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Intoxicated Illegal Who Killed Houston Cop Had Six Warrants

July 25, 2011  | 

The intoxicated illegal alien who struck and killed a Houston Police officer in late May while weaving around emergency vehicles had six arrest warrants and had been caught four times driving without a license.

On May 28, when he fatally struck and killed Officer Kevin Will, Johoan Rodriguez had been cited by police on eight occasions, was ticketed twice in 2009 and had two convictions for unlawful entry into the U.S., according to an Examiner report. Here's an excerpt:

The incident is the fourth time in the last few years that a Houston police officer died at the hands of a previously deported illegal immigrant protected by the city's sanctuary policy, which, among other things, forbids police from inquiring about immigration status.

Source: The Examiner

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Frank @ 7/25/2011 3:43 PM

This is crazy! Where are those Judges and Washington Lawmakers. If it was me I would have been in jail and my life ruined. This is only the beginning and the Police Departments in most cities put up with this crap. The law is the law and illegal is illegal.

Tim Martin @ 7/25/2011 4:20 PM

We can't call them illegal immigrants anymore, they are "undocumented." Illegal carry's such a stigma.

mini28 @ 7/25/2011 5:52 PM

This is the normal now. Some POS illegal does what they want and someone innocent always pays the price. As long as we let the morons in the high places keep ruining our country this unfortunately will continue. Screw the "political correctness", wrong is wrong, illegal is illegal. Now this miscreant will get his life long dream and live in the U.S. We need to enforce the laws we have, not cater to the ones that cause the trouble. In our state we had an illegal drunk hit and kill two innocent girls while they were sitting in their car at a stop light. It made national news, but yet nothing has changed. These people still keep coming in and killing. Some days I'd love just to say WTF and stay home!

michael @ 7/25/2011 11:06 PM

This is such BS.....and California Legislators wants to pass some new bills because we LEO are mistreating the "undocumented " people at DUI check points etc...
These DA's and Judges are to blame they are just to leanent on this AH's. None of these jerks care that another cop is dead nor do they think their actions had anything to do with it. It makes me sick to my stomach and completely disgust me in our legal system.

Tom @ 7/26/2011 7:45 AM

There has not been a serious attempt to seal our southern border where most of the illegals come across. I have no confidence in the Obama administration to take any meaningful measures unless there is a major terrorist attack which originates from Mexico. President Bush did not seem to take border security seriously either. In my view, we should be spending money on our border before sending money to other nations.
Let me rephrase that- we should not be sending money that we don't have to other nations period. If needed, our national guard should be helping secure our border and not over seas. The president should lead on this issue instead of his sole focus of getting re-elected. The current attorney general is no doubt up to his eye balls in the fast and furious fiasco and has demonstrated that he is incompetent in the extreme.
I don't expect things to get better without new leadership.

John Russell @ 7/26/2011 7:54 PM

Cannot believe all you Law enforcement are so blind to see the real CROOKS are the Legilatures regardless of what city you are in ---USA Constituion has been so trampled on by the ones you serve everyday Judges and Law offices along with Polititians that ""it"" is too obvious. They care less about really laws only Money and Control. If you were not Policing>>>YOU better believe the same Demons would violate POSSE COMMITATUS in secondss to protect thier asses from ANGER of citizens! US Military Martial Law in hours --they never want to stop Immigrants---cheap labor and VOTES.

Larry N @ 7/27/2011 7:18 PM

The blood of this officer and all the others killed by 'boomerang illegals' is on the hands of these clueless, corrupt politicians. I don't know how they sleep at night, but I guess they have no problems. Sociopaths have no conscience.

Capt David @ 8/5/2011 2:41 PM

He'll get 6 months, sent back to Mexico and be back by Christmas...Our lawmakers do not give a shit and those in Houston politicians in Houston who let this sanctuary policy go on should be required to attend this funeral..

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