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Former BART Officer Johannes Mehserle to be Released from Jail

May 31, 2011  | 

A year after facing a lifetime in prison for killing an unarmed BART passenger, former transit police Officer Johannes Mehserle will be released from jail in a couple of weeks.

With credits for time served and the leniency of a Los Angeles County judge, Mehserle will be set free after serving 11 months of a two-year sentence issued after the 29-year-old was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the killing of Hayward resident Oscar Grant III.

Mehserle's release from Los Angeles County Men's Central Jail, most likely in the middle of June, should not come as a surprise because the date was determined when Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Robert Perry declined last year to issue a harsher penalty.

Source: Silicon Valley Mercury News

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michael @ 6/1/2011 1:22 AM

I was just watching TV and here we go again. These support groups for Grant are getting ready for Mehserle's release. They are going to march and be heard. How many police/fire vehicles will be damaged and citizens business' will be destroyed like last time. It's ok to let them be vocal and upset about everything the Mayor will say. Maybe, if anything can be learned from this horrific event is this. If you are arrested do what your told to do by the police, don't resist. Even if you think you are right, go and do what you are told to do. But, when things get out of control, anything can happen and that should be learned by this incident.
I hope Mehserle can find a place to live and move on with his life and with his family. Being on Parole and keeping a job is not going to be easy one under these circumstances. I have been seeing alot of BART PD job listing,
who would want to work for them with this hanging over their heads and then
the review boards, lack of support of admin and board members etc... No Thanks.....being a cop is hard enough of a job without this kind of help, where it is set up to hang your ass out to dry. Thats not my idea of job security.

Don @ 6/1/2011 5:16 AM

Being a police chief, I recently asked a man to call me about turning over another man's property that he did not own. (this guy was a preacher no less) Our great DA and sheriff's department arrested me at the man's request for aggravated harassment. They quoted my phone call in court saying, "I'm trying to save you embarassment but it's up to you. Here's my phone numbers. If you don't get this message, I'll also leave it at your church". (He was a preacher of all things) For this message I was arrested for aggravated harassment. Politics at it's best. A court in an adjoining county dismissed the charges for lack of foundation and said I was doing what police officers do. Do YA THINK!

Nandi Brown @ 6/1/2011 6:29 PM

One, it is morally repugnant to try to compare the killing of an unarmed man (shot in the back while lying face-down with his arms behind his back, remember) with an annoyed citizen filing a silly arrest charge. I don't want you as the chief of my police department if you really can't see that difference.

Two, this also wasn't some in-the-line-of-duty shootout where emergency actions had to be taken. It was drunk, rowdy guys on New Year's Eve, and the other officers involved already had Grant on the ground and were moving in to put handcuffs on him. He could have been wiggling or something, but the video shows that the only real “resistance" he could have been putting up was mouthing off to a cop. And being drunk and mouthy shouldn't be grounds for execution. So the lesson here isn’t, Do whatever you're told even if you disagree. From the POV of at least part of the community, the lesson looks like, Do whatever we tell you and we might kill you anyway, and the courts aren't going to do much about it. And Mehserle wasn't abandoned and hung out to dry. He quit his job immediately and never gave even his employers an explanation, let alone the community. What he would have gotten from BART if he'd talked to them was, Everybody stand together at the podium, bow our heads, and acknowledge this and move forward. But he hung his own self out to dry by quitting. And he didn't even trot out the Taser defense (through his lawyer) until the DA was filing criminal charges.

Mehserle did just about everything wrong that he could do wrong here, and he served less time than a pot dealer would. Yeah, jail is brutal, and I wouldn't wish 11 months on anyone, especially a cop. But you can serve a year in jail for a second-offense DUI that didn't even cause any property damage. Killing a man should cost more than that.

Mel @ 8/19/2011 9:40 PM

@Nandi Brown: YOU are morally repugnant. You know nothing about the Oscar Grant shooting, yet you feel the need to run your mouth. You managed to get all the facts wrong, and show how ignorant you are. Next time, educate yourself on a case before you comment on it. You only managed to make yourself sound stupid. BTW, the article is wrong. Officer Mehserle served a year in custody, not 11 months.

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