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A.G. Holder Promises Chicago More Crime Fighting Cash

November 26, 2013  | 

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder promised extra federal cash to fight the gun violence plaguing Chicago’s streets Monday, but offered no specifics about how much, the Chicago Sun-Times reports.

Holder — speaking at a public court ceremony to welcome incoming U.S. Attorney Zach Fardon — said the Justice Department would take “significant steps” including funding extra Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives agents who will focus on cutting off the supply of “illegal guns that too often wind up in the hands of gang members and other violent criminals.”

U.S. Sen. Mark Kirk, R-Ill., quickly claimed credit for the cash injection, which will come from funds seized from drug dealers as a way to get around the federal sequester.

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Bman @ 11/26/2013 3:41 PM

A corrupt democtratic henchmen of a mayor getting help from his old pal in D.C. Just like most modern democrats, they think throwing money at the problem will fix it. The liberal progressive policies of the city and state and the unions that make cops think they arent there to police work are a major part of the problem. Chicago PD is stuck in the 80s with officers still allowed to wear revolvers in flappy leather holsters and that is just one of the issues I can find at fault with Chicago PD. That tells me those officers dont want to go out and fight crime.

[email protected] @ 11/26/2013 3:58 PM

Money won't help Chicago, all the big time thieves have moved to Washington, DC. What would help is letting the CPD do the job they were hired for. Blues, Stay Safe.

Boston @ 11/26/2013 6:47 PM

Wasting more of our money! The one thing this Administration is good at. Try arming the citizens and putting people back to work. This country is so screwed up. Washington politicians on both side of the aisle need to go. I guess we could blame Bush for Chicago's mess.

Serpico @ 11/26/2013 6:49 PM

We can put a man on the moon. But we can't close the borders of the USA from Illegal Aliens, who bring disease and crime. Chicago Land gets more dough, to create a Police State George Orwell would be proud of? The same people talking about Fighting Crimes are the ones Sheltering the Criminals. Yet people like Sheriff Joe in AZ, gets treated like a Criminal for Following the LAW? Holder and Othello are after him like he's a third-world degenerate! Saddam Hussein had a private Army, so did Hitler and Hugo Chavez. But in the USA we pledge to the Flag, and One Nation Under God. But there are some sell-outs. With Third-World mindsets who hate Founders of Old. And Love Third-World Degeneracy...

Chicago Sam @ 11/26/2013 7:23 PM

Mayor Rahm and his Brooklyn Hatchetman McCarthy have decimated the Chicago Police Department. What was a proud strong force of 13,000 plus, flawed as it was is now down to maybe 10,000 and miserable. The citizens have been taught to do with less service and crime stats have been cooked to make it seem like crime is down. The only thing they can't hide is all those gang shootings. Now the gangs are getting bolder and branching out in "knockout" games and robbing targets in what were good neighborhoods.

The media in this town is only a press service for Rahm. No one will investigate what is going on and no one will ask, "What was the manpower level of the Chicago Police when you started and what is it now?" If anyone did ask that you would never get a straight answer.

Greg @ 11/27/2013 4:56 AM

"...who will focus on cutting off the supply of “illegal guns that too often wind up in the hands of gang members and other violent criminals"

There are no illegal guns in Illinois, especially Chicago...what's wrong with these people? It's not the guns, it's who uses them. Pssst, if these losers and Obama lovers can't control heroin coming into the city (which hasn't been legal for 100 years, they'll do great controlling guns.

Capt. Crunch @ 11/27/2013 12:47 PM

Hey Eric, use the money you got from "Fast and Furious".

Cal Green @ 11/30/2013 6:55 PM

Hey Holder, how about sending some agents to Pomona, California right now! Lord knows they need it.

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