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Hug Triggers Officer's Gun, Kills Woman

July 09, 2012  | 

A Detroit woman was fatally shot by an off-duty officer's service weapon early Sunday, as she hugged the officer at a party, reports the Detroit Free Press.

Adaisha Miller, who would have turned 25 today, was embracing the Detroit Police Department officer when the shooting occurred near 12:30 a.m. Officer Issac Parrish was carrying his .40-caliber S&W M&P service pistol in an inside-the-waistband holster he covered with his shirt.

Officer Parrish was carrying the pistol in a holster that was soft enough that the gun's trigger could be pulled without it being unholstered, Chief Ralph Godbey told the Free Press on Monday. The officer didn't touch the weapon.

Miller's mother, Yolanda McNair, told the Free Press she wasn't satifsied with the department's explanation of the shooting and asked, "why do you need a weapon with a round in the chamber?"

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Realy?? @ 7/9/2012 6:47 PM

1. No cop shouldn't go anywhere without a weapon and the tools of his trade. 2. A proper holster is essential. 3. No disrespect, but those people that don't need to carry a weapon for the protection of themselves or others should keep thier thoughts concerning weapon round in the chamber? That's just stupid! Really?

Ken @ 7/9/2012 6:54 PM

This story does not match facts. Investigate and report.

Lt. Robert Tester @ 7/9/2012 7:16 PM

I always have a round in the chamber. I agree with Realy??. If you don't have to carry an off duty weapon why would you question something you don't have knowledge of. In a gun fight seconds count and taking that extra step to chamber a round could mean the differnece between life and death. Not just for the officer, but maybe for a private citizen as well.

Robocop @ 7/9/2012 7:43 PM

Agree, We ALWAYS carry a round in the chamber. To do otherwise is just plain stupid. Now the Officers weapon should have been on safety or doesn't the S&W MP have one other than the trigger itself? One of the reasons I hate a Glock. The Officer was carrying his weapon in a very poor holster it it allows you to be able to pull the trigger while the weapon is holstered. Also not very bright. Finally I am not able to really wrap my head around HOW she managed to pull the trigger a shoot herself just by giving him a hug? Where did the bullet strike her?In the leg maybe and hit the femoral artery or something like that to bleed out of in the lower abdomen where the main artery splits in the groin? Just hard to make sense out of it. My condolences to the family of the young lady and to the Officer who I can only imagine is completely heartbroken himself.

JJ @ 7/9/2012 7:48 PM

This stikes me as a lack of training and experience in carrying that type of weapon, and using the correct holster with straps. This should not have happened, and it is very suspect that it did happen as reported. And oh yes, I have carried off duty for overf 30 years!

[email protected] @ 7/9/2012 8:42 PM

I hate to doubt the Chief or the Officer but I can't buy the story. Disregarding the vics mothers comment as uninformed. The holster theory doesn't hold water as I have a IWB holster for my P220- real expensive one ( e-bay-$7.50 & free shipping) and theres no way to move the trigger enough to discharge the weapon. And if I'm not mistaken the trigger is the safety, aka Glocks, that would have to be pulled WAY back to fire. Sorry, ain't buyin' it.

frank ocean @ 7/9/2012 9:00 PM

Lots more info needed. How did a gun on his hip pointed at the ground go off and kill her? Something is being left out of this story.

Miles Long @ 7/9/2012 9:15 PM

I read in the morning news that she hugged the officer from behind. The bullet reportedly pierced her lung and heart. There was no mention of the weapon caliber or holster type. I assumed the holster was a horizontal shoulder holster. Can't see an IWB style holster being consistent with the reported wound. Not unusual for news reports to contain errors, especially the early reports. My condolences to the family of Ms. Miller, and a prayer for both her and the unidentified officer. I'm confident the investigators will get it right.

Khan @ 7/10/2012 2:21 AM

Shot in the chest with a gun holstered at the waist...unless the officer is 8' tall and the woman was 4' tall, it couldn't have happened as reported.

Training issues also involved. Don't let folks hug you when you are carrying concealed and protect your weapon at all times. That's what your elbow is for.

HankG @ 7/10/2012 3:21 AM

Absolutely, the facts just don't equal the results. IWB, OK, now how did the bullet pass through him to hit her? Just doesn't add up.

Greg @ 7/10/2012 3:43 AM

Was she hugging him while on her knees? Who was around when this "accident" happened? This entire story is way too weird...of course, it's nice a police expert like her mother was commenting on the proper way to carry your weapon.

Jack @ 7/10/2012 5:06 AM

I agree that this tragedy calls for scrutiny. I wasn't there, but I have a theory. The officer was using an IWB holster and was hugged from behind. If her right arm came down on the butt of the gun and caused it and a loosely fitting IWB holster to rotate with the clip of the holster disengaging from the belt, the angle of the shot could then be taken into account. Furthermore, if the Glock moved out of the holster a bit and was then driven back in by her arm and if the holster was pressed inwards enough for part of it to be within the trigger guard, the gun could fire providing, of course, that the trigger safety was being pressed by a part the holster within the trigger guard. I know - that's a lot of "if's". Depending on the holster, I wonder if the clip, once disengaged from the belt, might line up with the trigger guard. There's likely more to this sad story.

FireCop @ 7/10/2012 5:11 AM

That's why every weapon I have (duty and off duty) has an external safety. Quick to release when the gun is drawn but extremely safe when it is in any holster/carrier. Any time someone 'hugs' me I always direct their hands/arms/body away from my firearm. Easy to monday morning quarterback as there's not enough information in this 'media' report to come to any sound conclusions. Be safe.

Jack @ 7/10/2012 5:13 AM

My mistake. Not a Glock...

Steve @ 7/10/2012 5:37 AM

This does not make sense to me. Something is missing here. This is a poor attempt at a cover up. I agree that there is no way a weapon holstered in an IWB holster would be able to shoot a victim in the chest.

Kyle in China Spring @ 7/10/2012 5:51 AM

There has to be more to this story. Please keep up with it Police Mag...<><

MGC @ 7/10/2012 6:37 AM

Strange story the way it has been reported, more to the story I'm sure. I also only carry firearms that have an exterior safety. On duty and off.

Matt @ 7/10/2012 7:00 AM

If you read the article in the Detroit Free Press by following the above link an interesting thing is pointed out. The article reads: "the veteran beat patrolman was hosting a party at his home and was dancing with his wife when Miller came up behind him and tugged at his waist." Now I am making a few assumptions here, but if he was hosting a party in his own home I am guessing there was alcohol involved. Why would he need to carry a concealed weapon in his own home? Not that I haven't known of police officers to cut grass with a weapon on, but inside your own home while hosting a party? Also, I carry a Glock in a very soft leather IWB holster and I have no idea how any trigger could be pulled while in the holster and secured in my pants.

The article quotes an attorney representing the Detroit Police Officer's Association as saying that the evidence supports the officer's story. I wonder if the officer has a hole in his pants anywhere or if he suffered any kind of burn from the muzzle blast. Too many unanswered questions and weird circumstances.

I am sorry for the loss of this young woman and if it was some sort of accident I'm sure the officer is devastated. I would be interested in hearing what the facts turn out to be at the end of a thorough investigation.

ATK @ 7/10/2012 8:02 AM

Been a firearms instructor for over 30 years, also been to several armour schools. I think I have a pretty good understanding of the functioning of most modern day LE handguns. I also spent 14 years as a crime scene investigator, taught it at the police academy. Always instructed the recruits that when your reconstructing a crime scene the physical evidence should match the story given. 2 + 2 should equal 4, this story doesn't even come close to adding up. The comments given above bring up some very good points and questions, no reason repeating them. If the local prosecutor is ok with the story so be it, the family still has a heck of a good law suit. And, yes, this is a training issue, no matter what happened.

Capt David-Ret LA County @ 7/10/2012 2:58 PM

I remember in Los Angeles a bunch of us went for dinner at Denny's, a few homicide joined us and as one sat down there was an explosion. He was carrying a .45, cocked and locked and somehow moving along the booth discharged his weapon and shot him in the butt! It happens.

Bob @ 7/10/2012 5:38 PM

IWB is my primary carry method. I've never seen a leather holster flexible enough to pull a trigger through. There are "minimalist" IWB holster types, though, that leave the trigger exposed. But with IWB, the trigger area should also have been inside his belt and pants at the belt line.

You can get M&P's with or without a thumb safety. I don't know what Detroit issues. M&P's are striker fired and come standard with a 6.5 lb. trigger pull. Hard to see how a flirty hug could pull that long trigger while overcoming 6.5 lbs. and get the pistol to fire in the opposite direction to which it's pointed while carried IWB.

And why would a woman he doesn't know come up and hug him from behind while he's dancing with his wife? This story doesn't come close to adding up.

Walkin trails @ 7/10/2012 6:29 PM

I have come up with most of the same suppositions everyone else has mentioned and agree that there is still some explaining needed. I've known a lot of officers who still, in plain clothes or off duty, carry in the cheapest, cheeziest, most worn out holster they can find. That still may not account for what happened. As far as carrying at home or where alcohol is served - that's a personal decision based on your good judgement and the ability for the gun to stay concealed. Whatever the case it is a tragedy.

Tschako @ 7/10/2012 9:19 PM

Everywhere I've read this story, there is the same, unbelievable lack of information about the incident. Even if it was written with an anti-gun slant, it still needs more information. Unfortunately, as with most news, when the initial shock value wears off, that's the last we'll hear about it. I don't buy the story as written, period.

searcher5 @ 7/11/2012 6:31 AM

Hmmm, young lady and wife have had an altercation in the past about who's humping hubby. Girlfriend hugs hubby from behind, who is dancing with wife. Wifey reaches under shirt, pulls back pistol a small amount, putting some angle to it, clocks one round off, and slides it back into place. Hubby lies his ass off to make sure wifey doesn't go to the big house for capping his young girlfriend. No GSR was done on anyone I'll bet. So we are left with the shitty holster or shitty belt pulling the trigger from some sort of side pressure from her arm...maybe.

CPL224 @ 7/12/2012 4:47 PM

I agree with Tschako. Has the gun been modified (trigger job etc.) The condition of the holster, the officer's physique...too many unanswered questions.

Curious @ 7/14/2012 8:26 PM

Could it be a suicide? Maybe the young woman knew the officer had his gun and took hold of it during the "hug" and shot herself without fully removing it from the holster. This idea makes as much sense as the other possibilities listed above.

Reviewer @ 9/6/2012 9:38 AM

The young lady shot accidetnaly by the officers poorly holstered gun, did NOT hug the officer from behind as the police chief initially reported...the young lady was kneeling in front of the officer, gyrating and giving him an exotic dance. As she knelt in front of his groin and tugged at his pants/waistband, the gun went off, bullet striking her in the thorax. Simple. Drunk folks partying, cop carries weopon while personally socializing, alchohol and bullets never mix.

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