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Oregon Bans Death Penalty

November 23, 2011  | 

Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber imposed a moratorium on all executions in the state, saying the death penalty is arbitrary, expensive, and "fails to meet basic standards of justice."

The move halts the execution of Gary Haugen, which was scheduled for Dec. 6.

Gov. Kitzhaber had allowed the 1996 execution of Douglas F. Wright and the 1997 execution of Harry C. Moore. This time, Kitzhaber's personal convictions and frustration with the state's capital punishment system won out, reports The Oregonian.

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321 @ 11/24/2011 8:15 AM

As an Oregon police officer I am conflicted by the governors decision. I think capital punishment has its place but my state's inefficiencies in enacting it make it a cumbersome drain on every residents tax dollars. Executing only those who waive their appeals (give up the fight) means spending money for too many years, delaying and denying justice indeffinitely. We need to decide what our priorities are (death penalty or not), make them the law and carry out them out (within a limited time period) and not let them drag on for 20-30 years delaying justice and draining the citizens.

Tom Ret @ 11/24/2011 8:37 AM

With no death penalty what will deter an inmate in prison for life for example from taking the life of another inmate or guard? The gov says the death penalty fails to meet basic standards of justice. He isn't speaking for me and I suspect a lot of other people don't like to see killers escape the death penalty when it is deserved. How about cop killers or those who kill multiple victims? States taking this action make our justice system more and more impudent.

Jim Andring @ 11/25/2011 6:21 AM

It is correct that capital punishment is a financial drain, but so is life in prison. Is "eye for an eye" really being replaced by "life in prison for a life"? And as for the comment about the safety of prision guards who work with these killers, if there is no penalty for their actions, any prisioner can go over the edge and kill again! The Governor is not risking HIS family by making this decision (or is he?) Another liberal who lets his personal decision get in the way of society's justice. There may be cases where the death penalty is not a solution - or at least is not a financially reasonable solution. Some killers do not menace every level of society, but as for random killers, such is child kidnap-killers and terrorists, I say they are a danger to EVERYONE and should be neutralized so they are a danger to no one.

Jenny - Ohio @ 11/25/2011 7:10 AM

I think the "Death Penalty" should be brought back to every State for SEVERE crimes (#1 Murder - no matter WHO they kill - not just cops). It may seem expensive to some, but feeding, clothing, laundry, housing, medical, etc. for criminals can go to the millions or more - depending on how 'old' these folks were when the got convicted! The Death Penalty is a DETERINT to the hanious crimes that some of these folks commit. As long as there is proof beyond a shadow of doubt and the person has had his time in court, and with a REASONABLE appeal limit, not 20-30 years as mentioned above, then the sentence should be carried out. Why should we continue to "build more jails" to house criminals? AND BEFORE ANY comments about "what if it was your family" -- I have a relative serving two consecutive life sentences for murder; he has free medical care (I pay for mine!); he has a color TV; ability to get an education free; gets three meals a day without having to "pinch pennies" to make ends meet, etc etc etc. He was in his 20's when convicted - how much do you think it costs for him to be in there?

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