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St. Louis-Area Police Agree to "Rules of Engagement" with Ferguson Protesters

November 18, 2014  | 

Following weeks of intense negotiations, the three largest police departments in St. Louis, Mo., have agreed on a dozen rules or policies they will follow as they engage with protesters after a grand jury announces its decision regarding Ferguson Officer Darren Wilson.

The negotiations have centered on 19 “Rules of Engagement” proposed by a coalition of 50 community and civil rights groups. In general, protesters have agreed to peaceful demonstrations if police don’t interfere, while police agree to respect demonstrators’ right to assemble as long as there is no violence, the Washington Post reports.

Negotiations on Tuesday continued to stall, however, over seven of the proposals, including the coalition’s request to give protesters 48 hours’ notice prior to the grand jury announcement.

The three departments – called the “unified command” for police response to protests -- have also not agreed to the coalition’s request that police be dressed in minimal gear and that tear gas, tactical vehicles and rubber bullets not be used, a coalition leader said.

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RetiredChief @ 11/18/2014 3:13 PM

Our nation has gone off the deep end. There are no ROE's needed. The law already spells out when force is justified and how much. We are negotiating with those who will commit crimes. That is pure BS. What about the duty to protect the peaceful and law abiding including the owners of businesses which will likely be looted and burned. Political correctness is killing this country and is now killing what was once PROFESSIONAL law enforcement.

Brad @ 11/18/2014 3:56 PM

I think its time for a raging case of blue flu to hit St Louis

westcoastleo @ 11/18/2014 4:11 PM

I agree with both of you ... Protesters have no right at all telling the local, state or federal LEO's how to act during a violent protest. During the first protests in Ferg MO the protesters are the ones who started the vandalism and the police responded in order to prevent the damage and the injuries to shop keepers. Then the savages began pelting the officers with liquid fire bombs and shooting at them. Deadly actions were being used against the now "RIOTERS" due to "THEIR" actions. If the Grand Jury does try to file the "TRUMPED UP" charges against the officer, "EVERY OFFICER IN THAT STATE" should either not show up for their shif or walk off the job and let the cities burn......

Martyb @ 11/18/2014 4:15 PM

Are You Kidding Me?
the first rule of negotiating with "terrorists" is that you don't negotiate. The only ones that came out a winner here are the "groups" set on causing the greatest amount of uproar and damage both socially and fiscally.

When (not if) everything goes to hell and the "groups" violate their own rules, which I promise you will happen. The Cops and "Good Guys" will be made out to be the ones at fault when they have to go hands on or worse with the "unruly mobs".

Law Enforcement should have said, "If you follow the law we will all get along just fine. IF you choose to violate the law you will pay the consequences".

HRPufnstuf @ 11/18/2014 4:21 PM

I wonder which side will break the agreement first? Hint: count on the "coalition of 50 community and civil rights groups" to forget about "peaceful demonstrations."

Chuck W @ 11/18/2014 4:29 PM

Are you freaking serious, are you freaking serious. Advance notice for these criminals so they can have a 24 hour advantage on the officers, community friendly policing while you are being attacked, crowd control equipment will not be used (good luck trying to defend yourself while being attacked), safe houses for these idiots to run to that are "sacred ground" allowing larger protests and in areas normally not tolerated, be tolerant of minor law breaking (WTF), hopefully no officers get hit directly in the eye by these minor law breakers. The inmates have taken over the asylum, talk about setting precedence and making past practice, give in to one faction and you had better give in to every other faction that demands they be allowed to spit in the face of justice, liberty and the law. disgusting, absolutely disgusting. Just wait, someone is going to use the "you get to break the law, then so do I" excuse soon. Get ready brothers and sisters, we are in for a ride.

G-Man @ 11/18/2014 4:42 PM

Load up your family in the station wagon and get out of Dodge. Let them have the sh!thole. They are going to riot no matter what the grand jury decides. It's not worth trying to save them from themselves. Get a job where they appreciate the PD, there are still some places left.

UncleMike @ 11/18/2014 5:39 PM

The rules should be simple enough for even the most educationally challenged among the "Protesters" to understand.
"If you don't riot. You won't be shot."
No other rules are necessary......

Tom Ret @ 11/18/2014 5:53 PM

The idea of discussing rules of engagement is indeed, crazy. Retired Chief is
right on. If law enforcement has evolved and been influenced by the left
this much maybe it is time to disband and let the citizens take back their town.
If that is the case, look for a lot of looters being shot.

Dean @ 11/18/2014 6:01 PM

We reject the Don't Shoot Coalition's Rules of Engagement and will implement the following ROE:
1. All laws will be enforced.

Concerned Citizen @ 11/18/2014 7:42 PM

There's no "Rules of Engagement" for so-called Protesters aka Looters, Agitators, and Low-Life Degenerates. I'm against "The Police State". But that's what these Agitators want! They want the N. Guard to put on Blue Helmets and become the Army of the UN. Not the Armed Forces of the USA. It's sad that a population like a large Majority of Black People and White Liberals. Will do anything to cause trouble. They take the Media Manipulation as their Gospel. They will easily get Slaughtered. Creating a mass panic, and people will be lead like the poor Jews to a "Shower". Anyone in the Media that objects will end up dead. I don't care about the Agitator's, their "Time Will Come". Because they're Sheeple. But I hate them causing trouble for LEOs and Innocents. You can always use "Bouncers" in a 12 Ga. Hard Rubber Balls for "Non Lethal Use". Even though some of them, don't appreciate the life they have! Armed Citizens may get sick of their crap. And use Lethal Force before any LEO can!

Bad Bill @ 11/19/2014 4:37 AM

Since when do YOU tell ME what to wear to work? Since when do YOU tell ME what to wear for crowd control/civil disturbance duty. If you throw rocks, break windows, damage property, hurt people... you can expect to be arrested by whatever means necessary to effect your arrest. Poor choices lead to bad consequences. Go ahead, protest... the Constitution gives you the right to beef about whatever you want, but obey the law. If you don't, don't be too shocked when your skull gets busted.

Fed LEO @ 11/19/2014 6:20 AM

Do you believe this? This is from the groups that includes the Black Panthers, American Socialist Party for the overthrow of the US, the American Communist Party, and no doubt the Bloods, and Crips. If the PD complies with this, it will be a blood bath until they go back to the stations and arm up. The officers in the front will be soft targets. My guess is that there will be a lot of armed thugs hiding behind signs, the Rev Jessie and Sharpton, and the protest will be lead by Holder.

Sal LEO @ 11/19/2014 6:31 AM

These people want to riot, how els do you think they will get the free TV's and other items of value. As far as changin the NG to UN Army. The UN does not have an Army. They utilize FPU's- Stability Police Units that are trained to quell Civil Disobedience. The FPU's
ROE are very specific and they do engage from Command Presence to Nonlethal to DF.... But these ROE's they propose are for the lack of a more suitable word: ASININE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DonutPLz @ 11/19/2014 6:40 AM

Screw them...... I just read the 19 rules of engagement that the stupid arse depts. agreed to...... #7 is a no go for me. Time to take the day off.

7) Police will wear only the attire minimally required for their safety. Specialized riot gear will be avoided except as a last resort.

I agree every officer in that area needs to take a few days off when the announcement is made, although its clear what the verdict appears to be with all the prep being done. No one has said anything because it wont be anything new......

If he is indicted maybe that's when all the police walk?

Bill @ 11/19/2014 7:47 AM

Wow! This is going to be really bad. You can't neuter law enforcement, and then expect them to be able to respond to violence. If the line officers have any sense of self-preservation, they will stay home.

Sarge @ 11/19/2014 10:44 AM

We are in PC hell when the bad guys get to make the rules for themselves and tell LEO's how to deal with them when they break the law. When are the good people finally going to stand up? Political Correctness is destroying this country.

XXXXX @ 11/19/2014 12:13 PM

Rules of Engagement my ass. Let the politicians and Command Staff stand out there and get hit by rock, bottles and bricks.

Bill @ 11/19/2014 12:57 PM

I have a rule for ya. If you loot, or riot, you lose all welfare benefits for the rest of your life.

Mick @ 11/19/2014 1:07 PM

Rules of engagement? WTH. Here's the only rule LE should agree to with long as you peacefully protest we will stand down. The Constitution covers this for both sides, but LE has a duty to protect the peace, other non participants rights, and property and life...violate any of that and you will be stopped with the minimal amount of force necessary. My God I'm so thankful I'm retired, because this cap is ridiculous.

Tommy Carter @ 11/21/2014 3:17 PM

Whoever drafted the ROE's needs to view this link...
These are going to be the people you will be dealing with...
Just a note on the link, foul language is used and would not be appropriate for the work place or people that may be offended. Watch the volume level.
Good Luck to the Brothers and Sisters of the Badge that will have to deal with this savagery.

TC @ 11/24/2014 6:02 AM

Why would they need to do this? A riot is more likely to happen if people feel that they are evenly or even better equipped than the LE.

How many looted bottles of liquor, cartons of cigarettes, and tennis shoes will it take to achieve social justice in Ferguson? Ans: None, because that has never worked.

From the beginning, this has never been about justice or equality.

Terry Kloepfer @ 12/1/2014 8:04 AM

Since when do true Americans run and hide. My regards to the police there hands are tied. If rioters want to disregard the law then move to a third world country and live in your shit. If they are given free rein, then free rein must given to those who will protect their homes, family and businesses. This country is of the people not the government. We the people will preserve the peace.

C. Ayers @ 3/22/2015 11:34 AM

I would say as a black person I'm ashamed by this but I'm not. I'm not even phased by this. I'm sick of hearing about "poor black men being shot" because I don't care. Maybe I should but I don't, nor do I feel guilty about it. We gripe about cops but we'll phone you first when some life-threatening shit goes down. We don't call the fire department or the paramedics, we beg 911 for COPS. I'm in favor of blacks policing themselves since they hate cops so, but we all know many are too stupid for that. Even we won't rely on each other in an emergency situation. The black community can go extinct for all I care. Maybe it needs to. I'm just glad I got the hell out of it.

I feel sorry for the police. It's a damned if you do or don't and seems thankless. Know that some of us actually like and appreciate you guys. As for these "rules"....I can't even respond. Whoever thought it up needs their ass beat. Trust me I'll go temporarily blind and admit to not seeing shit. They're even handing out rules for white protesters. All this, after bitching about how whites don't care, then when they try to support us we complain. Keep doing your jobs, guys.

- from a black female supporter of the cops.
Location: Phoenix

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