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Video: Pregnant Women Resists Arrest In N.Y.

August 29, 2013  | 

VIDEO: Pregnant Woman Resists Arrest In N.Y.

The Rochester (N.Y.) Police chief defended his officers, after a citizen's video showing an officer striking a woman who is resisting arrest and yelling that she is pregnant.

Chief James Sheppard said his officers used "tremendous restraint" Tuesday during the arrests of Romengeno Hardaway, 16, and his sister, Brenda Hardaway, 21. Chief Sheppard said the chaotic incident could have been avoided if the Hardaways had complied with officers, reports the Rochester City Newspaper.

At one point while officers attempt to arrest Brenda Hardaway, Officer Lucas Krull is seen striking her in the back of the head and taking her to the ground. Officers had responded to a fight, and Brenda Hardaway physically interfered with an arrest and pointed a can of pepper spray at officers, the chief told reporters.

"Our actions were dictated by her actions," Chief Sheppard said.

An additional 12 seconds of video from the incident not initially posted on YouTube shows Brenda Hardaway trying to strike the officer, reports YNN.

Local African-American clergy leaders say they want justice, and the chief should be fired.

"I would like that we meet with the mayor to go over as far as removing Chief Sheppard," said Edward Goolsby, NAACP. "If Chief Sheppard cannot control his officers, then we need to put somebody there who could."

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Leo @ 8/29/2013 5:08 PM

Maybe Mr. Goolsby needs to work on advising his constituency on how to obey a lawful order and not assault law enforcement officers. No, never mind, that would make too much common sense and The Lord knows, it isn't too common anymore.

Chuck @ 8/29/2013 6:03 PM

After working in "da hood" for 21 years, and handling many situations just like this, I certainly agree with Leo; simple compliance would have prevented her "mistreatment". Thank heaven I worked the balance of my 35 years away from these individuals.

Capt. Crunch @ 8/29/2013 6:08 PM

NAACP, what a bunch of shit disturbers. Back in the 50's when I was growing up in San Francisco, SFPD, would have black officers patrol black areas. But the blacks complained they wanted white officers to patrol their area, so SFPD,did what they requested and we still have the more problems today. If people cannot except each others as Americans, maybe we should go back to the 50's.

Mike @ 8/29/2013 8:13 PM

That "pregnant" sow was As big as a linebacker and should have been slammed hard into the pavement. She was actively resisting all the officer efforts to take her into custody .... All bets are off.

I'm sure they will make this into some racial incident even though the only racist words that can be heard are the ones at the end coming from the family.

Gee if Obama had a sister .....

Zarr @ 8/30/2013 12:28 AM

U know I have dealt with these same issues now for 7 years. It is no different there then it is in Gorgia. All she had to do was stop and comply with the LEO and none of this would have happened but of course that would have been to freaking easy huh? They want to turn every thing into a fight. Them against the police. If that unborn Suffers and injury the only one they can blame is themselves.... They video taped the incident to show how the police mishandle them r it does is show how Stupid they truly r.

Aj @ 8/30/2013 2:09 AM

She is a piece of garbage, the other animal fighting the police officers is also a piece of garbage! The family member video taping the incident was hoping for a windfall of cash from PD I'm sure.

The best thing that could happen to the infant is to die prior to being born to that animal or else it will turn out to be the same as its mother.

The NAACP is a group of racist who look for any opportunity to show their hatred for white people. There is no one in this country any more racist than a black person. The only difference is they are not only allowed to spew their hatred and racism, they are encouraged by the media and our white hating racist president.

When people wake up and realize this, they will no longer allow 12% of the population control 90% of the country, media and White House

Bob @ VA @ 8/30/2013 4:45 AM

Pregnancy doesn't increase intelligence or improve judgment. One could argue that pregnant at 16 shows a lack of at least the latter. We're doing a great job of raising amoral barbarians in this country with the full support and enabling of the NAACP, ACLU, etc., putting all law-abiding citizens of all ethnic backgrounds at risk.

Arby @ 8/30/2013 6:44 AM

Kudos to the Chief for backing his men. Mr. Goolsby can't control his constituents. He should be removed.

Ashley @ 8/30/2013 7:26 AM

Only proves one thing - the NAACP backs stupidity, arrogance and disrespect! No wonder their community feels free to act like that.
Thank goodness for a great Chief who backs his officers!
And btw, being a 5 month pregnant woman myself - you should be able to tell you are pregnant at that point, not have to tell people! Tell the girl not to worry, she has PLENTY of padding to protect the baby!

farid @ 9/2/2013 1:58 PM

"Just do what the officer says and you won't get hurt." That's a pretty scary thing police say. When I was a kid, police would give a "suspect" great latitude because they understood getting arrested is a very traumatic experience. Today--from the mouths of the police themselves--it's "Do what I say or else..." What ever happened to de-escalating the situation?

And I read these comments by people who claim to be police and it's downright scary. 'The NAACP backs stupidity," "The NAACP is a group of racists," and ""That "pregnant" sow was As big as a linebacker and should have been slammed hard into the pavement."

I was born in the Middle East and have an Arabic name. If I get arrested am I going to get the same name calling I see here? I agree 100% many of these people are downright evil but it's your job to be kind and courteous because what if the person you contact is hardworking, faithful and has never been in trouble? What about us? Why do you treat us that way too?

Nichole @ 9/3/2013 5:10 AM

My dear Farid... you're missing the point. This treatment had absolutely nothing to do with skin color. It had to do with resisting arrest. If you are ever arrested, as long as you comply, I would say your treatment would be no different than any other race/nationality that COMPLIES WITH OFFICERS.

The comments about the NAACP are stemming from the ignorance that they tend to spread, claiming unfair treatment without also looking at what the person did to receive said "unfair" treatment. Take our Mr. Goolsby's comment, for instance.

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