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Fort Hood Suspect Convicted, Eligible for Death

August 23, 2013  | 

A military jury on Friday found Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan guilty of carrying out the largest mass murder at a military installation in American history.

The verdict, delivered by 13 senior Army officers, came 17 days after Major Hasan's court-martial began on Aug. 6, and nearly four years after the day in November 2009 that Major Hasan killed and wounded dozens of unarmed soldiers at a medical deployment center at Fort Hood here.

Major Hasan, a psychiatrist who turned on the very soldiers he devoted much of his 15-year military career to helping, sat in a wheelchair in combat fatigues, an American flag patch on his upper right sleeve. Inside a Fort Hood courtroom filled with soldiers, military police and the relatives of those he killed, but none of his own family members, he had no visible reaction and sat motionless as the jury foreman, a female Army colonel, stood and read the unanimous verdict.

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Greg @ 8/26/2013 4:01 AM

Just the tip of the iceberg. How about all the wounded troops being told it was "workplace violence" with the reduced benefits, while the Pentagon injured received purple hearts and better medical after-care. The military still doesn't allow fellow officers to make "mean" comments on muslims or the reviewers career is damaged. No change in the behaviors that helped allow this to happen. The military dropped courses on islam and terrorists when CAIR (terrorists) complained. It will happen again, over and over.

AusFost1 @ 8/26/2013 4:49 PM

Good and good and good. The sooner he gets his lethal injection the better. He is a traitor and a murdering POS and his name should be wiped from every possible record. I hope the people he shot (most definitely NOT victims, but heroes and brave men and women) get the proper medical care and benefits now.

David Harlington @ 8/26/2013 5:44 PM

He thinks he'll go to paradise and be issued 72 dark-eyed virgins. (Or young boys, if he's gay). We should tell him (and follow through) that pig urine and blood will be tossed on him when he's buried. Under Islamic belief that means he is defiled and will NOT go to paradise, even though he followed Mohammad's teachings and killed so many "infidels." I do not know how the military executes Jihadists, but if a firing squad is used, the same end can be obtained by dipping the bullets in pig fat, and letting the Jihadist know it was done.

George @ 8/26/2013 6:13 PM

WHY was he allow to have an American flag on his uniform in court? This is sad but since he acted as his own counsel the court (of course under political pressure too) will not sentences him to death. I know that is hard to believe but I'm afraid many are in for a shock. Even to this date they haven't treated the victims with the proper health care and benefits while he has had every thing provided to him and for him. I hope I'm wrong but I'm afraid I won't be.

Morning Eagle @ 8/26/2013 6:53 PM

Amen to the comments above. It only took them nearly four years of legal games to bring him to trial while he got free medical care and full pay the whole time yet since it was just “work place violence” those he shot and their families are still waiting for the benefits they should have received immediately. What an inexcusable crock of crap! I'm glad he was convicted without dragging out the trial for months or longer but will be surprised if he is sentenced to death and in total shock if such a sentence is ever carried out by the compromised political cowards (military and civilian) now in the upper echelons of the Defense Dept. The muslim in chief would probably commute it to life anyway so we don’t irritate the likes of CAIR or the brotherhood. However it goes he will live on the taxpayer’s dollars as long as he is still breathing. And he should not have been permitted to wear that American flag on his uniform

FireCop @ 8/27/2013 11:45 AM

Don't give this guy the death penalty...that's what he wants. It's the simple and easy way out for him. Send him to a maximum prison, stick him in solitary for the rest of his life and let him suffer. I know, that means we'll have to feed him, but at least he won't get what he feels he deserves. Stay safe.

Bill Jewell @ 8/28/2013 7:52 AM

I don't think we shoullld make him a martyr to his cause. But as a old song goes, Breaking rocks in the hot sun day in and day out should be what they give him.

Steve @ 8/28/2013 8:20 AM

I understand your thinking on this jerk suffering for the rest of life, but don't forget that punishment is a statement to others who may have thoughts of doing the same thing. The trouble with "life without parole" is no one would get to see him "suffer". At least the death penalty, although it isn't televised or done in public, the public knows that the deed was done and the perp received his/her just reward. If society would wake up and see where we are failing ourselves and future generations, maybe we'd do things differently. Oh and "F" the ACLU, a major cause of this country's problem and obviously making its way into the prodedures of a once strong and proud U.S. military!!

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