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Video: Fla. Cop Fired Over Traffic Stop

August 21, 2012  | 

VIDEO: Fla. Cop Fired Over Traffic Stop

A Pensacola (Fla.) Police officer has been fired for allegedly using excessive force on a hit-and-run suspect at a traffic stop earlier this month.

Officer Christopher Geraci was fired after his dashboard video camera captured him slamming the woman's head onto her car multiple times. Geraci has also been charged with battery.

"When I saw the video, I was shocked and disappointed," Pensacola Police Chief Chip Simmons told WKRG. "This is not how we train, it was unreasonable force and it was inconsistent with the level of resistance."

The video shows Geraci approaching Abbi Bonds, 29, and a disabled vehicle at 2:30 a.m. on Aug. 2. Bonds talked on her cellphone and apparently ignored the officer's commands.

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hiramHawk @ 8/21/2012 5:12 PM

It should be noted that this is very likely how this man treats his wife and daughters (if he still has any women around him).

Donutplz @ 8/21/2012 7:25 PM

Your Assumptions are baseless. The video clearly shows a drunk woman who is clearly unsteady on her feet.

He turns her around to cuff her and she pulls or falls away, he turns her toward the car in a straight arm bar technique.

She being drunk stumbles and her head hit the fender instead of her body against the car to help in controlling a drunk uncooperative person. her legs buckled BEFORE she hit the car which is why her head hit the fender.

As far as the second attempt at placing her on the car, I dont see her head hitting it. I didnt even hear a clunk like the first time. her legs buckle again but it appears the officer is pulling her away so she doesnt fall into the car again.

In this incident I dont see excessive force. If you dont want to get hurt, whether it be while resisting arrest or just driving drunk dont do either of them.

Victor @ 8/21/2012 8:20 PM

I agree 100% with Donutplz. I think the Officer wil be the one to win a lawsuit over an unjust firing. It's quite obvious that this drunk lady wasn't going to comply with any demands. What was he supposed to do dance around and then taze her? My God, let Police do their job.

michael @ 8/21/2012 10:20 PM

The Chief will be giving this officer back his job and some money. Its always nice to have the support of the Admin. in your dept., I saw a drunk who was resistive and unable to function due to her state of intoxication. Good arrest of another drunk driver.

Capt David LASO Ret @ 8/22/2012 6:56 AM

Damn cameras!

BW @ 8/22/2012 11:49 AM

All I see here is a black mark on the P.D.s administration, a reinstated officer, or some dollar signs for the officer. I wouldn't have used those techniques myself, but he didn't use them in anger, and she clearly toppled over. You can see his surprise and how he tried to keep her from falling all the way down. A shame it even came to this.

John @ 8/22/2012 7:37 PM

The report made it sound like he grabbed her by the neck and deliberately slammed her head squarely against the surface of the vehicle. Obviously, this is not what happened. Should officers start spraying non compliant offenders in the face with oc or shooting them with Taser probes, inorder to avoid "hands-on" excessive force complaints?

Spydergirl99 @ 8/23/2012 4:19 PM

I agree that she should not have gotten out of her car. But anyone here that thinks this is not excessive force is crazy. Especially if your a LEO.

[email protected] @ 8/24/2012 8:27 PM

If Hiremhawk would really watch the video closely he would notice the woman trips on the raised dirt by her car, not "slammed" by the Officer. I assume (love that word) that he has never encountered a drunk, nasty female who won't obey a simple command and resists his efforts to hook her up. Hope this Officer finds a department that backs its personnel. Stay safe.

Hoffa45 @ 8/27/2012 8:06 PM

Here we go again... Media / Dept. PC bull winning the day!

WAKE UP SHEEP [yes even you so called brothers in blue]. This is why the job is becoming a joke. Excessive? I watched the same video...

So if I have this right, the officer should have not taken any 'Physical Control / Uses of Force' with a non-compliant DUI / Hit&Run drunk suspect who fails to comply with [believe i heard them] verbal commands. I won't get into being out of her vehicle...

I guess instead, the officer should have PC'ed up by letting her on her merry busy way.

This is why crime is out of control, criminals feel they are above the law, and Cops are getting killed everyday. If there is a video [and there will be] you can be sure the media will spin the officer into the criminal, the criminal into the saint, while the Dept. politicians [desk cops] will activate their PC plan.

Hope this officer sue the Dept. [good looking out Chief for your own backside not your guys] and wins a load of retirement cash....

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