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Video: Resisting Woman TASERed at Apple Store

December 13, 2012  | 

VIDEO: Resisting Woman TASERed at Apple Store

A Massachusetts woman who was TASERed outside an Apple Store claims a communication gap between her and the officers caused the incident.

Nashua (N.H.) Police officers used a TASER to subdue Xiaojie Li outside of the Apple Store at the Pheasant Lane Mall Tuesday night. Li allegedly resisted arrest after she was told she could only buy two iPhones.

Cell-phone video of the incident was posted on YouTube Tuesday showing officers attempting to subdue a screaming Li. Police sources told WHDH that Li continued to resist as officers handcuffed her. Store employees had told Li she was no longer welcome inside the store.

Li told WHDH that her lack of English-speaking ability caused her not to be able to communicate with the officers.

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Bob @ 12/13/2012 6:11 PM

She should hire an Attorney and become rich from this kind of "Third World Treatment"

John @ 12/14/2012 1:56 AM

"The manager of the Apple store had thrown Ms. Li out on a previous occasion," Deputy Chief Scott Howe said Wednesday of Xiaojie Li. "She was seen taking pictures and video from within the store."

He said the woman had 10 minutes to comply with police orders before the taser was used.

"We attempted to get her to comply with being arrested. She refused, so you have to use some level of force to gain that compliance to effect the arrest," Howe said. "The goal is to use the least amount of force to do so."
- Union Leader newspaper

S.S @ 12/14/2012 6:53 AM

Well I hope the Dept. and the Union standby it's officers. It was justified. She should of complied. That's the bottom line. She didn't. She had every oppurtunity to get herself out of that situation, and now she's crying cause of it. She screwed up!!!

J @ 12/14/2012 9:56 AM

I'm not gonna lie Bob; you may be partially retarded.

John @ 12/14/2012 10:38 AM

J: what do you mean may be partially retarded? Bob is a full blown padded helmet wearing, short bus riding type of retard. Please note: no offense is intented to our current administration or the senate.

Our laws shouldn't apply to boat people or wetbacks? If I visit a non English speaking country and choose to be an uncooperative asshole then I do not have to obey store management or the police?

Jim Dennis @ 12/14/2012 1:36 PM

Looks like an English as a Second Language minority who tried to use the "I don't speak English" excuse of convenience for not complying with the rules or the law and it came back to bite her in the ass! The cops were patient and they gave her a ton of leeway. It's her fault that she chose to hang herself with the length of rope that the officers provided!

hank hill @ 12/14/2012 6:10 PM

is she here in a legal way. if not dump her back to where she came from.

Just the facts... @ 12/16/2012 7:12 AM

1) Ms Li is part of an organized group of people who routinely purchase iPhones by the 100's to send overseas to sell at a profit.
2) she was politely asked to leave the Apple store by store mgmt after reaching her purchase limit of iPhones for that day.
3) she got pissed-off when she was asked to leave, because she thought some of her 'competitors' were still purchasing iPhones.
3) she spoke and understood English enough to know EXACTLY what she was being asked to do by both store mgmt and then the police.
4) she refused to leave the store after repeated requests by both mgmt and the police, and then tried to use her cell phone to videotape her 'competitors' within the store.
5) she then chose to create a disturbance inside the store and ultimately outside the store in the crowded mall and was refusing to comply with the police to cease her disorderly behavior.
6) after being told she was under arrest, she actively resisted arrest, even after a second officer arrived, forcing the officers to use the appropriate level of force necessary to affect the arrest.

Relatively routine arrest...that is until the news media interviewed this 'freightened, misunderstood, non-english speaking "victim", and then only showed an 'edited' version of the YouTube video on the local news.

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