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Video: Conn. Police Investigate Arrest of Man with Sawed-Off Rifle

July 07, 2011  | 

VIDEO: Arrest of Man with Sawed-Off Rifle

The New Haven (Conn.) Police Department has is investigating the arrest of a man whose physical arrest was captured on video by a neighborhood resident.

In the video, two officers can be seen kicking and punching a man later identified as Joseph Donaby, 31, at Blake Street, between Diamond Street and Osborn Avenue, shortly after 6 p.m. on June 23.

Officers had responded to a 911 call of shots being fired in the neighborhood. As Officers Ekrem Halim and Christopher Senior approached, they reported seing a man clad in black walking quickly on Blake Street.

Officers noticed what appeared to be a weapon in the waistband of Donaby, who ran and tried to take out a weapon that turned out to be a sawed-off .22-caliber Weatherby rifle.

Source: Hartford Courant

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RJ @ 7/7/2011 6:15 PM

As a resident of Connecticut as well as a police officer in a community that borders New Haven I have to say this use of force was justified. People seem to come out in droves in new haven to turn cops in while their neighbor got murdered last week but "nobody say nothin". It's unbelievable, I guess we have to be all lilies and roses to people even if they are resisting arrest, firing weapons, and have previous convictions for possession of a firearm....oh well

scpdblue @ 7/7/2011 6:47 PM

They should have just shot the scumbag and saved the tax payers money. Now the NAACP,The Nation of Islam,the rainbow coalition (Jesse Jackson's meal ticket)Al sharpton and so called community leaders will be demanding the officers jobs, and a big pay out to keep the blacks from rioting...

Tom @ 7/7/2011 6:58 PM

It sounds like the suspect is lucky he was only punched and kicked. He could have easily been shot under the circumstances. The citizen complaint says more to me about how screwed up this neighborhood is than what the officers did or did not do.

Tom @ 7/7/2011 7:13 PM

All we need now is for President Obama to declare that he does not know the facts but thinks the officers acted stupidly and that the police should give the poor guy back his sawed off rifle as he will need it in his job.

DaveSAM25G @ 7/7/2011 8:58 PM

COMPLY WITH REQUEST! This will get twisted around like everything today, to fit the Politics and perverted view of the police by some, not the violent criminals, who are the source of a problem (Accountability?). A sawed off 22 federal violation...and deadly threat Deadly force. In 1974-I came real close to shooting a high risk runner shoplifting subject who had threatened a plain clothes security officer then pushed him as I approached he ran. He hit a wall in alley way behind the business too high to get over and reached into his sock ankle area, with his back turned to me hands not visible. I had a corner of alley wall for cover and leveled off my 357 and told him to place hands on wall he complied (Yelling don't shoot)...I was pissed when I found out what he was doing it for, and adrenalin dump ...what was he going for, about a $200.00 dollars worth of stolen property in his sock - expensive aftershave and jewelry, and rubbers for a later date?...Instead a date and trip to jail.

Joe @ 7/8/2011 4:53 AM

When i see comments like here, i keep thinking if I'm in the right side of the law.

Concerned LEO. @ 7/8/2011 6:31 AM

How sad that a couple of good comments are mixed with racist and/or ignorant comments. scpdblue, you are the epitome of what is wrong with LE as this nation becomes more and more diverse every day. I truly hope all LE like you are phasing out. Please retire or quit, just get out of LE because your type of ignorant (and racist) attitude is what escalates situations. Tom, it is so tiring to see YET ANOTHER occasion in which someone works "Obama" into the conversation or topic. Your first comment was good, but that was not good enough; you just had to get Obama in there. Way to jump on the bandwagon! He (Obama) won an election a few years ago. He is the President. Period. Get over it. The comments should be focused on this particular incident, not the NAACP, not Al Sharpton, not blacks, not Obama. This incident could have turned deadly for multiple people involved, that should be the focus. I am actually glad people choose a public forum to vent because I am sure there is a dimly-lit back room of others like you all where you share your warm cozy feelings of ignorance. This forum brings it into the light and reminds the rest of us that we still have a ways to go in Law Enforcement. Be safe everyone.

Tom @ 7/8/2011 8:33 AM

To Concerned LEO- Wow, thanks for the lecture. Now a few comments from me to you. Everyone is able to comment on this forum as they see fit wether that is in tune with your thinking or not! When you make comments such as people like you all who sit around in dimly lit rooms thinking cozy ignorant thoughts while the rest of us ( the majority of course which includes you) are in the light( paraphrasing), how do you know what the majority of police officers think? Are you the thought police? I bet in your mind no one ever measures up to your standards.

Tom @ 7/8/2011 10:52 AM

Concerned LEO- You need to quit drinking that Obama cool aid! Let me
enlighten you. He has not been a friend to law enforcement. Wether it be his insulting comments towards Conn police when he stated nationally that they acted stupidly in their arrest of his black college buddy or when his admin invited the rapper to the white house who gloried a cop killer while he, Obama, ignored police memorial week. His attorney general is one of the most corrupt or incompetent attorney generals in history and is likely up to his eye balls in the fast and furious fiasco which costs fellow law enforcement officers their lives. You are tired of hearing negative comments regarding Obama and seem to be pretty quick on the trigger labeling people as racist. What did you think about Jesse Jackson when he was heard on open mike that he would like to cut Obama's nuts off? You feel that this is not the right forum for comments on Obama. This case at hand is in Conn and involves a black suspect. Yes, I was being flippant regarding Obama, but I would bet that a majority of the Conn police do not believe Obama acts in the best interests of law enforcement and this case brings back memories of how Obama acted. So I will write as I see it and you deal with it.

Tom @ 7/8/2011 11:02 AM

I stand corrected-gloried should be glorified

Concerned LEO @ 7/12/2011 5:44 AM

Tom, YOU brought up Obama, and then later stated you were being flippant. It has become annoying to try to have discussions or debates on issues that somehow come around to Obama. The Democrat President has not been pro-Law Enforcement. Have the Republican leaders dismantling the Collective Bargaining rights for Law Enforcement have been pro-Law Enforcement? Call them out too! And now you have brought in the Attorney General? I am not even going to waste my time and go there. ANYWAY, what Jesse Jackson said was not right. I don't think people should talk about any President like that. The President having that guy there seemed disrespectful, during Police Memorial Week or not. I do not care who people support but interjecting the President (and now the Attorney General) into everything takes away form dealing with the matters at hand. That was my concern with your post. When I say the rest of us, I am referencing the world beyond "Law Enforcement." The racist post is the post before yours. I do hope you continue to write and post things in public. I much prefer people that are upfront about where they stand.

Concened LEO @ 7/12/2011 5:49 AM

I erred as well. There is an extra "have" in the Collective Bargaining sentence. There may be others but I don't have time to look again.

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