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Texas Officer Shoots, Kills 93-year-old Woman

May 08, 2014  | 

Hearne (Texas) Police say the 93-year-old woman who was shot and killed by one of their officers was armed with a gun, reports KBTX-TV.

According to the Robertson County District Attorney's Office, police responded to a 911 call around 6:30 Tuesday evening about a lady waving a gun around outside a home on Pin Oaks Street.

The person who called 911 was the nephew of nonagenarian Pearlie Golden. A few days ago, the Texas Department of Public Safety refused to renew her driver's license. The nephew was trying to take her keys away. Golden got upset, grabbed her gun, and threatened him.

When Officer Stephen Stem arrived, he asked Golden to "put down the weapon and then ultimately fir(ed) his own sidearm, wounding Miss Golden."

Golden was pronounced dead at St. Joseph's Hospital in Bryan before 10:00 p.m. Tuesday.

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WHO CARES HOW OLD SHE WAS @ 5/8/2014 3:33 PM

She was a threat. Period!! Who cares if she was old as dust. Now she can push up daises. Her choice, not officer Sterns.

WHO CARES HOW OLD SHE WAS @ 5/8/2014 3:33 PM

She was a threat. Period!! Who cares if she was old as dust. Now she can push up daises. Her choice, not officer Sterns.

Bobbi D Perry @ 5/8/2014 4:05 PM

yeah well it all depends how and why the officer, evaluated the situation. retreat and call swat, come on not all situations are really life threatening, some rooks can't wait for their first confrontation. we had a 97 year old women here in New Orleans that eventually was disarmed during Katrina she died of old age. That a boy!!

Stephen Mich @ 5/8/2014 4:21 PM

Ultimately, I blame the family. There's a way to address losing her license and not having the legal ability to drive a car. Instead a child (if you were 93, we would ALL be children to her) was telling her (her nephew) that she could not control the disposition of her own vehicle. I understand that the nephew was trying to keep her from getting in the vehicle HOWEVER the way that he did it caused her to pull a piece, the Police to be called and ultimately was the reason for her own death.
I doubt that I woulda handled it THAT way. Grabbing someones keeys from them tends to piss people off. Adding to that tense situation... Grannies gotta gun...yikes.
I'm not going to "Monday Morning Quarterback" the Officer. Aggravated Person with a Weapon, check. I get it. I'd be fearing for my safety too. I'll presume that this Officer was utilizing his Depts Policies on Use of Force and took whatever steps he needed to or felt that he needed to, at the time.

Before you do something, think about it

R C @ 5/8/2014 4:40 PM

If u worked at a dept I was part of I w have to move on. A life was taken and a officer has to live w Thi and you make a joke about pushing up Daiseys, you've got to be kidding me that your actually allowed to wear a badge and SERVE THE PUBLIC!!! I'll pray for you my friend!!

Ima Leprechaun @ 5/8/2014 4:43 PM

No matter her age she was armed and dangerous. It's not far fetched this was a suicide by cop too. Police Magazine needs to do a much better job of screening bloggers. I can get controversial but my opinion is never personal.

Ima Leprechaun @ 5/8/2014 4:45 PM

To know the details you really had to be there. From what little information is on here it's a righteous shoot, but I wasn't there.

Don @ 5/8/2014 6:38 PM

I learned a long time ago in this profession, just because you are old, means you were a dirt bag that got old, chances are if you were a bad person at 25, your probably not gonna get any better at 93. Good shoot move on, or would you rather have had the officer killed , just stupid.

John R @ 5/8/2014 7:22 PM

Too bad there is no dashcam/body footage. There is so much information that is not presented in these articles (of course only so much can be released before investigations). Who knows, it could be suicide by cop or the victim/suspect could have just had a severe case of dementia to where she was not aware of the situation. Also the officer could have perhaps just escalated the situation, however if the case is that she raised the gun at him or someone else, then it would be justified of course. Sure there are less lethal methods, but when it comes to a firearm ready to go the officer only has that split second to make the choice to act. That one split second he must consider all his training and situational awareness. Its hard to distinguish what the right or wrong choice was. I don't ever think an officer wants to live with taking a life, but if it comes down to it it's either them or you. Who's making it to their family the same night? Me or them?

steve rothstein @ 5/8/2014 8:39 PM

When someone is waving a gun around, threatening people, and refusing to obey an officer's instructions to put the gun down, the age of the person or why they are upset do not matter at all. Off. Cuellar of the San Antonio PD was killed by a juvenile he had arrested. Trooper Vetter of TX DPS was killed by a 74 year old man upset over being stopped for not wearing a seat belt. The age and reason for the person being upset do not matter if they are armed.

Capt. Crunch @ 5/8/2014 9:33 PM

It is better to have shot a 93 year old violent suspect who is trying to kill you then being shot by a 93 year old suspect. Remember we have to go home after shift.

Cam @ 5/8/2014 10:42 PM

I wish the family would have handled a traumatic experience, as taking another of her freedoms away from her. Walk in her shoes. Since I was not there, story leaves lot of detail out, I cannot comment except this: maybe a little more time spent with the negotiator, but again I was not there. I am glad for the officer who went home. Why leave a 93 year old with a gun in the first place? how did it get so out of control? Not much in the way of info in the story, so we cannot really decide anything at all. It is just a shame when this happened in the first place, she is still someones loved one. My heart also goes out to the LEO, he has this the rest of his life, nothing can be done. Walk a mile in the officers shoes as well. As with any tragedy, when all reports are in, judgments made, finger pointing, the tears shed, and the prayers prayed, it will still be the same, keep the officer in counseling, he is left with this for his lifetime, please help him with the proper care.

Greg @ 5/9/2014 4:45 AM

Phewee! Where did some of the commentators come from. A lot of non-LEOs making comments to get people mad. I'm amazed the NAACP, Jesse, Al etc. haven't screamed about this...93 old black lady and young white officer. It'll come. Wonder if the nephew wanted her house and this was a way to get her out?

TX Lawman @ 5/9/2014 6:11 AM

Greg, they have. The Black Panthers are down there now. About 40 with weapons. The same organization that killed 2 dallas officers and the same that killed 4 LAPD officers. The NAACP pays the panthers to pressure cities to make wrond decisions in dealing with these tragedies. I wasn't at the scene so I can't say what I would have done, but if she is pointing a gun at me or civilians and threating to shoot, then I have no choice. Unfortunately she is dead and the officer has to live with it, justified or not. I pray for the family of the suspect and the officer and his family. My motto and I'm sure yours is I'm going home at the end of my shift, period. Stay Safe Blue!
Where did the psycho, 'Hater of THE GESTAPO' come from. We have a special hospital for him down here. I assume he's a criminal that has failed to follow the lawful orders of a police officer many times. He needs prayer too. Unfortunately there are too many like him out there. Cowards like him attack from the rear.

David @ 5/9/2014 6:29 AM

You know there isn't enough information to even begin Monday morning quarterback this incident. It was a tragic event for both the family of the deceased and the officer. Yes she was a threat, but none of us were there and know how this played out. Don't judge!!!
I would agree the the magazine needs to be screening their blogs better

Lt Dan @ 5/9/2014 7:19 AM

Prayers for all involved. Sometimes tragedy happens. As to the officer who fired the round, hopefully peace and understanding will come your way. Sad, sad, sad.

House @ 5/9/2014 8:19 AM

GUYS GUYS GUYS (and gals lol) WAKE UP !!! I don't care how old she was. its a tragedy all around granted. but gimme a break! if you get a hot call and you come up on an armed subject who refuses to drop a firearm/weapon or even comes close to pointing the f&%$#@! thing near you or anyone else, its bullet time. theres no negotiator time. no assess time. no dialogue time. no tazer time. PERIOD. anything else could get you messed up or killed. notice I said subject. it don't matter who it is. some of you I suspect are civies or admin chumps talking about "not every situation needs deadly force" whatever. ive been to enough funerals. WE COME FIRST. blues stay safe.

Janet @ 5/9/2014 8:40 AM

I think the situation with the 93 year old and the nephew could have been handled differently. The nephew should have talked with her and maybe just maybe she would have given him the gun in exchange for her car keys. He was to anxious to call 911. My prayers goes out to the family of the elderly lady and the Police Officer.

long time cop @ 5/9/2014 9:17 AM

Janet, I truly hope you're not associated with law enforcement, if you're wanting the nephew to play negotiator with someone (even if it is his own aunt) while they're brandishing a firearm. When a weapon is introduced into an argument, that is EXACTLY when the police should be called! I'll also point out to Stephen that there's nothing wrong about THINKING about something, before you act, as long as it doesn't turn to HESITATION, which can get you killed, whether the person you're facing is 13 or 93.

TERRY F. ZECH VAPD (RET) @ 5/9/2014 9:58 AM

It is a tragedy that this lady died. Her age does not matter we had a 73 year old man at the VA that a sheriff deputy didn't check even though he was bringing him in a wheel chair for suicidal ideations. He shot and severly wounded two nurses and a doctor and when told to drop the weapon from our officers he shot at them. They returned fire and killed him. It's not fun, it's not a situation that you want but it happens. Pearlie probably kept walking towards the officer with the weapon and I bet he won't forget this for a long time. Officer Stem know that you did what you didn't want to do but had to do to protect yourself and others. My condolences to Ms. Golden's family.

Lenny @ 5/9/2014 10:47 AM

At least the mayor of this town has said Officer Stem should be fired,
and will be bringing it forward at the next council meeting.
I can't believe the horrific comments on here from you people.
Everyone is a threat everything is a threat, we have to go home,
we come first(that is absolutely lovely). And for FFFFF's sakes stop
pretending every time you hillbillies grease someone it just has to be
suicide by cop. You either blame the deceased, the family, anyone or
anything other than the person who pulled the trigger, and then offer
condolences to the shooter, like he gives a crap. To me it appears that
officers soil themselves and start blasting knowing that the constantly
updated policies and internal "investigations" will clear them utterly.
So do please continue to keep us safe from the elderly, children, family
pets, and those armed with anything more lethal than a handful of dry
grass or a stapler. Maybe Stem needed one of those new fully armored
50 cal vehicles?

S.S. @ 5/9/2014 12:42 PM

lenny is a complete and total moron who fails to look at the big picture. Along with that other dumbass hater of the gestapo. Complet stupidity from both of these p.o.s. You girls don't have a clue. But go back under your rocks, and lenny go back to your dead mommy's basement and do what you do best. NOTHING!!!

Lee @ 5/9/2014 12:54 PM

@Lenny - You are one of those people who assume the Police are always jumping the gun and arguing the point that lethal force is never the right option in one of these situations. Out of curiosity, what is your outlook when an officer gets shot because he was in the same situation as above, and hesitated because the person was a juvi, or of an elderly you jump for joy because the officer did not injure the disturbing party? Stop being an ignorant troll, and go somewhere that your 'opinion' will matter.

House @ 5/9/2014 2:46 PM

@Lenny, I see your at it again. you've been on this site for years posting bs comments that are absurd and ignorant. get a job you liberal crazy trolling pos we don't care about you anymore. never have. you are just a fly in our faces. troll.

Capt. Crunch @ 5/9/2014 5:02 PM

@ Lenny, Lenny, you are being a Drama Queen, again, why don't you and your boyfriend gestapo, get off this site and go play hide the salami and leave the rest if us alone.

Capt. Crunch @ 5/9/2014 5:02 PM

@ Lenny, Lenny, you are being a Drama Queen, again, why don't you and your boyfriend gestapo, get off this site and go play hide the salami and leave the rest if us alone.

Phil @ 5/10/2014 8:18 PM

It appears that Ofc. Stem will still be needing a diaper change while Ms.Golden won't! Funny, people that work around the elderly have to tolerate belligerence, etc on a daily basis without firing a shot! LOL. But they aren't COPS! So they aren't privy to the way things should be handled. Kill Em All....Let God Sort Em Out! Just so we can go home at the end of the shift! LOL. No common citizen is as important as we are! How dare anybody second guess our decision to murder, er, I mean shoot someone. We don't need no stinkin' due process! We are special. Dogs bark at mailman, kids, etc? So what. Dogs bark at cops? We kill them. And laugh! And if you don't like it, go back to basement, etc! Excuse me while I strap on a tactical diaper and get ready to go to work.

Rainer @ 5/11/2014 2:08 AM

Phil, you are most points.
And: too many people in the US have the right to own a gun or more. In many states you have the right to kill people on your ground.
And so all these people have the right to die through a bullet.
BUT: are there no other ways to stop a Person? Only with a gun?
I feel very sorry for the familiy, the officer but also for all the others who only be able to use lethal force.

Andreas @ 5/11/2014 4:42 AM

You have to ask your self a Question?If the that 93 years old women shot a killed me a police officer or her nephew.What Would have you said to my 2 Children 9 grands or my family nieces and nephews.I vow to go home them safe by any means necessary to them.On the other hand I would have waited for back up maybe waited I am not sure what the situation was.The dept I worked at in a domestic etc.. you waited for back up.I am a EX LE.I wish some of you could be LE for a day or 2 .The officer has to live with that shooting the rest of his life and his family.My prayers go out to the 93 yrs olds family and the Police officer. Amen

John @ 5/12/2014 5:49 AM

This to liberal Lenny and full of it Phil, neither of you or your comments deserve any feedback. This is just another tragedy that we (LEO) will have to live with and learn from. The bottom line is that someone pointed a gun with the end result being negative... for them.

westcoastleo @ 5/12/2014 3:39 PM

#1- She was armed with a hand gun. #2- She waved the gun around and made threats, #3- She was told to drop the gun. So, no matter how old she was or the fact that the family did not do more to help her in the past means nothing. She was killed and it was justified.

Lenny @ 5/12/2014 8:58 PM

Glad to hear this came to a quick and proper conclusion.
Civilian oversight is the only way. No ridiculously protracted
"investigation" while officer hillbilly gets a paid vacation.

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