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Philly Cop Punches Woman in Puerto Rican Parade

October 01, 2012  | 

Video from Philadelphia's Puerto Rican Day parade over the weekend shows a uniformed cop punching a woman in the face. The blow leaves the woman's mouth bloody. The officer — identified as Lt. Jonathan Josey — then handcuffs her and another cop leads her away.

Philadelphia Police Internal Affairs is investigating, according to WCAU-TV.

The clip shows a group of cops gathered on North 5th St. Sunday afternoon, apparently handcuffing a man pressed up against a car. Someone in the crowd flings water from a bottle at them, and Josey turns around in the direction it came from.

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Spider314 @ 10/1/2012 10:22 PM

Can't tell what the victim specifically she did walk up or toward the group of officers. You can see the one subject behind her throw water at the officers. Based on this it looks bad, because there is no sound and the view of what may or may not have happend is blocked. But what ever happend it was enough to get the attention of the group of officers.

Joe Pells @ 10/2/2012 5:10 AM

No excuses, used poor judgement and excessive force.

T-Man @ 10/2/2012 7:29 AM

None of us commenting were there when this transpired. I can certainly understand the extreme stress and scrutiny Police across the nation are under. We are also cautioned not to make judgements based on the video clip that was shown. We dont know the fact surrounding the incident. I hope that what ever happened, it is revealed and resolved. I do feel badly for the lady that was punched in the face, however, if she in any way was interfering with the police, then perhaps what happened was justified. I dont know. I wasnt there, and I hope it gets resolved.

B.T.Roberts @ 10/2/2012 8:41 AM

Obviously the Woman had interjected herself into a situation; she did something that elicited a response from Officers whose backs were turned.
Clearly the intention of the Officer was to detain (at the very least) her, and she was walking away.
As the Officer neared; her step became quicker (attempt to Flee) he did not allow that to happen.
It did not look like a punch to me, it looked like a takedown,(the old hooked cane across the stage bit) and it didn’t take much, the man is a behemoth, had he wanted to really hurt her he could of in that very same moment. Had he grabbed her hair or head and slammed her to the ground with all his might she would have broken like a dried twig.
Possibly what Law Enforcement across the country should do is to allow all the armchair quarterbacks to hit the streets and hold that line between total chaos and everyday chaos.
Media across the nation is quick to Judge, and as a matter of routine defames the character of law Enforcement Officers and departments long before the preverbal ink has dried.
Is there no one of character to stand up, and hold those with access to the airwaves accountable? Law Enforcement associations (FOP) should begin to seek redress in the courts civilly for deformation actions undertaken by the news agencies and others who are the purveyors of this pot stirring.
Good Luck; Lt. I wish you all the best.

c.britt @ 10/2/2012 9:10 AM

you can tell when someone is not a police officer, they see all the wrongs. but, nothing right.

Mel @ 10/2/2012 11:26 AM

Cop Buster you are a moron. If you hate this country as much as your message denotes why don't you just leave, and take your friends with you!!!

B.T.Roberts @ 10/2/2012 4:22 PM

I may have been misinformed or possibly just didn't read the fine print, but occasionally to keep my Police Magazine subscription I have to fill out a questionnaire of sorts attesting to the fact that I am a Sworn Officer (Retired) or work in a related field (probably the loop hole).
Most professional people in law enforcement (or related field) can communicate either written or orally (in this case written). Also with this ability (communication) one learns the attributes of critical thinking.
However; quite often on this site, we (the critical or informed thinkers) read the stumbling, incoherent, misspelled, and malformed musings of individuals lamenting the shortcomings of Officers and Agencies.
To be fair these individuals (ne'er do-wells) may be taxed by the dim lighting condition of their loathsome parental sponsors basement, or the misused and maltreated keyboards of the prison library as they endeavor to communicate their particular psychosis driven agenda.
Do we look past their shortcomings, do we wish them well and hope for further education or early parolee, or a combination of both for them, or do we call them morons, shake our heads in disgust, or do we ask the managing editors of this online magazine to scrutinize the access of this supposed peer reviewed blog in a more cautious manner.
Na; we should just call them morons and trolls and #@$%$#@#$%’ers!

jr @ 10/4/2012 5:52 PM

no matter she is a woman n she didnt touch him. firstable u dont hit a woman a 2nd he the profecional his duty was just arrested n then fiend out what realy happend. he need to b fire n send to jail. for abuser. if his guilty.

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