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Crime Increases in Sacramento After Deep Cuts to Police Force

November 05, 2012  | 

The shrinking of Sacramento's police force has been extreme; the department has lost more than 300 sworn officers and civilian staff members and more than 30 percent of its budget since 2008.

But at a time when many cities are curtailing essential services like policing—the Los Angeles Police Department said last week that it could lay off 160 civilian employees by Jan. 1—the cutbacks in this sprawling city of 472,000 offer a window on the potential consequences of such economizing measures, criminal justice experts say.

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Fed Cop @ 11/6/2012 6:26 AM

Another duh moment. Cut police = crime goes up. It's always the police that get cut first. Forget about the 400,000 State workers under Jerry Brown, making $225,000 for a 30 hour (at best) complaining about all the hard work they have to do (like show up).

Bob @ VA @ 11/7/2012 5:24 AM

This is what happens when you run out of other people's money to pay for union perks and government give-aways. Get used to it.

Rick @ 11/7/2012 8:45 AM

Instead of banning the open carry of unloaded weapons in CA, they should be passing open carry of loaded weapons and CCW laws like AZ; crime would drop dramatically once the criminals figure out that citizens are armed and won't be penalized for shooting crooks.

Chuck McKenzie @ 11/7/2012 12:24 PM

Get used to this, it is the Liberal way of life. The big spenders need the money to give to those who don't earn it, so this is the sacrifice that must be made. Unlike states with Conservative administra-
tions, the budgets can't be balanced, and now we have four more years of this. I wonder what law enforcement will be like in 2016.

John @ 11/7/2012 1:54 PM

Let the liberal s.o.b.'s in CA suffer the consequences of their political choices. Hopefully, the state government politicians will be amongst the crime victims.

michael @ 11/7/2012 10:37 PM

Chuck I could not have said it better.

Gabe @ 11/10/2012 11:15 AM

That's what happens when you go from a response organization to a patrol organization. The police spend all this time looking for crime nobody cares about and sucking up their own resources. They pull someone over for going 10 miles over the speed limit, and another cop car shows up for backup. Now you have two cop cars preoccupied for something that doesn't matter to anyone. Why is it that everyone can agree that cops never show up in a timely matter when you need them, but are always there for something stupid when you don't need them? Because they are now a patrol organization. They have literally screwed themselves by trying to enforce every stupid law that is passed by overwhelming themselves with patrol tactics and becoming useless as a "SERVICE" to the people that actually need them, yet they are driving around in shiny decked out police vehicles wasting gas. That's why these cuts are here. It's a good thing. I think police will now have to actually decide what to RESPOND to (not patrol for), based on importance and severity. I think cops should be stationed places and just wait for calls to come in. But to be proactive; looking for things before the become an issue for sounds like a good idea, but then you find out it actually just distracts and sucks up the resources for everyone else who actually randomly needs police.

Gabe @ 11/10/2012 11:15 AM

and the fact of the matter is. Police are not always going to be there. So having the right to carry your own gun and stuff would probably help too. I'm not a gun nut, but I don't believe in the whole "why have a gun sir?! here, I'm a trained police officer let mee shoot em for you" mentality. simply because I know they can't be there for me at every moment. Nor do I want them there every moment. The fact is I, a long with everyone else in this country breaks some sort of law every day without knowing it. There are over 9000 laws(no pun intended) to follow out there. Do you really think its practical to enforce and obey all of

gabe @ 11/10/2012 11:25 AM

them? This is coming from someone who's mother was a sheriff for 20+ years. And I think she agrees with me. With these budget cuts, I hope the age of micro-managing by police comes to a bitter end. They simply need to focus on what matters to people. If it goes unreported, It doesn't matter really. If it gets reported, It matters. And the police should focus on that above everything else. Otherwise it's never going to come to an end when it comes to finding things to enforce. I don't dislike police. I just dislike their black and white laws, and there lack of discretion when it comes to enforcing those laws(enforcing stuff based on if it matters rather than if it is simply legal or not...within reason obviously). If I was a police officer, I would just focus on helping people, responding to the people's needs/emergencies, and...TICKETING THOSE IDIOTS WHO DON'T USE THEIR GOD DAM SIGNAL LIGHTs! lol

Fed Cop @ 11/14/2012 8:32 AM

Hey Gabe, you say that police pull over someone for going 10 over, and a back up shows up. Two officers doing nothing. Let me think. Hmmm. Let talk about Oakland CA, and a routine traffic stop, OK? Downtown Oakland, an Motor Officer stops a car, the POS jumps out, shoots and kills the officer, and the back-up officer. Then ends up killing two SRT officers. Four dead LEOs. Let me see how about a routine traffic stop, and the son of the driver opens up on the officer killing him. He didn't have a back up until too late (he's dead). Ya, I can see your point. Doesn't make sense to have a back up officer for a TS. And Yes, contrary to your rant, you dislike police.

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