burn this bitch down now." Some real classy protesting by the "3 Stooges" for sure.

westcoastleo @ 11/29/2014 2:30 PM

I can make a bet that if each shop owner had a good AR with 12 ga. along with a nice .45 pistol and shot each looter, rioter and burner who broke into the shops, you would not have these problems or the need for the national guard.

Marshal5M @ 11/29/2014 3:26 PM

Yes, the WH had influence to hold off the NG. Sources from DC show Ms. Valerie Jarret had 9 calls to the Gov prior to the GJ's announcement. Valerie is the President's chief advisor since 2008 as well as his long term chief promoter
( she , through her early friendship with Michelle , orchestrated him into the Chicago mayor Daley circle, in order to set the stage for his run to the Senate) The WH sent Al Sharpton to Ferguson and he, along with CNN, baited the racist minority to protest, calling the event a social rights issue. Would riots occur if the officer was black? Very unlikely. If Hispanic? likley. If Whit
Every LEO, retired or current, needs votes out the progressives, all LEO stays at risk for being thrown under the bus. We didn't have this "cop is always wrong" stance back in my days when a 10oz sap, a .357 and 00 in a Remmington was carried (Tazers yet to be invented), the better days under Ronald Reagan when police were respected.Vote out Progressive socialists in 2016

P.J. Marino @ 11/29/2014 5:35 PM

Forrest Gump might say, "Stupid is what stupid does!" But that is not the case here. Governor Nixon was following direct orders from the White House. But why, because contrary to President's pleas for law and order, he encourages the protests, the looting and burning. Black Marxist leaders need this as part of the organizing blacks and holding them together for 2016. These black leaders and the administration are playing African-Americans and some gullible whites in this country like a fiddle and they follow like the Pide Piper of Hamelin. This administration is a disgrace to our American democracy.

Jack Betz @ 12/1/2014 7:21 AM

I saw a tee shirt once that said what if there was a fire and nobody came. The same could be said of crime. After the Rodney King riots I heard that some officers were putting the blinders on and just responding to calls, nothing more. Imagine if this went one step further and the most massive blue flu ever know came about. As in no cops at all period. Chew on that.

S.S. @ 12/1/2014 7:48 AM

Ok today marks a week. It feels like this b.s. has been going on forever. Everyone's comments I'd say has some truth behind it. If not well it's just good old fashioned stupidity. Nixon, Holder, obama, all knew what was gonna happen. Sure as shit these animals in ferguson behaved the way we knew they would. Destroying their own community. Now they're gonna beg for govt. aid and they're gonna get it. After all it's the holidays right? obama is gonna give it to em. Even though these p.o.s. already did most of their xmas shopping, and saved a lot! Im just really sick of all this b.s. Don't these animals have jobs or school to go to? Oh's Ferguson, nevermind.

Bill @ 12/1/2014 8:23 AM

Police have no legal duty to protect you(see:

Only you, the individual, are responsible for your own security.

Bill @ 12/1/2014 7:21 PM

"Yes Me the Lousy Cop"

Well Mr. Citizen, I guess you have me figured out. I seem to fit neatly into the category you place me in. I'm stereotyped, characterized, standardized, classified, grouped, and always typical. I'm the "lousy cop." Unfortunately, the reverse isn't true. I can never figure you out.

From birth you teach your children that I am the bogeyman, and then you're shocked when they identify me with my traditional enemy, the criminal. You accuse me of coddling juveniles, until I catch your kid doing something. You may take an hour for lunch, and have several coffee breaks each day, but point me out as a loafer if you see me having just one cup.

You pride yourself on your polished manners, but think nothing of interrupting my meals at noon with your troubles. You raise hell about the guy who cuts you off in traffic, but let me catch you doing the same thing and I'm picking on you. You know all the traffic laws, but never got a single ticket you deserved.[continued]

Bill @ 12/1/2014 7:25 PM

You shout "foul" if you observe me driving fast enroute to an emergency call, but literally raise hell if I take more than ten seconds responding to your call!!!

You call it "part of the job" if someone strikes me, but it's "police brutality" if I strike back. You wouldn't think of telling your dentist how to pull a badly decayed tooth, or your doctor how to take out your appendix, but you are always willing to give me a few pointers on law enforcement. You talk to me in a manner and use language that would assure a bloody nose from anyone else, but you expect me to stand and take it without batting an eye.

You cry, "Something has to be done about all the crime!" but you can't be bothered with getting involved.

Bill @ 12/1/2014 7:26 PM

You've got no use for me at all, but, of course, it's OK if I change a tire for your wife, or deliver your baby in the back seat of my patrol car on the way to the hospital, or save your son's life with mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, or work many hours over-time to find your lost daughter.

So Mr. Citizen, you stand there on your soapbox and rant and rave about the way I do my job, calling me every name in the book, but never stop a minute to think that your property, your family, or maybe your life might depend on one thing, ME, or one if my buddies.


unknown author

Indydep @ 12/2/2014 9:09 AM

Okay, here we go again, blaming POTUS for all the problems that exist in the United States today. I do not agree all his coures of action, but at the end of the day he's damned if he does and damned if he doesn't. I am african american and work in law enforcement, and trust and believe I don't agree with the reaction of the citizen in Ferguson. I feel every bit of show of force should have been presented and used. No rules of engagement, but to maintain peace and unhold the law. I can't wait until a newly elect president takes office, and if a situation should arise again, what will be the comments then. I guess its okay to start a war, kill hundreds of servicemen and women cause you thought there was some wmd or they tried to kill my daddy, must be nice to have so many innocent lives at your disposal. I agree with the post from Bill, and SS "animals" really and you probably don't have a job, and a coward to the job that LE and/or military does.... Peace and Blessing.....Stay Safe

S.S. @ 12/2/2014 9:29 AM

Yes animals. I guess you found it necessary to categorize yourself as "african america". No one else did. Look they acted like animals, and that's what they wanted for the world to see. Destroying your own home and community. Also btw I didn't mention "black". You know why? Cause I saw black and white doing it. I guess you just assumed I was talking about black people. Nope I wasn't. So before you call me a coward. just so you know" mr. african-american indydep,"be careful of what you post. Ive never seen you on this site before so Im just gonna assume you are a complete douche bag and your one of those officers who uses his race and his ethnicity to get what he wants. Just like all of those idiots in ferguson who use the "race card". That's exactly what you sound like. I think I hit the nail right on the head.

Indydep @ 12/2/2014 10:30 AM

SS, I am here a lot don't normally post anything, and trust I don't play the race card because what type of society we live in. To set things straight I didn't assume anything, but if you read what I said I don't agree the way the community has reacted. So, rather it's black, white , or the whoever its wrong. To refer to them as animals is a bit much, but when the majority of the people involved are "black" it's no question who you are referring to. We can go back and forth all day long, you have your opinion and I have mines because this America. They are always looking for a few good men and women to suit up and boot up and to proctect and serve against the enemy both foriegn and domestic.

S.S. @ 12/2/2014 10:34 AM

Practice what you preach. You don't know me, and you gave your opinion. Then again I have mine. I guess what Im trying to say is that I call em like I see em.

krisnlc @ 12/2/2014 1:25 PM

First, it is unfortunate that this is happening. But the officer has the right to protect himself from anyone...second, what is expected if a person attacks a police officer to the extent this person did. He was 300 lbs and 6'5". any type of physical attack from someone that large is dangerous. Third, it is not like he was a pillar of the community. good riddance to him...Fourth; do the people from that community really think he was an innocent victim after all the information has been released? Sounds like the pushing of reverse oppression to me. Finally, based on what furgeson knew, you would think the shop owners would be ready to protect their own wares and businesses... pull up your pants and protect yourself if the police are not able, or "not allowed". In the end, most of those idiots dont even know what they are protesting, they are just a bunch of lemmings running to the cliff!

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