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Video: Protesters Burn Flag After Police Shooting in St. Louis

October 10, 2014  | 

VIDEO: Protestors Burn Flag After Police Shooting in St. Louis

Protesters took to St. Louis streets for a second night Thursday after an off-duty officer killed a teen who fired at him three times, authorities said, reports CNN.

Police arrested eight people: five on accusations of unlawful assembly, two for alleged property damage and one on a marijuana possession charge, St. Louis police spokeswoman Schron Jackson said.

One officer suffered minor injuries and two police cruisers were damaged, Jackson said.

Protesters also burned at least one American flag, CNN affiliate KSDK reported.


Video: Off-Duty St. Louis Officer Kills Man in Gunfight, Triggering Angry Protests

Comments (19)

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Concerned Citizen @ 10/10/2014 4:32 PM

The St. Louis "Riverfront Times" did a story. Calling people who sided with LEO's at the Cardinals Stadium "Racist". But it never gave a "reason" it just was a lie and a fabrication. The Same MSM that is Anti-US Citizen, and Anti-LEO is pro-Illegals, and Pro-Communism. Those in the Media have Distorted the facts to fit their False Narrative. Meanwhile Sheeple who follow the Media, poor Blacks, people on Fix Income and EBT. Believe the Lies! The Media wants to Cause Chaos and Riots! Those in the Newspapers, along with Jay Nixon are helping to CREATE RIOT SITUATIONS! Where there was none! Along with Holder and O. LEOs should walk out of Nixon's security detail till he shows you LEOs some RESPECT! Instead of throwing you to the Wolves! Those in the Gov. can't be trusted and in the Mainstream Media. Having a Mag like this is good. Because the whole truth doesn't get distorted. You can tell people how you really feel. Just don't sell to Gannett, or News Corp.

Tom Ret @ 10/11/2014 12:26 PM

Even if the protestors were right about the shooting, which they are not, why would burning the country's flag garner any support for your cause? I suspect most people are sick of their complaining about black victimization irrespective of the facts.

More than meets the eye @ 10/11/2014 12:39 PM

13 years ago I attended a briefing at the San Bernardino County SO's office where a deep cover operative spoke to us about the use of civilian population manipulation by Islamic extremist to cause "urban disruption".

That operative has been spot on and the messages above are the type of inflammatory statements that will incite the sheep to follow the lead of deceptive sheep leaders.

Those who are sheep dogs must now go after these deceptors and eliminate them from our society by any appropriate means necessary. The populous is too overwhelmed by the constant threat of chaos to the way of life they have come to love, to know the difference between good and evil.

Our Country is under siege by extremists who seek mass disruption within which they will seize power under martial law and will potentially change the landscape of our great Country unless the sheep dogs stop their advance on our coveted way of life.

plato's playdough @ 10/11/2014 6:37 PM

To "More than Meets the Eye" - perhaps the Church of Islam, located in the U.S and currently led by Louis Farrakhan, would be the source of such civilian population manipulation. Many vids on Youtube to get the flavor of it.

Capt. Crunch @ 10/11/2014 9:59 PM

@ More than meets the eye, Blacks have been rioting for years before these Islamic morons came into the picture. I think Obama, has more to do with these black morons rioting then anyone else because Obama, is a racist.

EODK9Trainer @ 10/12/2014 3:11 AM

Guys. If you're really LE then keep the racists and really stupid comments out of here. Not the place. Act like professionals.

Capt. Crunch @ 10/12/2014 10:16 AM

@EODK9Trainer, you must be drinking out of the same bowl as your partner, I read the above comments and I do not see anything raciest in them. They just point out the raciest behavior because they are LEO"s and we should expect that from them and ourselves.

P.S. no offence towards your partner.

TheRookie @ 10/13/2014 12:20 AM

Trayvon Martin was found to be a true thug. Obama & Holder were hell bent on punishing civilian L.E. in any way they could. "Muslim Spelled" Baraq Hassan Obama & Eric With-Holder @ Dept. of No-Justice sent Al "Cocaine Snorting C.I.7" Shark-ton to Ferguson as a point man to start race riots. Then the Chicago Crew was bused in to continue with this crap.
Obama was raised as a Wahabi Muslim. Wahabism is Radical Teachings used by Muslim Terrorists. He won't say the Pledge of Allegiance or put his hand over his Heart. At times he turns his back and/or looks down when the Pledge is said or Star Spangled Banner is sang. That speaks volumes of them burning the American Flag. Plus, he used the Koran when sworn into office 2x. It's a matter of public archived records.
Scary times to be a true ethical Law Enforcement Officer.

EODK9Trainer @ 10/13/2014 12:43 AM

Good Good TheRookie. Please tell me you are not really a LEO? How about showing your homework regarding the Koran. And not some Tinfoil site. I'm about as much disgusted with Obama and his ilk as many but when it comes to spewing such garbage like yours then it's time to put the boots on.

EODK9Trainer @ 10/13/2014 2:44 AM

I meant Good God but I think you know where I was going.

Bill @ 10/13/2014 8:35 AM

Disclaimer: I'm not a cop.

If these people put half as much energy into finding, and keeping, a job our economy would blossom. But, nope. They latch onto the gubment teet, refuse to work, and are left with so much energy and self loathing they have to go out destroy their own neighborhoods. And somehow, I'm supposed to be the tolerant one... smh

kevCopAz @ 10/13/2014 1:33 PM

Obviously this cop was a racist just because he is white and the offender (sorry the "victim") is black! The facts mean little or nothing don't you understand. The fact that the "victim" shot at the officer ,oh sorry,,,,,family said he had a sandwich in his hand not a gun, was irrelevant. If the "victim" fired then the officer should have taken the hits like a Liberal, politically correct white person should due to the evil injustices placed upon all blacks since they were slaves. These folks who riot for whatever reason and are supported by race baiting money making crazies are just not worth even listening to at all. We should ignore them. Let them riot (usually in their own hood anyway) and only arrest more as they commit crimes. Perhaps when the real, and the normal and the non racist people from the black community (we know its the silent majority)have had enough and speak out then this will end. Until then, police with fairness and dignity, shoot when you have to to protect

TheRookie @ 10/13/2014 2:23 PM

1) I'm a retired L.E.O. from Denver & Metro-Area / 24 yrs. 2) It's technically the Qur'an. 3) It's a known FACT that Al Sharpton was sent to Ferguson as the White House point man. They announced that or did you miss that news cycle?4) It's a fact after numerous arrests that agitators were from the Chicago area and as far as California. 5) It's a FACT that Indonesian Step-Dad LoLo Soetoro was a radical Wahabi Muslim. 6) It's a FACT that Obama went to a Wahabi School in Jakarta. 7) It's a fact that he used the Qur'an not a Bible at his inaugurations. It's a matter of records contained at the U.S. National Archives and Records, Library of Congress American Memory. 8) His demeanor towards the Military & L.E. speaks volumes.
I'm sorry that you are wearing "Obama Rose Colored Lens Glasses. Hope you train K9's better than you investigate. All 8 are true documented facts. Google it if you have to. SSTFU Rookie.

EODK9Trainer @ 10/13/2014 3:14 PM

Rookie. And I hope you were never a detective as I imagine you solved very few crimes. Obama was NOT sworn in using a Quran. Please do some legitimate research. I'm not even going to try and dispute anything else you've claimed as you already look foolish. Like I said above. I most certainly am not an Obama supporter nor did I vote for him but I won't stand by and listen to more and more lies to be spread. No matter who the president might be they deserve to at least have the truth put out there for the world to see and not some tinfoil wearing BS from the extremists.

TheRookie @ 10/13/2014 9:15 PM

You're the same type that stands by keeping your mouth shut while the Military is purged of its Leaders. The same type that agrees with trading a deserter Bowe Bergdahl for cash & 5 Taliban Leaders. And the same type that has no qualms leaving a true War Hero Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi rotting in a Mexican prison. All in the name to support your pos POTUS. I worked around many of your types. The ones who will sell a fellow brother out for a sleeve hash, stripe, or chintzy at-a-boy lapel decoration. Luckily I retired before I had to be over ran with PC pukes like you. As for the listed facts you're a new breed whose to damn lazy to look-up information in archives. Bow-Wow...!!!

TheRookie @ 10/14/2014 2:49 AM

Per the 20th Amendment the POTUS & VPOTUS have got to be sworn in on January 20th by noon. January 20, 2013 was on a Sunday. Barack Obama's inauguration took place in a PRIVATE SWEARING-IN Ceremony on Sunday January 20, 2013 in the "Blue Room" of the White House, & a Qur'an was used. Joe Biden's took place at his VP home at the Naval Observatory.

On Monday January 21, 2013 they were publicly sworn in. Obama used Michelle's family Bible (the one you apparently seen). Joe Biden used an old Biden family Bible. Do some research yourself Dog Whisperer.

eodk9trainer @ 10/14/2014 3:02 AM

I'm glad you know "my type." I feel sorry for you Rookie.

Tom Ret @ 10/14/2014 12:01 PM

I don't know if Obama is a Muslim or not, what I do know is that there is only a smidgen of truth that comes off his lips. Some people will not call him out for his dishonesty and incompetent leadership because they think someone will claim they are racist.

TheRookie @ 10/14/2014 7:22 PM

That's okay. Being a "PC Cop" & "Wet Behind the Ears" is a double whammy for anyone.

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