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Video: Ore. Lt. Backs Officers In Rough Arrest

April 11, 2013  | 

VIDEO: Rough Arrest at Ore. Strip Club

Portland Police used appropriate force when arresting a man in the parking lot of a strip club, an agency lieutenant wrote in a letter to the man.

In the letter to Jason Cox, Lt. Chris Davis said Portland Police Bureau officers were within policy when they used a TASER and punches to subdue him in June of 2011. Cox has sued the city for $545,000, claiming excessive force.

The officers approached Cox at Pallas Club, a Southeast Portland strip club, after suspecting him of drunk driving. Cox can be seen in the video arguing with the officers who attempt to give him a field-sobriety test. While attempting to spread Cox's legs, Officer Robert Bruders ends up on the ground wrestling with Cox. The officer can be seen striking Cox several times.

Other officers helped Officer Bruders subdue Cox. Officer Sarah Kerwin said in her report that she fired a TASER at Cox's back because he was refusing to bring his arms out from under his body while on the ground, reports The Oregonian. The arrest was captured on security camera video from a nearby business.

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Mark @ 4/11/2013 4:32 PM

No excessive force. Sick of these dirtbags . This scum deserves not a penny, in fact he should pay restitution to the officers.

Tom Ret @ 4/11/2013 4:56 PM

The bureau should be able to counter sue Cox for filing a frivolous law suit.
The suspect decided on his own to fight so too bad so sad things didn't go his way. The officers are there to take control of the situation which they did.

therookie @ 4/11/2013 10:15 PM

Good for the Lt. To many of these bottom feedng scum-bags plug up the Admin., cost Dept. money, and good Officers to be 2nd guessed. More Depts. need this type of LT.

scpdblue @ 4/12/2013 7:23 AM

I see nothing wrong here. Done that a many a time.To control a suspect better bring him or her to the ground.The subject had his arm under himself Punches are to the shoulder or arm to get the subject to comply with the officer. Good arrest. All the subject had to do was comply.

Dave @ 4/12/2013 10:07 AM

Nothing to see here. Everyone just move along............

Nick @ 4/14/2013 6:34 AM

Just you wait... PPB will settle out of court for about $20,000.

Jim A @ 4/14/2013 5:04 PM

Dave, love your comment. And Nick, you are correct; they will settle with this P.O.S. If departments quit doing this and counter-sue as Tom Retired said, it would stop. I got assaulted by a woman one time and they turned it around on me. She ended up with the money and I ended up with a red mark across my face. I know that cops go a little too far some times, but this card has been played way too often. If someone slams their face into the officer's fist, like this suspect did (figuratively) then that is not the fault of the officer. If you follow the officer's lawful orders, you will have nothing to worry about. If you don't....

Cheryl A @ 4/24/2013 8:38 AM

Get real. I cannot believe the comments I just read were made by people with sound minds, logic or reason. You have no idea what you're talking about and/or live in a world where assault, battery, violence, beatings, unfair treatment, torture and dishonesty are common occurrences; accepted and welcomed. Sorry, that is not the type of World I inhabit. I saw the original video..The unedited version. Shown to me by the person being beaten by this 270 lb. cop and tassed by an over-zealous female cop who just wanted to keep up with her male co-workers. She couldn't man handle the "accused" so she misused and abused a privilege. A person who was in tears when he shared his plight with me. I was sick to my stomach after viewing this video and gasped in horror. I began watching it, not knowing it was Jason. I was viewing it without any "MC" to speak. I saw it with unbiased eyes. The conclusion I gathered was this. The police had a hidden agenda. They were frustrated and took that out on a guy who, although may have been a little cocky, was legally within his rights, was not guilty of what they wanted to accuse him of, made perfect sense and showed no reason to be arrested.This, along with other circumstances, pissed the police off. They had nothing to base any arrest on. So they created one. With force and misconduct. He will win, Settle for much more than $20,000 and change the way Mult. Co. PD conducts themselves in the future. Guaranteed!!

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