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Retired Philly Cop Wears Uniform at Occupy Protest

February 14, 2012  | 

Retired Philadelphia Police Capt. Ray Lewis, who gained national attention with his defiant, in-uniform protest and subsequent arrest at Occupy Wall Street, made his first appearance with Occupy Philly on Monday afternoon.

Lewis, 60, had been chastised in letters from Police Commissioner Charles H. Ramsey and the Fraternal Order of Police after he was arrested in Manhattan's Zuccotti Park on Nov. 17, wearing his old uniform, reports The Inquirer.

Again donning his uniform Monday on Independence Mall, Lewis asserted his right to free speech, calling his choice of clothing a "visual symbol" of the 24 years he devoted to police work.

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Trigger @ 2/15/2012 5:47 AM

"Right to free speech" "visual symbol", what an idiot. I have no problem with him taking part in Occupy that is his right, but to wear

his uniform there is a problem with that. His 24 years of devoition to the profession is honorable but it seems that he's forgetting about those officers who were killed helping to protect his rights. Unfortunately there is a quack in every profession, sooner or later they will surface.

John @ 2/15/2012 5:48 AM

While I am a supporter of free speech, this jackass really demonstrates how he is supporting something that may be illegal. He should have been pepper sprayed and jailed with the rest of them. I doubt he was a good cop based on this. Take away his pension.

Another retired cop.

Pat D @ 2/15/2012 5:54 AM

This is ridiculous. Free speech is one thing, but portraying himself as a police officer is beyond the pale. Absolutely out of line.

Dan Birdsley @ 2/15/2012 6:12 AM

"Jackass" is right, John. Disgraceful to be arrested in the uniform. You would have thought 24 years on the job would mean a little bit more.

Jim @ 2/15/2012 7:36 AM

Disgraceful and an embarrassment to LEO's from all over. He should still be arrested for impersonation a Police Officer or at the very least be banned by a civil writ from wearing his uniform except for Police Funerals, which he probably would never attend.

Marshal C @ 2/15/2012 7:48 AM

I bet this guy missed protesting in the 60's ("off the man") and is now trying to make up for that ("off the dude") now. Just who is paying those dumb asses to hang around and get in the way. I bet it's Daddy's money he earns. Not them. Same crap as the 60's. Same waste of time. Hey Moms and Dads...cut off their allowance! In Chicago they rented an office to manage protesting. Love the CPD joke T-shirt; "We kicked you parent's asses in the 60's .. now it's your turn!" Besides.. I thought 1%'ers were outlaw bikers???

Tom D @ 2/15/2012 9:33 AM

Retired or active ....cops like this make me sick because they know better!

R. G. Montgomery @ 2/15/2012 9:35 AM

Without any contradiction to the comments already made, I have a simple question:

What moron promoted this person to the position of Captain? What sort of idiotic promotional system didn't weed this 'protestor' out of the promotional ladder?

No wonder Philadelphia has such a poor reputation in terms of crime and unrest.

ET @ 2/15/2012 12:08 PM

A disgrace to the uniform and badge, to be arrested in uniform, no less. If he wants to protest it's his right to do so as a CITIZEN, not an LEO, retired or active. It's tantamount to protesting under the color of authority. What he did was totally dishonorable and out of line. As a 20+ year veteran he should have known better. I don't know how he made captain, but it's obvious that someone didn't pick up on his "Occupy" worldview.

e @ 2/16/2012 9:24 AM

Q: "What moron promoted this person to the position of Captain?"

A: Your hero cop John Timoney did, on July 10, 1998, per this Philadelphia Inquirer article:,0EB33035E86CAAC9.html

Don't worry, we here at OWS also hate Ray Lewis. His tenure at one of the highest crime precincts in Philadelphia (the 25th) was marked by racism ($10 million awarded by federal court to three cops [legacy ones, at that] who were fired for complaining about internal racism), corruption (cops falsely claiming involvement in arrests in order to pick up overtime pay for testifying in court), and, most egregious of all, the killing of Donta Dawson. We don't want him either.

Jim @ 2/17/2012 6:49 AM

I would think this guy is "impersonating an officer"? I honor his right to peacefully protest - but not in a police uniform. I also honor his right to be arrested. All the good that he may have done in his 24 years as an officer and a gentleman is now offset by his extreme stupidity.

Jim A

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