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New Iowa Law to Require DNA Samples from Misdemeanants

January 28, 2014  | 

Beginning July 1, offenders convicted of most aggravated misdemeanors in Iowa's courts will be required to submit a DNA sample, reports the Sioux City Journal. Current law requires felony convicts as well as sexually violent predators and sex offenders to submit DNA samples.

When he signed the bill into law in May, Gov. Terry Branstad said it will help police solve crimes and possibly exonerate suspects who have been falsely accused.

Zac Chwirka, Sioux City Police identification and property supervisor, said the law will expand the statewide DNA database and improve chances that DNA collected at a crime scene will match someone already on file. Other state labs can tap into Iowa's database, which is helpful when dealing with Sioux City crime suspects who live in Nebraska or South Dakota.

The new law goes too far, some say. Rita Bettis, of the American Civil Liberties Union of Iowa, said the law expands DNA collections from cases that have a rational relationship to DNA -- sex-related crime and other felonies -- to lower-level, nonviolent offenses.

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Serpico @ 1/29/2014 3:58 PM

The USA is gradually turning into a "Police State". But the Ruling Elite Political Class, and the Illegal Aliens are exempt from Laws. While the Ruling Elite pass laws making them exempt from Obamacare, and Insider Trading. Why not pass a State Law making Illegal Aliens give their DNA? Or Congress, POTUS, and the Supreme Court? It was Justice Roberts who threw America off a cliff with Obamacare. Obama uses Clowerd-Piven to achieve his Marxist goals. The people who commit crimes against Humanity and Nations. Are the ones who wear Business Suits, use NLP like Hitler. To whip crowds of Sheeple into a frenzy! If you asked me about this law circa '88-91 I would have been for it. But you can't trust a Gov. that puts Illegal Aliens before US citizens, and creates laws that don't apply to them. Be it State or the Feds.

Ima Leprechaun @ 1/30/2014 4:05 AM

I can see this becoming mandatory soon for traffic violators as well. It's over the top "big brother" snooping into peoples lives. These are "states rights" that are eroding individual civil rights and these are not even on the playing board at the national at level. Even though they don't know it there is already a DNA data base on all Law Enforcement/Public Service related personnel so our rights are already gone and nobody even knew it. As for any politician I don't trust any of them especially the Tea Baggers. I would be in favor of drugs tests for all welfare recipients as long as all law makers have to take the same tests. That would only be fair and if any politician fails even once he should be fired.

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