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Ariz. Governor Wants Police Ready To Enforce Immigration Law

June 14, 2012  | 

The U.S. Supreme Court could rule as early as Monday on the future of Arizona's controversial immigration law Senate Bill 1070, and Gov. Jan Brewer wants to make sure law enforcement is ready.

Brewer on Tuesday issued an executive order requiring the Arizona Peace Officer Standards and Training Board to redistribute to all law enforcement agencies by Friday a training video originally sent out when the law passed two years ago.

"The governor is optimistic that the heart of SB 1070 will be upheld and implemented," Brewer spokesman Matthew Benson told USA Today.

Read the full USA Today story.

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Lori M. Connelly @ 6/14/2012 6:27 PM

I have been following SB1070 from the beginning and question where the authority to enforce immigration violations should be in relation to this law. Laws are essential to a cohesive and peaceful society, but putting immigration enforcement responsibilities under the correct authority is essential. It is not an issue of what is popular today for law enforcement, but what is legal today. Do not waste the precious time of state, county and municipal law enforcement officers with issues that clearly belong under the authority of the Federal Government.

Jeremy D. Young @ 6/14/2012 10:13 PM

Lori, While I would have to agree somewhat concerning your statement, I do not however feel as though it should only be left to the Federal Government. ICE and CBP have backed up case log just as much as local Law Enforcement does, however the problem with the Feds running the show is that they do not have as much contact with the public as State, County, City, Municipality Law Enforcement does. Those that are on the street day in and day out are the ones that have to deal with the illegal aliens. So I believe that these Officers should have the legal right to question these illegals and ask about their immigration status, because that is just one more dirt bag off the streets, one less we have to deal with spending our tax dollars on them spending time in our jails and our prisons. If they as the right questions and then can have ICE or CBP pick up the Illegals and process them for deportation, then it is one less tat we have to pay to live here. I am all for SB 1070. Had I been in Arizona at the time of this law passing in the ballot (I was there the year prior) then I would have surely voted for it to pass. I realize that we all have a job to do other than dealing with illegal immigration, but that should be something to be incorporated in our job. We should be able to ask about immigration status and we should do the right thing and get them off our streets. Besides, if they are breaking our laws already, before becoming citizens of this great nation, then what is to say that they will not do it after becoming such. It is a vicious cycle, I know, however I am glass SB 1070 and the meat of the law will be upheld. Nothing better than to get dirtbags off our streets that should not be there to begin with.

[email protected] @ 6/14/2012 10:48 PM

Lori, Maybe you should work the streets in my state before you roll on about whose job it is. There have been times in the past two or three years when a call to ICE was a waste of time. "Just let them go" was a response often heard because ICE didn't feel like picking up more illegals. Yes, it should be the goverments job but they ain't been doin' it. Try going to any other country without a visa or passport. I sure am tired of all these librals knowing whats right for a state under siege that their not a resident of.

Stan @ 6/16/2012 9:07 AM

Sometimes the powers in DC don't allow me to do my job. It seems to crop up when stats are due. I get as many out as I can, but I'm often overruled by management. And I'm not talking about someone simply wanting a better life. I'm talking criminals and felons. I'm not even allowed to "help" local AZ law enforcement at the moment. Let the law pass.

DEADMAN @ 6/17/2012 12:59 PM

I don't know how many times,that i had arrested an individual,booked them and went home and came back to work the next day and got reamed because,i failed to notify their embassey and all of the time these people were in the system,they had verifiable drivers licenses and ids',legitimate jobs,even library cards,plus sometimes if they're not citizens there can be a different interpretation of the law and and those morons at immmigration should be notified whether they want to be or not.The system needs to be hanged,preferably for the better,not an open door policy like the current administration.We need officials to make lawful decisions that can benefit the whole process.We need elected officials to enact legitimate laws,not band-aids or edicts.

DEADMAN @ 6/17/2012 1:04 PM

The next time you vote for a person,vote for their platform and hold their feet to the fire,vote for somebody who will do their job,not the same party,the same race,the same gender,we don't need grandstanders,we need effective officials,go to those council meetings,let your voice be heard,it's your familys future.

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