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Video: Fla. Officer Breaks Window at T-Stop

September 23, 2013  | 

VIDEO: Fla. Officer Breaks Window at T-Stop

A University of Central Florida Police officer is facing an internal investigation for shattering the car window of a student who started to roll it up on his hand during a traffic stop.

Officer Timothy Isaacs said he was forced to smash the window of Victoria King, 26. King was subsequently arrested and later filed a police brutality complaint, reports the Orlando Sentinel.

Video recorded by the officer's on-body camera system shows the Sept. 4 stop at 11:41 a.m. on North Gemini Boulevard. The officer had pulled over King for having one working brake light.

The officer asked King multiple times to roll down the window to sign the citation and warned her that the window would be broken if she failed to comply.

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Cpl Jim @ 9/23/2013 5:42 PM

The officer showed considerable restraint. She would have been eating concrete a lot sooner if it had been me!!

Jason @ 9/23/2013 5:55 PM

Mrs. King was not legally required to roll down the window all the way. The officer was in no physical danger and the nature of the stop was a vehicle mechanical violation. He might not have liked it, I don't either, but all he had to do was pass the citation book through the window at the level in which it was rolled down, asked her to sign it, then give it back. Although a bit lippy, she was basically compliant with his instructions. I've seen this before. It'a way of being compliant and defiant at the same time. Just write "refused to sign on the ticket", attach a photo of the driver with the car to the report, daily log, etc., for court purposes, and clear the call. Instead it escalated to where her window is broken, she's semi-pulled out of the vehicle, and she's arrested, and for what, failing to roll down a window?

Lenny @ 9/23/2013 6:06 PM

@Cpl Jim
Typical reaction from badge heavy a**hole.
You're saying you would have smashed her head into the concrete because...... oh wait let me guess"you feared for your life".
You had better hope I'm never around when you try s**t like that.
Try some anger management courses or penile implants if you are that pissed off all the time.

Bman @ 9/23/2013 6:32 PM

Jason, the officer has the right to order windows all the way down. Especially one with tint like this one has. You can make them roll all windows down or make them get out. Check your facts next time. Lenny, your what most people refer to a as a keyboard tough guy. Enough said.

joe @ 9/23/2013 6:44 PM

It was just a traffic stop. The window was partially opened enough for her to get and sign the citation. The car we are all looking at do not have a such a dark tint for him to be afraid for his life. There is no law that said the window has to be opened all the way. The law that I sworn to uphold did not say that. The traffic cop level was being a parent/child instead of being an adult here. He will be doing some desk job for awhile if not fired. Breaking the window is not required. Thank God for the video. It's not his word agaist her.

jordan @ 9/23/2013 7:35 PM

You can arrest someone for not signing the ticket. The reason we like the windows to be rolled down is so that we can smell inside the car to make sure they are not drinking and driving. We would be at fault if they where and you people would not be saying that if it was ur family that was killed by them. Not that hard for someone to roll down the window half way down either.

Texas officer @ 9/23/2013 7:41 PM

There is not a cop in his right mind who would disagree with this. This officer showed great restraint. Refusal to obey my commands and sign the ticket is a trip to county. No questions ask. People need to and will respect Law Enforcement. Officers like those of you disagreeing is why people think they can push cops around how ever they please.

Ofr. @ 9/23/2013 9:34 PM

Really? She is very within her rights to injure and Mame a Law Enforcement Officer? What are the Agencies coming to these days?

JD @ 9/24/2013 12:50 AM

[Joe] Your post is full of writing errors. I sure hope the law you swore to uphold was not as a Peace Officer. Your writing is missing a few things. Of course I guess you could have been an officer in some third world country which could explain the errors.

JD @ 9/24/2013 1:09 AM

[Texas office] You're absolutely correct. The problem is there are so many people on these boards that think they know more than they do. Maybe because they went on a ride-a-long or have a relative or friend who is an Officer. Most of them have never really worked in the field or have experienced similar situations like the example given. I've broken out many vehicle windows in my career and I've never had one complaint about doing so.

Bottom line, she interfered with his duties, regardless of how minor some folks here think it was. The Officer makes the decision on the scene not the person being cited, and certainly not many of the folks here who just don't know about all the complications that could arise by drivers refusing to comply with what may seem like a simple request. She's in violation, period. Whether or not she's prosecuted is a totally separate issue, based on numerous other reasons, usually based on cost.

AL @ 9/24/2013 4:07 AM

I don't know how the law works in Florida but where I serve as an officer, they don't have to sign the ticket and it could have ended with simply writing refused on the signature line. However, as officers, the SCOTUS has ruled that we have the right to have the driver to step out of the vehicle for any reason. She may not have had the legal responsibility to sign the ticket under an actual law or case law, but she did have the responsibility to exit the vehicle when told to. And when he reached in the car then she was definitely not within her rights to roll the window up on his arm. And as a side note, I am really tired of people trying to stall things or look innocent by repeatedly asking me to tell them what they did wrong even though I have done so many times. They are supposed to comply with lawful orders. Period. There is a time and place for a discussion like they want...whether it be after they comply with my orders or at their court date.

Jelly @ 9/24/2013 4:19 AM

Shocking, why are some blaming the officer for what he did? Put the blame where it needs to be and that is on Victoria King. Act like a responsible adult, roll your window down, sign your ticket and continue on with your day. But, no she wanted to act like a cry baby and argue. I’m sick of some of you that are so quick to protect the citizen and don’t care about what is going through the officer’s mind at the time. You’re the same ones that would say, if he stuck his hand through the window and was dragged down the street, “that officer should have made her roll the window down”.

jwebb714 @ 9/24/2013 4:41 AM

Chineses proverb say "Never argue with an idiot, a passerby may not be able to tell the difference."

Lt. Sal @ 9/24/2013 6:39 AM

I understand where the officer was coming from, but he let her get the better of him, and it will no doubt cost the agency some cash, embarrassment, and for the officer some paper in his file. At one point she had the window halfway down and he could have easily put the citation book through an opening to get her signature. Common sense should have prevailed here.

Chief B @ 9/24/2013 7:00 AM

Police Mag, you REALLY need to get the non-LEOs either off the site, our not allow postings. It's really frustrating to read how they don't understand what's going on in the real world, and they make statements when the DON'T have the totality of the situation. The officer controls the situation, not the subject.

Pup @ 9/24/2013 7:07 AM

I'm surprised she didn't make it a racial situation. The officer showed great restraint. In CA. if the driver refuses to sign the citation, they go straight to court. If on a weekend or evening, they go to jail until the next morning. Since the suspect usually dictates the officers actions, the officer made all attempts to settle the sitaution, including notifing his supervisor. No problem here.

Rick @ 9/24/2013 8:28 AM

Wow, the cop is over the top. He could have handled the situation much differently, less agressively and perhaps gotten her to sign, but he could have always signed REFUSED and let it go. More cops are getting angry because citizens defy small things. With videos like this, and much worse, citizens are really becoming angry with law enforcement overall and will continue to challenge authority. Don't fall for it, save your job and remember that most people are just that; people that messed up. Fellow cops need to reign in abuses when they see it.

Jason @ 9/24/2013 2:52 PM

@Bman - There is no law in my state that requires a motorist to roll their window down all the way. In fact, we even tell motorists if they have any concern for their safety, referring to those rare cases where a person is impersonating a LEO with the car and some gear, but still needs to be compliant, to do this. It was daylight and those windows weren't that dark. Now if it was nighttime, interior light on or not, yes, 101% that window would be down.

@ Jordan - That's not what the article said. Had there been indications of alcohol or narcotics that changes things.

@ JD. I'm not blaming the officer. What I said was it could have been handled differently.

@ Chief B. You are correct. The officer IS in control of the situation. That's for his safety and the people around him, but was his use of the force continuum appropriate for the circumstances? This is how officers make mistakes and end up getting sued. "When you lose your cool the suspects rule."

Back the blue!

Jason @ 9/24/2013 3:07 PM

@ All. I always take a smell when they roll down the window. I stopped a lady once on the way to a wedding reception who reeked of smoke and only rolled the window down just enough to hear me. I played it smart and had a K-9 unit come over and hit on the car. She went to jail, the car was towed, and she ending up giving up her boyfriend who was wanted by another agency for a home invasion and plead out on the drug charge.

People are deliberately trying to inflame the situation these days so you'll make a mistake. You lose it, they get a pay out. It's easier than falling down for an insurance scam.

Capt. Crunch @ 9/24/2013 7:49 PM

The little bi%%% was interfering with the duties of a police officer and she almost smashed his fingers. Yes it could have been handled a different way, but I like the way the LEO handled the situation, because now the little bi%%%,learned a lesson. I don't think she has a case after she tried to smash the LEO's fingers with her window.

Capt. Crunch @ 9/24/2013 7:49 PM

The little bi%%% was interfering with the duties of a police officer and she almost smashed his fingers. Yes it could have been handled a different way, but I like the way the LEO handled the situation, because now the little bi%%%,learned a lesson. I don't think she has a case after she tried to smash the LEO's fingers with her window.

Civilian @ 9/26/2013 12:50 PM

I want to understand this video and why the cop escalated the situation. He should have just put the citation book in the window. Issue over. Instead he does the opposite of what he says (4:00 mark) and put his arm in the window. This is more dangerous and in stark contradiction to what he says in the video. "im not putting my arm in the window for my saftey". My only issue here. He caused the problem. And theres no reason for her to get out of the vehicle. which IMO is more dangerous. He needs to understand that aggressive behavior makes us nervous and not want to comply. Just could have been handled different.

Ima Leprechaun @ 9/27/2013 7:30 AM

She got exactly what she requested. I will bet had he put the citation book thru the window she would have driven off with it. At least then he could pursue and shoot her so I guess that would have been a better win-win for everybody.

C. Casebolt. @ 9/27/2013 6:25 PM

That's why I just stand outside and ahead of or behind the car and waive motorists out. Especially women in SUV's. Funny how less brash they are when they don't have a big metal box to sit in. Really though the rule of common sense should be I'm going to ask you once then tell you directly to comply. A reasonable person should recognize the directive and comply. You don't get to pull this BS when you re-enter the country - you're a free person but constrained by the duty to follow the law. Less sympathy for these types of motorists - let her go pick up cigarette butts and write a written apology to the PD for causing an unnecessary scene. At the point she refused to exit the car a broken window is the cost of doing business.

dino @ 9/28/2013 12:09 PM

He should have had his arm broken maybe he might have learned a lesson no law states she has to roll the window all the way obviously the cop is on a power trip clearly abusive use of authority

dino @ 9/29/2013 11:29 AM

Old chief b forgets who he works for and I was under the assumption that to be an officer one swears. Or affirms to above all else to uphold the federal and state constitutions and somewhere in both those documents I think something is mentioned about we the people being secure in our persons property and effects the laws in most states are clear on making warrantless arrests on citizens one must be committing a phelony or disturbing the peace or violating someone's constitutional rights.somehow law enforcement has lost sight of what to protect and serve means its not meant to protect and serve government and themselves and the people who control and dictate the supossed statutes ordanences and codes have turned you all into revenuers and vilolaters of the constitutions I no there are some very good officers out there but are far and few between these days I really wish it was mandatory to no and understand the meaning of our constitution the document you all swear an oath to uphold and defend

Not so old Chief @ 10/2/2013 11:26 AM

@ Old Chief....You may have been behind the desk too long. A motorist has no legal authority or obligation to roll the window ALL the way down so long as an enforcement action can take place. If the officer feels as though it is an officer safety issue, he can exercise Pennsylvania vs Mimms and the motorist must exit the vehicle. If this case goes to court, the judge will immediately take note that the only reason the officer ordered her out of the car was because she failed to comply with a command for which she had every right to refuse.

@ Jordon... A motorist is under no legal obligation to help law enforcement obtain evidence against them. The Attorney General gave an opinion on a DWI point where a motorist may only roll the window down 1 inch, just enough to listen to the officer but was under no obligation to talk with officers.

There is no law against being rude, there is however a law against police brutality.

I will use this as a training video of what not to do.

MP @ 12/5/2013 8:30 PM

Lets not forget the difference between "Lawfull order" and "Legal order". No matter what we would like a driver to do with a lousy window the state statutes apply, if there is no statute to roll down a window then we give an illegal order if we insist it be rolled down. I am beginning to see a lot of violations of constitutional protections that I didn't see five or ten years ago. NO state statute can supercede the founding document that we all swore to uphold and it is very apparent that more and more people know the laws and are very willing to press the issure.

x-cop @ 12/8/2013 12:39 PM

In florida, the law does not require the occupant to lower the window. Or open it at all.
Additionally, under the conditions of the stop, bad brake light, the driver is NOT obligated to sign.

So...the officer created the condition for the response from the driver.
It was not a lawful order to open the window.
It was not a lawful order to have the driver sign the summons.
The officer has no reason to place anything past the plane of the window and into the vehicle.
Based on the previous assertions, the officer had no lawful reason to order the driver out of the vehicle.
Therefore, the officer had no legal authority to attempt to unlock the door.

This is a great vid to demonstrate what NOT TO DO.

The officer controls the situation only within the legal constraints of the law.

Otherwise, Leo's hand paydays to civilians, and more importantly, continue to allow erosion of everyone's rights.

Colonel1230 @ 12/11/2013 4:48 AM

I'm really surprise that most of the officer says the officer is right, you are not required to roll your window all the way down. Only what is reasonable to complete the action but I'm all sort of craziness here. I guess next you'll be able to search a person or a car without cause and please don't say in fear of life because even if you suspect a weapon all you can do is pat down, you are not even allow to into their pockets. I have had many officer come into my office to talk after the fact that did exactly what he did and beg me not to fire them and I had to advise them its out of my hands. You were train and you should never forget that training because if remember you are a human who put on a uniform and a badge, you are not the badge and it can be taken away

rose @ 4/24/2014 3:14 PM

I can't believe how many times I have been harassed by the police as well as others I know.
I have no criminal record, never even had a driving violation until a year ago...supposedly speeding. I don't believe I was speeding, but wasn't about to argue. Ive been told citizens never win those cases.
One night while driving home from work, about 10pm, we were pulled over for having our license plate light out. We said ok, we'll get the bulb replaced asap. Everything seemed to be over, but then the officer came back and asked us if we had anything illegal in our truck...guns. drugs, etc.! Out of nowhere asking this. We were shocked and said no! He then said, well would you mind if I checked your vehicle? Not knowing what to do, and being a bit frightened, we said ok. Here we are after working over 15 hours, pulled over for a light out and now being searched. They also searched us. We do hvac and are available 24/7. It was a hot day and we had call after call. This guy calls for back up. So now we have 3 cars surrounding us!!! He went through my purse and everything. I felt so violated. He took my pocket knife that was my grandfather's and said I wasn't allowed to have it. It was just a little 3" blade that I never used but it was always in the bottom of my cosmetic bag.
We were so embarrassed as cars drove by we felt like criminals! I was so afraid they were going to do something because nothing felt right. We rarely drive through that town now after that incident. But im learning my rights now and I can't believe how many rights were violated that night. We were just a husband and wife team that just wanted to go home to sleep after a very long day.

oldschool @ 6/18/2014 6:31 PM

I miss the good old days with no body and cell phone cams. I would've beat her wothin an inch of her life then charged her with assault on an officer. Why? Because I could give 2 sh!ts about the constitution and anyone's rights. Who cares about an oath I swore to uphold the law. I AM THE LAW. Plus I just like beating up people especially blacks and women....she is double points!

Droid @ 11/18/2015 10:36 AM

I know this is a bit late in responding to, but after reading these posts, I see a lot of shithouse laywers tossing in their two cents. Stop believing what your friends with rap sheets tell you and stop watching reruns of TJ Hooker as the basis for your law degree.

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