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Washington Man Killed by Officer After Drawing Gun Over Shoplifted Burrito

July 01, 2014  | 

A stolen burrito ended in a fatal shooting after police say the suspected shoplifter pulled a gun on the police officer who responded to the reported theft Sunday morning in Centralia.

The altercation began when the officer arrived at the Chevron gas station on the corner of South Tower Avenue and East Cherry Street shortly before 10 a.m. to a report of a man who stole food.

When Officer Ruben Ramirez and his police dog Lobo got out of his car, the man became belligerent, according to Officer John Panco, spokesman for the department. Ramirez approached the man and when he tried to place him into custody, a fight ensued, the Chronicle reports.

Ramirez called for backup and deployed Lobo, his K-9 partner, to assist in the arrest, according to Panco. As the fight continued, the man tried to reach into his pocket, but the dog grabbed ahold of his arm and prevented him from pulling his hand out.

When Lobo momentarily let go of the man, he put his hand back into his pocket then pulled out a handgun, according to Panco. Lobo bit the man again, and Ramirez saw the weapon, pulled his own gun and fired at least one round, striking the man. The 43-year-old Centralia man died on scene.

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Lenny @ 7/1/2014 2:08 PM

Over a burrito.
Every cop should be required to read Les Miserables.

thehandler @ 7/1/2014 4:21 PM

Jean Valjean never tried to kill a cop with a handgun.

Mike Check @ 7/1/2014 4:34 PM

One less scumbag I'll have to deal with. HE chose to pull a gun on the officer and dog.

Lenny @ 7/1/2014 4:37 PM

@ handler & mike check
That would assume you believe the officers story.
Shouldn't we wait for an "investigation"?

thehandler @ 7/1/2014 5:04 PM

Yes, let's wait for an investigation before we suggest a police officer shot and killed a human being over a burrito.

Corn @ 7/1/2014 5:12 PM

He shot and killed a man because the man was going to obviously use the gun to light a cigarette... No, to shoot him, idiot. Why don't we just let people break the law and not have officers stop them if they decide to resist.

Big Moe @ 7/1/2014 5:38 PM

Well look on the brite side, At least he left to hell with a full stomach. You know those Burritos, plenty of farting going on while he's being tormented in the flames of hell where every fool that rejects all that is good is. And to my fellow Officer that excuted the Law of life and liberty, God speed my brother at arms!

Chuck @ 7/1/2014 5:42 PM

Lenny, go pet your rabbit. Not over a burrito Leonard, not over a burrito, not over a burrito, the deceased person was grabbing a handgun, a firearm Leonard, not a burrito. Of course with you it doesn't matter because if the deceased person would have been able to retrieve his firearm (not a burrito Leonard) and would have shot or killed the officer (which I truly believe would have made you a happy person), you would have blamed it on the officers and said he was obviously not trained well enough. Don't know what happened in your life to make you so biased against the police but, you do have an issue, that is for sure. You are one of those who, no mater what, will always blame the police. Just so you can understand it though, the deceased was shot not for stealing a burrito (which by the way is also a crime Leonard) but was rather shot because he pulled a firearm on a police officer. Leonard, poor, poor Leonard. take a breath and let it out slowly.

Gary @ 7/1/2014 7:52 PM

Ah,where to start..first, Lenny,. You'll get your wish,. There's always an officer involved shooting investigation. Corn. Very funny analogy. Big Moe. I don't think he had time to fart, crap.. Maybe. Chuck. You crack me up.!
All jokes aside, we have an officer who did what he had to do. If you don't believe that,read the post where the officer was shot seven times while making a traffic stop. Did that make you happy Lenny? BTW, the officer is recovering, thoughts and best wishes to his family.

Renee @ 7/2/2014 5:11 AM

If someone had to die in this scenario I'd rather it be the perp! Nice shoot Officer Ramirez

wigit @ 7/2/2014 7:20 AM

Great work K9 Lobo! You should get a filet mignon for dinner.

thehandler @ 7/2/2014 9:48 AM

@corn: that was sarcasm, buddy. Read from top to bottom.

Capt. Crunch @ 7/2/2014 10:50 AM

The officer did what he had to do. K9 Lobo, is my hero, I hope Lobo, got the chance to eat the dead suspect's burrito, I won't want to see a good burrito go to waste. I agree with wigit, that Lobo, should get filet mignon for dinner.

Robert David @ 7/2/2014 3:06 PM

To Leonard: Not much to say to you except "F--- You. You fit the term "twerp" as you are a pussified little bitch.

Big Moe @ 7/2/2014 4:40 PM

Thats correct he had to take a life in exchange for his. When the perp went for his hand gun, he forced the Minister of the LAW to execute justice. Sad but a reality. One man that serves and protects and the other that robs, steal, and destroys. I pick the one thats serves and protects!

Thetrooper @ 7/3/2014 7:33 AM

I've wore with Ruben for over 10 years. He's backed me up, I've backed him up, and we've cleared more than one call together. He's a good cop with the heart of a warrior. The dirtbag is a known local scumbag. The lesson is simple, don't pull a gun on a Cop or his K9 partner. That being said, " Good boy, Lobo. How about a treat for such a good boy."

Good job Ruben, I've got your back.

krisnlc @ 7/7/2014 1:35 PM

to Lenny...This shooting has nothing to do with a burrito! Based on this story as written, the police officer did nothing wrong. Belligerant man is addressed, beligerant man resists arrests by officer and K-9, beligerant man attempts to resolve issue with handgun...beligerant man is dead. (thank god the beligerant man died and not the officer) The same man that did not want to pay for the burrito. he can buy a guy but not pay for his burrito. Les Miserable's was a man who stole to care for his family.....
Lenny you are too liberal. probably the same people opening the border without any discretion.

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