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FLEOA Opposes Plan to Abolish ATF

July 10, 2014  | 

Today, the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association (FLEOA) announced its strong opposition to Representative Sensenbrenner's proposal to dissolve the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives (ATF) and have it absorbed into other law enforcement components.

FLEOA disagrees with Rep. Sensenbrenner's assertion that "ATF has been plagued by decades of high‐profile blunders," and therefore should be abolished. During current volatile times of rapidly escalating violent crime and active shooter massacres, Congress should be prioritizing its resources towards strengthening ATF, not dismantling it.

In response to Rep. Sensenbrenner's proposal, FLEOA National President Jon Adler stated, "Violent gangs, gun traffickers and active shooters will not take pause while Congress attempts to engage in an unwarranted bureaucratic maneuver that would waste taxpayer dollars and leave the public at risk. Any bill that calls for dismantling ATF would simultaneously dissolve a critical layer of enforcement and protection for the American public. We cannot afford to diminish ATF's Frontline Strategy, nor the dedicated Special Agents and Inspectors who enforce it."

FLEOA references ATF's formidable enforcement statistics from 2013 to illustrate the critical importance of the agency's work. The dedicated efforts of ATF law enforcement professionals resulted in 9,901 criminal convictions. Among those convictions, 93 criminals received life sentences, and eleven received death sentences.

Additionally, ATF successfully worked 1,737 arson investigations, 21,852 firearms cases, 927 explosives cases and 28 alcohol and tobacco investigations. All of these commendable enforcement results have a direct impact on public safety.

Adler added, "In light of the escalating violent crime in our country, now is not the time to disarm ATF and hand their holsters and diverse critical mission to other agencies. I respectfully ask that Congressman Sensenbrenner reconsider his proposal and the immediate dire consequences it would have on public safety."


The Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association ( is a nonprofit, nonpartisan professional association that exclusively represents over 26,000 active and retired federal law enforcement officers from over 65 agencies.

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Federali @ 7/10/2014 5:02 PM

So according to Sensenbrenner, "ATF has been plagued by decades of high‐profile blunders," and that warrants their abolishment. My question then is, when is he going to propose abolishing Congress? That would by far be better for the American public than dissolving the ATFE.

Capt. Crunch @ 7/10/2014 5:47 PM

Blunders you say. the only time ATF had blunders is when Eric Holder, was in charge how about abolishing Eric Holder, put him in charge of the federal toilets.

Concered Citizen @ 7/10/2014 8:23 PM

Any Sonoma County LEO's going to fill us in on Bohemian Grove? BTW there is the Logan Act, that is supposed to prevent Colluding of Heads of State and Corporate Interests. If anyone is out there. Fill free to FILL in the Useless Eaters! Tell Kissinger Hi for me! The ATF ignores when the Gov. transports Firearms overseas like Fast & Furious. Not to mention Human Slavery! Trafficking is so PC! Thanks to all the GOOD LEOs OUT THERE! Many Concerned Citizens still have respect for the GOOD men and women. Who haven't been corrupted!

FireCop @ 7/11/2014 4:59 AM

Why do the Bureau of Land Management and so many other federal agencies have law enforcement officers? Why not incorporate those duties into other agencies like the FBI? The ATF is a great agency that does fantastic work. Dissolving the ATF would be a huge mistake. And Capt. Crunch is correct; the blunders come from directives and programs that are brought from higher levels. Is Sensenbrenner up for re-election this November? How about replacing him?

Wildhorse 7 @ 7/11/2014 5:15 AM

I agree that the ATF should be absorbed by other federal law enforcement agencies. Their street enforcement arm is populated by paper-shuffling ass-coverers who are incompetent and can't make cases if not for the local cops. Way too bloated by supervisors and a bureaucratic morass that can't advance into modern policing due to its structure.

Lisa Mux @ 7/11/2014 8:32 AM

FireCop: Yes, Rep. Sensenbrenner is up for re-election this November. His challenger is Chris Rockwood, an "Elizabeth Warren Democrat." His website is, and he's also got a strong social media presence. Check him out and see what you think.

ResAgentSWA @ 7/12/2014 12:14 PM

I'm sorry gentlemen but I will have to respectfully disagree with those thinking the BATF should remain as an agency. While they have done some good over the years, their record of oppressing the rights of the people and failed/bungled operations leaves me with no confidence in them. There are other federal agencies that have show effective leadership and positive results over many years that can take on enforcement of existing gun laws. These laws do need enforcement, but by people who respect the 2nd Amendment rights of the people.

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