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Ga. K-9 Dies After Being Left In Cruiser

June 20, 2013  | 

Screenshot via WXIA.
Screenshot via WXIA.
A Woodstock (Ga.) Police officer has been placed on administrative leave after his K-9 died of heat stroke caused when the officer left him in his patrol car at home.

Officer Chad Berry, a 12-year veteran, immediately called his supervisor after discovering Spartacus in his cruiser Monday evening. The Pickens Count Sheriff's Office is investigating the incident.

Officer Berry has spent seven years as a K-9 handler with the department and has completed hundreds of hours of training. He and Spartacus recently placed second in a K9 competition, reports WXIA.

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Trigger @ 6/20/2013 7:39 PM

What an idiot, 7 years as a K9 cop and on his second dog he pulls a stunt like this. I hope he is prosecuted.

gp cobb @ 6/20/2013 7:38 PM

My woman said to me, "He should be tried for manslaughter". That dog was an officer, was he not?

Robert Hillsma @ 6/21/2013 12:15 AM

Probably as heart breaking as reading of the death of an officer-EXCEPT that "Sparticus" couldn't open his own door. As a cop turned physician, this is a most painful and awful death for any mammal. Absolutely inexcuseable! If the dog lives at home with the officer, how could he not notice the dog wasn't in the home with him??!!

Boston @ 6/21/2013 3:45 AM

What the hell is wrong with you? Your suppose to be smarter and more aware of heat,vehicle and your dog dummy. I hope the they prosecute you. Stupid S***!

Friend of K9 officer @ 6/21/2013 5:21 AM

It is amazing how many people pass judgement on someone based on a five sentence story! I'm sure the officer intended for the dog to die, right? He was probably tired of being a K9 and thought the dog's death would be the only way to transfer, right? My guess is he is more upset than anyone else over this. Do charges need to filed? Maybe, maybe not. How about letting someone with more than five sentences of information make that decision? Also, human life is more valuable than animal life. This is NOT the same as an officer dying. It was a dog, more trained than other dogs, but just a dog, not a human.

Jenann @ 6/21/2013 6:37 AM

to Friend of K9O: Your friend probably does feel bad, NOW. As a handler, how could you FORGET your charge was in the car? Any life is valuable-so are you saying it was ok the K9 lost his life because he wasn't human? With a trainer he trusted, protected and yes, loved. Animals are very loyal, trusting creatures - there is NO EXCUSE for this happening. I heard a story like this a while back too. If you are a K9 Handlier and you don't want the responsibility of the dog's life, then don't take that position! No animal should have to die that way. You don't seem to think it's a big deal because it was "just a dog, not a human." As I said, it's a real shame, but the officer does deserve to be punished for this inexcuseable event.

Marco @ 6/21/2013 6:41 AM

How much information do you need. A trained K-9 officer leaves his partner in the car long enough to die of heat stroke, in his own driveway. Why was the dog not removed from the car at the end of duty? When did he realize he hadn't fed or watered the dog? It's not a human, that why we have animal; cruelty laws. This has become an epidemic among K-9 officers lately. Maybe we need to have a better selection process. Only pick people who actually care about their partners.

Boston @ 6/21/2013 1:12 PM

Your kidding right? Just because your a friend of an LEO. If anyone should know better its him. I've own GSD's my entire life and once it gets above 70 degrees I'm like a mother hen. Sorry this is unexcusable. She should be fired and pay to replace the dog. He broke the law. I hope he doesn't have toddlers.

Gump @ 6/22/2013 5:26 PM

Would you let him babysit your child?

Lenny @ 6/23/2013 3:57 PM

Police ask for tougher laws to protect K9s when injured, and
seem to have no problem in tasing or shooting people's pets,
yet this hillbilly pulls this shit off. Hope he doesn't have pets or kids.
And to Friend of K9 officer, based on what I observe your comment
about an officer's life being more valuable than an animal's maybe you will remember this before you shoot someone's pet because it "closed ground quickly". Yes, that's the line you clowns usually use.

Mike @ 6/24/2013 4:28 AM

1) this cop committed a FELONY, as i would have been charged if i did the same act
2) I agree with LENNY above, cops can shot anybody's pet but they just walk away LAUGHIING Ha ha HA...
3) put the cop DOWN !!!

james @ 9/17/2013 5:18 PM

Short of mechanical failure in the vehicle, this officer was negligent. Since the officer was placed on admin leave, I highly doubt that mechanical failure was the issue. "Just a Dog", well my friend you're "just a fucking piece of shit". That dog would have given his life for you and his handler in a split second and that's the way you look at him? I'd rather see a human life taken all day every day over an innocent dog that does nothing in life but aim to please. This world wouldn't be the shit hole that it is if more people had the qualities of a dog.

Sam Sparks @ 8/24/2014 1:21 AM

Berry is obviously intentionally cruel. One the K9 for seven years and this is the second dog who has died? He probably beats people, too. What a sick, pretentious, lying cruel bastard. Great cop otherwise, tho, huh? What another f-uped example of police. Fire the bastard before he kills more dogs and humans. I know his record is not great in any sense. He was not punished at all. Just because he has been too stupid to understand canines does not mean that they need to die at his hands. What do you think he's doing to humans? He is a piece of crap. He has no business being the authority over ANY LIVING CREATURE....and should NEVER be a cop on the street dealing with people who he thinks have offended him. FIRE HIM YESTERDAY. Conniving sadist.

Sam Sparks @ 8/24/2014 1:23 AM

Look at that fucker's face. He's obviously demented. Keep him on the force. NOT. I'm surprised your force hasn't been sued out of existence already because of "cops" like this you hire and excuse and keep on your payroll.

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