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Fla. Deputies Shoot, Kill Wrong Man

July 17, 2012  | 

Lake County (Fla.) Sheriff's deputies shot and killed a 26-year-old pizza deliveryman early Sunday who pointed a weapon at them because he was trying to protect himself, reports the Orlando Sentinel.

One of three uniformed deputies shot Andrew Lee Scott at about 1:30 a.m. Sunday. The deputies had knocked on the door of Scott's apartment while searching for an attempted murder suspect wanted, along with another man, for a beating about an hour earlier.

The deputies didn't announce their presence when knocking on Scott's door because they felt it would be "tactically advantageous."

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Rick @ 7/17/2012 6:53 PM

It sounds like they broke the law and entered without cause, making this an illegal shooting and making them open to prosecution.

Tim in SAC @ 7/17/2012 7:08 PM

It doesn't say anywhere that the deputies forced entry into this house. They knocked on the door and the guy answered holding a gun.

Tom Ret @ 7/17/2012 7:11 PM

If you answer your door and the ones knocking are uniformed officers it is wise not to point a weapon at them if this is what the deceased did. If the officers forcibly entered which didn't give the deceased a chance to determine what was doing on in the dark, then this is a different situation. Irrespective of the deceased not being the attempted murder suspect, this doesn't give him any allowance to point a weapon at the officers.

donutplz @ 7/17/2012 7:18 PM

Why does the title say "Police Kill wrong man"? They shot and killed a guy who pointed a gun at them for knocking on his door.

Tom Ret @ 7/17/2012 7:21 PM

typo- replace doing with going in above to make sense

Frank @ 7/17/2012 8:39 PM

Tom Ret - cops weren't in uniform .. they were playing undercover and murdered an innocent citizen

Tim in SAC @ 7/17/2012 8:49 PM

Frank - This article clearly says they were uniformed. The referenced article also says they responded in marked patrol vehicles. Nice try though.

Hal @ 7/17/2012 10:37 PM

if someone knocks on my door at 1:30 am, I am taking my gun with me. My neighbor opened his door and three men pulled him out and beat him. He won't answer again with out his gun. if they said who they were, he wouldn't have had a gun in his hand do you think? And if i opened my door at that time of the night, i might be pointing it also. Poor judgement as far as I am concerned.

paul @ 7/17/2012 10:56 PM

Let's face it, he did have drugs in his apartment. So police knock on a door and a drug dealer points a gun at them, what are they supposed to do? I think they should be given a medal for taking more drugs and another criminal off the streets for good.

BW @ 7/17/2012 11:39 PM

Whether they found drugs or not is irrelevant - It very well could have been a straight-edge kid, trying to protect himself. You can't kill someone and then determine it's a "good shoot" after the fact. It's like someone being murdered at random, and later releasing the killer because it turns out the person he killed was a bad guy anyway.

Bob @ 7/18/2012 5:42 AM

What proof is there that the homeowner pointed a weapon at the intruders? The homeowner is dead and can't tell his side of the story. This looks like a possible case of murder by an over-reacting officer. The "tactical advantage" looks like premeditation or at least gross negligence.

What research did the officers do before knocking on this man's door? Did they even check to see who's residence it was? Did they attempt to get a warrant for a 1:30 AM intrusion? They had zero credible evidence that their suspect lived there or was located there. The suspect could (and likely did) dump the bike.

Likely that the killers won't go to jail to pay for murder or even gross negligence, but it is just as likely to be very expensive for the taxpayers. A badge is not a license to kill legally armed homeowners in the middle of the night.

Larry @ 7/18/2012 7:12 AM

I am sure all the facts are in the news paper because they always have all the facts before they print anything.

Robert @ 7/18/2012 9:04 AM

Sounds like he had the drugs in the house and that someone knocked on the door at 1:30 am. Knowing he had the drugs or maybe was even a dealer, he answered the door with a gun. All good so far!!! The point that he raised the gun to the uniformed officer was a very stupid move and cost him his life. You point a gun at me and you will meet your maker period!!! Also, bad title to the story. Should be police involved in a shooting of armed man.

Dave @ 7/18/2012 12:48 PM

This makes the perfect case for on-body video on every officer. The only people who can tell their side of the story are the officers. I'm not saying they're lying about what happened but police will lie to protect themselves the same as everyone else. A record of how the officers presented themselves and how the victim responded would clear things up quickly.

Jim VG @ 7/18/2012 2:22 PM

The cop haters are saying the cops murdered an innocent man. The cop lovers are saying the subject pointed a gun at them. All agree the man who was shot was not the one the cops were looking for. Now..... deep breath.... there is too much missing from this story to make any type of judgement about what happened.

Dan @ 8/14/2012 8:33 PM

The Knock-Notice Rule is very clear in certain aspects and very ambiguous in others. This was an active investigation / fresh pursuit of a suspect wanted for a felony crime. The vehicle of the suspect was located at or near the apartment complex. They arrived in marked patrol units and were dressed in uniforms that a reasonable person would know to be law enforcement. Now, when the "drunk" 20 something friends of my "college attending" neighbor knock on my door by mistake at 2:00am, I answer the door, with my gun, in a raised ready position, behind the door. So I understand why he answered the door the way he did, whether he was a drug dealer or not. I also understand why the officers did not announce their presence upon knocking on the door because they wanted to catch the suspect off guard. However, considering it was an apartment complex, I imagine it was a small enough structure to set a perimeter of all exits, allowing them to announce who they were. Will they be suspended or found not at fault during the IA? Probably not. Will the department end up paying civilly, probably yes. Another thing to consider, although most our "clients" in law enforcement do stupid things, I would assume that a suspect of a fresh pursuit for commiting felony assault would know that a knock on his door at 1:30am is probably going to be the police, hence, the suspect would not open the door, but try to flee. Does this mean he absolutely would this no, but it should have been something considered by LE. Could he also know he is not going to jail so he knows cops are coming so he is shooting anyone who comes to this house, yes. In hindsight, in this case only, based on what we know, the officers would have been better off announcing themselves. Just my opinion

CopsonTrial @ 11/2/2012 9:55 AM

The double standards placed by Officers and found permissable by the corrupt courts that protect them. Unbelievable. Can you imagine a civilian, say knocking on someones door at 2am asking for directions, then upon seeing the armed homeowner awaken from a slumber, pulling out a pistol shooting him dead? Can you see any chance of the shooter walking away from the dead body, free and clear of any charges? NO? Oh thats right, civilians would have to face a murder charge, in a court, with the family of the deceased seeking justice and lengthy prison time or capital punishment for the Murderer! BUT, provided their is a gold plated badge and tax paid police issued 9mm, than ALL is forgiven; so an unannounced police officer, with incorrect information, can wake a civilian concerned for his family's safety at 2am and upon seeing the armed civilian through a crack in the door, blast him dead in fromt of his wife and/or kids. Strip the Badge and sworn oath to protect away from the cop and you have a cold blooded killer, with no regard for human life. Pin the badge back on his pressed blue uniform, and you have a tax payer funded murderer, hiding behind fabricated justification. What a pity for the innocent family and deceased father.

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