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Video: Seattle Cops Allow 'Mutual Combat'

November 12, 2012  | 

VIDEO: Seattle Cops Allow 'Mutual Combat'

A Seattle Police sergeant defended the actions of officers who allowed two men to fight on a city street late Friday under a little-known law allowing "mutual combat."

The incident began when a group of men confronted costumed superhero Phoenix Jones who was also with a group of friends. The first group begins yelling racial epithets at Jones and challenges him to fight, as Seattle officers arrive at the scene.

The men agree to fight and Jones, who appears to have some martial arts training, knocks out his aggressor. The officers encouraged the two not to fight, and didn't stop the altercation.

Sgt. Sean Whitcomb told the Seattle Weekly that under city municipal code a fight becomes illegal if a bystander could be injured or property could be damaged.

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michael @ 11/12/2012 7:02 PM

I do not care if this is on the city books or not, it comes down to common sense. If one of these fools would have sustained a brain trauma or worse, guess who is going to pay for it. My city has some old laws that go back to the 1870s, does that mean I going to enforce them. This was very poor judgement from the officers and their supervisor and makes us all look like fools.

Paul @ 11/12/2012 7:28 PM

Sounds good to me. Looks like the only fool is the moron who picked on a super hero !!!! Next time he might just be a bit more careful who he tries to bully around !!! Good job Seattle PD

Larry NYC @ 11/12/2012 9:06 PM

A police officers job is to maintain the peace
& to protect life ,Not to allow a human cock fight in the street

Josh @ 11/13/2012 1:57 AM

The officers could of controlled the crowd a little better, but in the end the law is the law. We might not understand it in our states... I personally would of got rid of them, or asserted a little bit more command presence to shut everyone up. Stay safe everyone.

DEADMAN @ 11/13/2012 2:26 AM

Just because the law allows for the fight,does it allow for the officers to stop the fight,which to me,should have been their primary responsibility.I would not have wanted to respond to the fight,allowed the fight and watched as somebody,makes no difference if they're the beligerent or the accosted,cracks their head open on a curb and dies.I know,i would not want to have to explain to somebody that i stood there and watched as somebody dies,not in this lifetime,i'm not that callous yet.

Doug M. @ 11/13/2012 5:21 PM

State law, however, which prevails over the city ordinance, does not allow for "mutual combat".

chance beretta @ 11/20/2012 10:38 AM

If I choose to jump off of my roof it's my the taxpayers have to pay for if these guys choose to fight why would the taxpayers have to pay for that? I'ts not like taxes are going to get raised to pay some guys hospital bill, I'm sure hospitals already have funds for indigents. I think it's a great law. If there is a mutual agreement and no one is getting jumped or beaten when they are down who cares. It prevents idiots from talking shit knowing that they might have to back it up...if someone doesn't want to fight, they don't have to. People are getting killed in Afghanistan and your taxes are paying for that, but you're just worried about some idiot that needs an ass beating getting one...ridiculous! The 2 dollars out of your KFC check for taxes really aren't paying for a whole lot...tired of hearing that same old argument!

John Jones @ 12/5/2013 10:18 AM

If two men agree to fight and agree to a certain level of rules to where the fight ends after one man falls then that is no business of anyone's especially law enforcement. This was a fair fight and the police did the right thing. When I grew up we actually had fight clubs that were supported by parents and local law enforcement. If two kids got into an altercation there would be an agreement to end the confrontation and continue it at an openly known location after school. There were rules one of which would require an adult to supervise so the rules did not get broken. By allowing this, we created an atmosphere where tensions could be quelled without further grievances. And guess what, we never grew up in an age where kids would threaten to shoot up a school. I applaud the police to allow this to occur. And I give a nod to the one man that did not continue to fight after he dropped his opponent. It's good to know that there are still some Men in this country.

john @ 2/27/2015 2:30 PM

I am in perfect agreement with mutual combat for the simple fact don't talk the talk if you are unwilling to participate in mutual combat

Stephen @ 12/20/2015 9:41 PM

The issue I have with this is that the person who 'Pheonix Jones' got in mutual combat with said he was done and asked to stop the fight and like 3 seconds later Jones knocked him out with a sucker punch. Mutual combat or not, if someone calls it quits that's the same as tapping out and Jones should have stopped there. Since he didn't there should have been action taken against him legally. The cops obviously couldn't do anything with them at that point because the friend who took his shirt off was being very aggressive (as any good friend would have been in that situation), but something should have been done. Pheonix Jones has MMA experience. Someone who has trained and has participated in many fights isn't considered a fair adversary for something like this. This was not a fight, it was assault with deadly weapons. Martial artists limbs are considered deadly weapons once trained and stood even in the professional arenas.

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