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Vt. Woman Cleared of Cutting Officer's Throat

June 05, 2014  | 

A Rutland, Vt., jury acquitted Jennifer Berube, 40, of an attempted murder charge Friday. The charge came from an incident in which Berube held a knife to the throat of a city police officer in December 2012, reports WPTZ-TV.

Berube and her then husband were taken into custody on fraud and theft charges Dec. 27, 2012. The couple was separated and Berube was handcuffed, but later taken to the bathroom, and she was not cuffed again.

Berube later walked out of the DUI processing room, approaching Officer Damon Nguyen from behind. Court documents said Berube cut Nguyen’s neck, missing an artery by 1 inch.

"It was a very scary situation," said Chief James Baker. Baker said the department has since put policies in place to prevent a similar event from happening.

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Lee @ 6/5/2014 4:27 PM

Seriously.....acquitted from trying to murder an officer? The jury was probably full of inmate rights advocates who felt she needed to do so due to how she was treated, or something bizzare along those lines....I hope the officer is ok. Stay safe all....

KevCopAz @ 6/5/2014 4:45 PM

OMG! WTF! You got to be kidding! Either we don't know the details correctly or we have either a inept prosecutor and or a jury with the dumbest or the most liberal folks in the world on it!. This should not be let go, we need to find out if why? If it was the prosecutor, fire him! If it was the police who dropped the ball, fire them! if it wqas the just my God the police there should al stand together, make a news announcement as to the insanity of this and then all walk off the job and let those idiots fend for themselves. If I were that officer I would go to another State ASAP they don't deserve ANY police protection. The Feds should step in and charge her with whatever they can to make sure justice is done, but Im not holding my breath for that. IF the defendant was a officer, Holder would jump on this and prosecute the SHI_ out of the cop. ARE we NUTS in this country or what? My son is going to start college there in VT soon, perhaps we shall reconsider!

KevCopAz @ 6/5/2014 4:55 PM

I watched the video now and its obvious to me that the prosecutor over charged this case. The officer (no blame) attempted to pull away from the female who looked to be trying to hold the officer to possible escape., she probably didn't intend to att to kill him….BUT what ever happened to agg-assault on a Police Officer Charge (with in jury), attempted escape etc, both easily proven just with the facts and the video. This prosecutor was a fool for trying to prove art-homicide, always a difficult charge to prove without intent. One other comment, if this is all the Chief commented on (in the TV 5 article) he is an idiot too, seems more concerned about policy then the fact he could have lost an officer! He seems to blame the officer more then the defendant. Yes a better search should have been done, IF the policy is not that way already they have a poor policy book to begin with! Sure seems this def walking is a direct result of poor charging on part of the prosecutor for sure.

TheRookie @ 6/5/2014 8:57 PM

Consider the State, Vermont!!! This is the same State that elected & re-elects Bernie "No Brain" Sanders. The same one that said veterans are getting great care. The same one who refused to let a bill to fire negligent VA employees go through. The same one who has been anti-cop forever. Vermonters are an ignorant inept imbecile group they are.

Capt. Crunch @ 6/5/2014 11:02 PM

If it is not against the law to cut a person's throat in Vermont, then maybe police officers should be issued a knife.

Bob @ VA @ 6/6/2014 4:30 AM

I agree with KevCopAz - the prosecutor overreached on this one. Had he offered a lower charge like aggravated assault, conviction would have been a no-brainer. Instead, he shot for the moon and went down in flames. If the perp has intended to kill the officer, she clearly could have done so before he had a chance to react. The jury saw through the lack of intent to murder and the prosecution's overcharging.

Nightstalker @ 6/6/2014 12:47 PM

I think she was on P.M.S. at the time but come on guys shes a woman and just let her go but i say KILL HER as I HATE COP KILLERS.

longtimecop @ 6/9/2014 9:17 AM

I agree with Bob, that the prosecutor felt so confident he could win the attempted murder charge, he left the jury with no lesser choice. Unless we had strong evidence, in a case like this, we went with malicious wounding, for which you could get 20 years. And, because all you had to show was that it was a felonious wounding and blood was drawn, the prosecutor's burden was considerably lower.

Burke @ 6/11/2014 10:16 AM

Society and our justice system cannot allow police officers to be attacked with no consequences.. We must speak out on the issue, see below link:

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