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Canadian Kindergartner's Dad Arrested Over Gun Drawing

February 27, 2012  | 

Jessie Sansone was arrested and strip-searched after his four-year-old daughter drew a picture of a man with a gun in her kindergarten class in Kitchener, Ontario.

She said the crayon sketch was of her dad getting the bad guys and monsters, reports the Toronto Sun.

After Nevaeh drew it Wednesday, the school contacted Family and Children's Services and also called police. Waterloo Police met Sansone, 26, at the school when he tried to pick up his kids; he was told he was charged with possession of a firearm.

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[email protected] @ 2/27/2012 6:43 PM

I'm sure glad that his daughter didn't draw her daddy driving a tank! Would the Wasterloo "alleged" police have contacted the Canadian Military for an air strike? Sounds like our neighbors to the north are a bit overzealous when it comes to kids drawings. I think Waterloo should scrap that department and build a real unit. You know, one that actually thinks before they over-react?

Capt David-Ret LA County @ 2/27/2012 6:47 PM

You say Canadian police, hey? The kid drew a picture of a man holding a gun, hey? With a pencil or crayons, hey? You going to find out more, Hey? Too many holes, hey?

James Chapman @ 2/27/2012 7:37 PM

So let me get this straight-at trial, they are going to introduce into evidence a stick-man sketch of a man, said to be her father, with a sketched gun, and charge him with possession of a firearm? Wow!

Tim @ 2/27/2012 8:01 PM

I can't wait to see this go to trial. "You honor, the people would like to introduce this Crayola surveillance picture of the defendant armed with a gun. We rest our case."

JGray @ 2/27/2012 9:24 PM

What they aren't telling you is that there are several sock-monkey puppets that are witnesses. And satellite surveilance shows the dad receiving the "gun" from Elmer Fudd. I've never been there and I already hate Canada.

Morning Eagle @ 2/28/2012 1:31 AM

Canada certainly has no exclusive corner on this kind of pure idiocy among school administrators and "teachers." There is an endless number of cases of equal or worse stupidity right here in the good ol' USA. A whole generation is being "schooled" to fear guns in and of themselves as if they have minds of their own and make people pick them up to use them in criminal ways and to view anyone that has one or wants one as some kind of crazy, dangerous kook teetering on the edge of committing mass murder. Just one more thing that does not bode well for our country.

LeRoy @ 2/28/2012 6:28 AM

Obviously Canada has a much different standard for "reasonable suspicion" and "probabable cause."

Fed Cop @ 2/28/2012 7:37 AM

So is the "stickman" wearing clothes? If she didn't draw pants and a shirt on the figure, then they should also charge him with indecent exposure. That's probably why they strip searched him, so he would match the decription of the outstanding perp.

Catch Van Doos @ 2/28/2012 8:23 AM

Hey JGray, Never been here but yet you hate Canada. How ignorant is that? Next time you need to get bailed out of a useless war that you guys started, how about you not get Canada's support. You wouldn't get passed the first duty without getting punched with holes..

Ret Military @ 2/28/2012 10:01 AM

Hey, Catch Van Doos, where and when did Canada "bail out" the US in a war? There were never any Canadians in Iraq, and MAYBE 2,000 in Afghahistan. So you're saying that the 2,000 Canadians bailed out the 100,000 US combat troops. Wow, you guys are good.

[email protected] @ 2/28/2012 11:35 AM

OK, Catch Van Doos & Ret Military, Lets not start a country bashing here. Both sides need each other 'cause there ain't a whole lot of allies we can BOTH depend on. Lets get back to the main thread: Inane acts.

Michael @ 2/28/2012 12:41 PM

I remember president Carter's administration castrating the US military, our people from the embassy being held hostage, and how grateful we were that the Kanucks rescued, hid, and smuggled out some of them. If they have a dumb moment, it is no less than some of ours.

Tom Ret @ 2/28/2012 1:22 PM

If you didn't know what country this happened in, if this is in fact a true
and accurate account, I would guess it was North Korea.

lodall @ 2/28/2012 7:30 PM

As an active LEO in Canada, I can only say that I am embarassed that this incident played out the way it did. At first I didn't believe it, but after doing a quick web search, it unfortunately did happen and is actually much worse than described here. Just use "Jesse Sansone" in the search engine for additional stories. Common sense seems to have gone out the window (then was run over, beat with a shovel, and buried).

This is not the way in which Policing should be conducted regardless of the circumstances (i.e., gun involved). Any amount of investigation would have shown this to be what it is: the make-believe story of a 4 year old. I hope that the Police Commission/Board reviews this and that discipline is handed out. Incidents like this only undermine our credibility and erodes public confidence in us as a profession.

john holmes @ 2/28/2012 9:08 PM

screw canada!!!!!!!

Mark @ 2/29/2012 11:29 AM

Coming soon to a courntry near you.

lodall @ 2/29/2012 7:02 PM

To "John Holmes"...obviously your moniker reveals some personal insecurities and the depth of your insight is truly remarkable. I'm sure your contributions are appreciated by all. Enjoy yourself.

Daniel @ 3/1/2012 3:21 PM

I think that the Police should have stopped and asked the little first why she drew the picture of the gun, after that they could have had coffee and donuts and then maybe they wouldn't have been so fast to react!!!!! Go's to show no coffee and donuts first, no mercy!

John @ 3/4/2012 9:24 AM

Who new the candians were a fascist state...and all this time I thought they were known for maple syrup, lumberjacks and molson triple x

Gary Wilson @ 3/10/2012 8:42 AM

Years ago I went with my parents to Canada. I thought it was nice to go to an 'old time general store' that carried guns, food, clothing, etc.

Then, they took the guns away.

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