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Police: Dorner Died of Self-Inflicted Gunshot

February 15, 2013  | 

In the end, Chris Dorner fell blessedly short of his stated goals.

Despite declaring war on "those in LAPD uniform whether on or off duty," the only victim with a direct link to the department was Monica Quan. And it is more than a little ironic that a man lashing out against racial injustice should murder the daughter of the LAPD's first Chinese-American captain.

Even his boasts of paramilitary prowess and promise to "bring unconventional and asymmetrical warfare" to southern California evaporated in a cavalcade of broken-down vehicles, failed hijackings and a botched hog-tying. His weeklong stint as America's most wanted fugitive ended in a shootout with police, and then what officials said was a self-inflicted gunshot to the head.

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Dave @ 2/19/2013 6:08 AM

This is a hard "official story" to believe since the team torched him. I was ashamed to be affiliated that day. Good job on locating him, but terrible tactics and lack of due process. Since when did we conduct ourselves like this?

Rob @ 2/19/2013 6:42 AM

While tooting his horn about his asymmetric warfare skills, Dorner must have skimmed over or neglected SERE, or he wouldn't have wound up holed up in a cabin on a cold, snowy day. Unfortunantly he seemed to possess better than average shooting skills. I won't say much about his individual tactical skills, be cause it doesn't require an advanced course at Fort Bragg to ambush unsuspecting cops and civilians. I do not fault the guys forced to take him down. He was dangerous. In the end he had two choices: put up his hands and walk out and surrender, or take the route he took. RIP to those who lost their lives in this mess, and comfort for all the grieving families.

Kevin Bradford @ 2/19/2013 7:37 AM

I'm having a hard time understanding the mindset of the individuals upset with Dorner's demise. Once Lethal force is warranted which it clearly was in this case with the threat he posed to the community and the assault on law enforcement officers and innocent civillians he killed, it was obvious he could not be allowed to to escape as he would be threat to any individuals he came in contact with LEO or other wise to foster his escape and maintain his rampage. He was given opportunities to surrender and chose to refuse, infact wounding and killing two more Officers. At that point lethal force especially appears to be justified and the only option left to end his criminal activities and threats to the public safety. We have deployed gas on hundreds of individuals (including "Burners") who have surrendered. Dorner decided not to and took his own life. The fact that his body burned up in the fire is his own fault, he could have chose to surrendered and walked out. I would suspect that he knew that he had crossed the line in his actions and activities and didn't have the "brass" to face the consequences of his actions, so he took the cowards way out. Blaming the Police for Dorner's death is Bullshit, he lived by the sword he died by it, and by his own hand at that . The fact that his body burned up afterwards was his fault as well, the Police were justified in deploying tear gas, even "burners" which the sane person would have surrendered when their hold up was on fire. Dorner Chose how this ended that day. Thank You, to every Officer that responded and did your duty, God Bless you and your families and may he comfort those families that grieve from the actions of this twisted individual.

Scott @ 2/23/2013 10:20 AM

@ Dave
I'm afraid you don't understand high risk tactics very well. SBSO SWAT handled the standoff flawlessly. He could have come out and given up, but chose not to.

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