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ABC to Air First Interview with Darren Wilson

November 25, 2014  | 

After the Ferguson grand jury decision came down Monday, the next question in medialand was who would land the first sit-down with non-indicted Officer Darren Wilson. Today we have the answer: George Stephanopoulos and ABC News, reports Deadline.

Conducted this morning, the interview with Wilson will air on various ABC News properties after World News With David Muir airs the first segment tonight. In a separate tweet today, Stephanopoulos said Wilson told him "he feared for life" in the ultimately fatal encounter with unarmed teen Michael Brown and "would not do anything different" if he had to do it over.

Nightline will follow with more of the interview later Tuesday night, and Good Morning America will have a Part 3 in the AM of November 26. The network news division plans to put the whole interview up on its website Wednesday.

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Ima Leprechaun @ 11/26/2014 10:29 AM

I heard Officer Wilson say he felt like a 5 yr old trying to wrestle with the incredible hulk. He feared for his life is the only standard he had to meet to justify the use of deadly force. He did what he was trained to do and what he had to do to survive. Clearly Mr Brown wanted to kill Officer Wilson and race had nothing to do with it. I have to say after seeing Officer Wilson (He looks like a baby he is so young) I can see why Mr Brown attacked him, Mr Brown had advantage of size and strength over Officer Wilson. Had this happened in Florida the size difference alone would justify deadly force to protect ones own life. Now the media will twist everything to sell network time and newspapers and I find this whole situation very sad for the victim, Officer Wilson was clearly the victim of a violent crime. But race had nothing to do with anything here, that part has been made up by outsiders and celebrities who have no idea what they are talking about. I do find there is more racism from black people toward white people and that truth is hugely apparent in Ferguson.

Concerned Citizen @ 11/26/2014 7:42 PM

I wonder if the Lamestream Media aka Ministry of Truth/Lies will blame the TEA Party for the looting? Michael Brown's pastor has blamed white people for his Church being broken into and set on fire. Gee wiz, the good for nothing media that has incited these riots, makes every freaking white person out to be a member of the KKK! You can't disagree with Obama, you're a racist. You have to think MB is a Saint or an Angel or you're late for a Klan meeting! Come on. How many times can you Cry Wolf before you realize. There is no Wolf? A large Black Population has gone Schizoid that Whitey is OUT TO GET THEM! Meanwhile people care about putting food on the table. And getting married and having a decent life. They're not plotting to kill every black person that's been born! But Obama supports Planned Parenthood that kills more babies a year than any group of LEOs could or the KKK! Why is there no protesting that Sharpton, Jackson and Obama?

Ima Leprechaun @ 11/27/2014 10:21 PM

[email protected] Just a rambling manifesto with no relationship to anything. Please go back on your badly needed medication.

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