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Dog Owner Files Claim Against Police

July 15, 2013  | 

Screenshot via YouTube.
Screenshot via YouTube.
The man whose Rottweiler was shot and killed filed a claim with the city that will likely lead to a lawsuit over the incident, reports NBC Los Angeles.

Leon Rosby, 52, took the first step toward suing the Hawthorne (Calif.) Police Department for $25,000 in damages.

The agency has received so many threats after the shooting that Chief Robert Fager has asked the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department and Los Angeles District Attorney's Office to conduct the investigation to avoid any appearance of impropriety.

Rosby filed his claim Thursday.

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pup @ 7/15/2013 4:02 PM

Ahhh heck, why not give him the money? The idiot started the incident looking to make some easy money. Sure enough, he succeeded. He causes the death of his dog and the out cry against the reaction of LE. He gained the backing of animal lovers, all the cop haters and blacks, who are looking to seek their civil rights. How much would like to bet the city or whoever, will pay out the money just to end the uproar? Talk about not being fair!!!

John @ 7/15/2013 4:12 PM

Had the man not been challenging the officers before securing his dog, this would not have happened. A 80lb Rotty charging you would make any reasonable person take action. This dog is not one to use a stick on...shooting is the only sure way to stop him.

Tremayne Jefferson @ 7/15/2013 4:27 PM

The plaintiff was a professional plaintiff with multiple lawsuits against multiple departments. His actions while filming may well have been a clumsy attempt to set the Hawthorne PD up for yet another lawsuit. The sad end of the Rottie was due to the owner's failure to train the dog, failure to secure the dog, failure to train the dog and give a "stay" command, and other failures as to dog ownership and training. Maybe the shooting officer should sue the owner for negligent infliction of emotional distress.

Candelyn @ 7/15/2013 4:27 PM

Unless the dog was charging or the owner appeared unstable I would not shoot that dog did not ask to be born nor did the dog ask to be born a rock

Capt. Crunch @ 7/15/2013 4:42 PM

Replace the dog with a Toy Poodle and send the bill to Pres. Obama.

Tom Ret @ 7/15/2013 4:46 PM

Having owned and bred rottweilers, I feel sorry for the dog as it was not
his fault that his owner is a moron. The owner should probably be banned from ever having dogs if he isn't smart enough to keep them under control. He probably was there to cause an incident due to his
previous propensity for law suits. I don't know that i would have handled the dog this way but not being there I will not second guess the officer.

mike @ 7/16/2013 4:30 AM

Want an easy way to handle this? Tell him you will pay the 25,000 for killing his dog, but because of the settlement, his reported income exceeds the limit and he is no longer eligible for government assistance. I bet that law suit will be dropped quickly. Damn, I should have been a lawyer! Naaaaw, too honest.

Trigger @ 7/16/2013 9:59 AM

Only $25,000.00, the PD should consider themselves as getting off cheap and pay the man. This was a cluster from the get go with alot of poor officer control and discretion.

Mark @ 7/23/2013 2:36 PM

All of you are wrong. A dog is not that hard to stop and control. Are all of you really that stupid to believe that 3 full grown men who are all probably weighing 200+lbs and trained to handle violence can't control an 80lb dog. I've seen worse attacks from dogs at officers before and they were able to stop dogs with tasers. If cops have been known to take down big strong guys carrying knives and guns, they can stop a dog without killing it. No Sir! What these cops did was peer cruel!

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