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Detroit Chief Eliminates Mandatory 12-Hour Shifts

September 17, 2013  | 

Photo courtesy of Detroit PD.
Photo courtesy of Detroit PD.
Detroit Police officers will not longer be required to work three 12-hour shifts, newly appointed Chief James Craig announced today.

Beginning Oct. 14, Detroit PD officers will begin working eight-hour shifts. In August 2012, former Chief Ralph Goodbee, Jr., implemented the 12-hour shifts to increase manpower, but instead he further drained an already weary force.

In addition to the eight-hour shifts, a 10-hour "power" shift will be offered to officers who will be able to bid for this assignment.

Chief Craig made the change "after having numerous conversations with the hardworking men and women of the Detroit Police Department," he announced on the agency's Facebook page.

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Chicago Sam @ 9/17/2013 8:35 PM

The Chicago Police Department on the other hand, under the iron fist of former NYPD / Newark Chief Gary McCarthy has been making their Probationary Police Officers, not covered by union contract, work twelve hour weeks and four day on two day off for a sixty hour week. These Probationary Officers were not being paid time and a half overtime in money as required by law. An inquired has been made to the U.S. Department of Labor and the results are pending.

House @ 9/18/2013 4:15 AM

whats the big deal with 12 hour shifts up there? yeah those three days are long and its sucks....but then your have four days off? id love to have that schedule! my agency (and several other surrounding agencies) have a 12 hour day schedule. we love it but hey who knows what else Detroit was making them guys do...blues stay safe

Chuck @ 9/18/2013 12:20 PM

Been on the 12 hour shifts since the mid 90's have never had a problem with the work hours, days on - off. I would absolutely hat to go back to an 8 or 4-10 shift.

Ima Leprechaun @ 9/19/2013 9:40 AM

12 hrs shifts are crazy but in the south thats all they work. I would think fatigue would be a big problem then on top of the 12 hour shift they rotate every other week. I wouldnt know if I were coming or going. This certainly destroys the home life and there is very litte down time for relaxationand destressing. In my area eating lunch is not a paid time so they have to mark out and back in for lunch making it a penalty against their working hours. Paid lunch and breaks are standard throughout the country since you are never off duty while in uniform according to state code. Local governments need sued in the south for millions of back pay dollars. The courts have already ruled in favor of labor on this issue. 4/10 or 5/8 schedules work very well and afford more comfort for the officers as well as better coverage for the public. But when you try to ask the people in charge of the Police Department the standard answer is: "Because that's the way we have always done it". Change in Police work is always very slow unfortunately the south is about 40 years behind the north, west and northeastern parts of the country.

jeff @ 9/20/2013 2:59 PM

Contrary to what no name says about the south being 40 yrs behind.we are a full service sheriffs office with every type of command in law enfor. We have worked 12 hour shifts from 1730- 0600 /0530-1800 since the late 70's. For the 32 yrs I have been here patrol deputies love the nite to day rotation etc. 2 on 3 off and visa versa. I am division commander over 113 deputies and offered them the 8 hr shifts every 2 years or so. They almost tar and feather me for the suggestion. We dont feel behind the times.
p.s. a neighbor dept. Had officers sue for the lunch break and they won, now the dept. Forces them to take the lunch breaks inside the car since they are paying for it. Cannot sit inside establishment. . Always 2 sides.

David @ 9/29/2013 10:06 AM

I worked a 9 hr shift for 4 yrs, then we went to a 12 hr shifts. I don't want to go back! I work 14 shifts a month. Two weeks of days and two weeks of nights. Take 2 vacation and get a week off! Do that on an 8, 9, or 10 hour shifts.

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