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Video: N.M. Officer Shoots Fleeing Robbery Suspect

March 04, 2014  | 

VIDEO: N.M Officer Shoots Fleeing Robbery Suspect

Albuquerque Police Department officer Brian Pitzer fired eight shots at an armed carjacking suspect as he was running away on Oct. 28, according to lapel video released by the department Monday.

This incident occurred after Ortega was reportedly driving people off the road near Girard and Lead SE before he crashed his car near Central and Washington, robbed a woman with her grandchild and attempted a carjacking, police told the Albuquerque Journal.

Ortega survived the shooting, and was booked into jail on charges of aggravated assault on a police officer and armed robbery, among other charges. Ortega pleaded not guilty in that case, which is pending in District Court, and is being represented by attorney Kari Morrisey. Police said he was drunk and possibly on prescription pills during the incident.

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Luke Easter @ 3/4/2014 5:03 PM

A trained police officer fires 8 shots at a fleeing suspect & he survived? He did not chase him on foot but fired 8 shots & the guy survived the shooting & was booked? Was he hit at all? Why don't you shoot at fleeing suspects? Thank goodness no innocent bystanders were wounded or killed. What an IDIOT! He should be suspended w/o pay 30 days & retrained on & off the range.

FRULLY @ 3/4/2014 5:41 PM

Before you cast your stupid ass comments, Luke, why don't you watch the video. The video answers all your questions. The only idiot is you, and that's for being an ignorant ahole. Suspended for 30 days for firing at a fleeing felon who clearly has no regard for human life. He already robbed someone at gunpoint, attempted a hijacking then pointed a gun at an officer attempting an arrest. Either you're a wannabe cop, or you're a pencil pushing desk jockey who hasn't had any real police experience. Please, stay behind that desk bc we don't need "IDIOTS" like you patrolling the streets.

MNMarshal ret. @ 3/4/2014 5:44 PM

Luke, please keep your comments until all the facts are out. These criminals are the type that end up killing during their spree. The defendant didn't care about the safety of a small child and gandmother or the ones he drove off the road. Your comment reminds me of Obama's new orders for rules of engagement in Afghanistan_ "can't shoot the Taliban if they walk out of a house after shooting at you, just as long as they leave their weapons behind and just walk away, do nothing." Political correctness crap is everywhere. Ortega is lucky to be alive. Now we can spend $45,000 a year for incarceration and give him $150,000 worth of free defense attorney charges? Wasn't Ortega deported once before in 2005? Maybe Obama will give him a pardon and a new food stamp card so he doesn't "have" to steal cars and rob people? Grrrr.

MNMarshal ret @ 3/4/2014 5:48 PM

Yes, FRULLY is right on the mark..thank you.
Luke Easter is likely a plant by CAIR or the ACLU to make stupid comments to discredit others. and Accorn liberal groups have numerous bloggers paid to scour sites and write crap to discredit police officers_ its their main job...and US Attorney Holder, Obama's favorite rule breaker, enjoys this.

Ken @ 3/4/2014 7:13 PM

Right on everyone. Luke is probably one of those ugly americans (ie: scumbag ner do well) who has to complain about everything with no knowledge about anything. I feel sorry for him as he will probably never amount to anything except a whining dirt bag

sgtmac @ 3/4/2014 7:21 PM

I was going to call Luke out on his ill informed comment but it appears he has already been suitably chastised.

ResAgentSWA @ 3/4/2014 7:28 PM

Glad the officer is OK and the felon is on his way to received the consequence of his deeds. Looks like a good shoot to me. When you commit a string of violent felonies, are caught with the gun in your hand, and then run from the police towards businesses/homes containing potential hostages, there is a good chance that you are going to get shot.

Just and observation: Whatever Albuquerque PD paid for those video cameras, they got taken. In the video I had a great view of the officer's left arm, the backup officers to his left, various pants and shoes, etc. I would get an occasional glimpse of the suspect (right arm or elbow GSW), the officers pistol, the suspect's pistol, etc. They really need to get something that provides a real record of the events.

Johnny Law @ 3/5/2014 8:10 AM

Forgive Luke for his stupid comments as he is clearly not a cop and has never been in harms way! He missed the part about ARMED suspect. Funny when people comment on something they know nothing about! End result is the bad guy is in jail and the good guy is still on patrol!

Just a guy @ 3/5/2014 10:18 AM

Whew!!! That copper is legit. Way to stay calm and focused in the fight. That right there needs to be a training video on how we all need to be acting during a tense situation. He stay calmed, handled business, and communicated effectively! Kudos to APD and this guy.

One of the Good guys @ 7/13/2014 4:54 PM

What police academy teaches it's officers to shoot fleeing suspects who have there back turned to the officer and threw not dropped his gun he's running down a open street no cover easy to catch with everything coming code 3 to shots fired no reason to empty almost a whole mag there's a high school 2 blocks down in his line of fire APD this guy should not be police real police aren't cowards situational awareness know the geographic area if possible police protect all he did was put hundreds of citizens at risk for a guy they would have caught a few blocks down without any shots fired

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