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Video: Intoxicated Women Fight with Cops at Georgia IHOP

April 27, 2011  | 

Four women were arrested after fighting with an Atlanta Police officer attempting to settle them down in an early morning confrontation at an IHOP in Buckhead, Ga.

The women later claimed the officer used excessive force during an interview with their attorney and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Cell phone video of the incident was posted to YouTube.

The officer at the center of the incident was off duty at the time and has not been identified. A second officer also can be seen in the video clip.

The initial officer was attempting to quiet the women down, and asked them to leave the restaurant shortly after 3 a.m. on Saturday. The women apparently became animated when they saw several other patrons dressed as "Star Wars" characters.

The officer is seen on video punching Ashley Leavell, after she grabbed the officer while he was attempting to remove one of the rowdy women. Leavell was charged with obstruction, public drunkenness and simple battery. Also, Cynthia Freeman has been charged with obstruction of justice, criminal trespass and simple battery.

Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Watch the video:

VIDEO: Over the Limit at Georgia IHOP

Comments (9)

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Gab M. @ 4/28/2011 12:47 PM

But they could have just arrested her not slapped her like a ho and punch her like she was chuck liddell. thats the problem here.She barely broke the law, but the cops are out of line. Why are you people brainwashed. Your just like ohh it's against the law she deserved it. If it was the law to pull the plug on your grandmal in 7 days or less does that make it ok cause it's a law?

Justus @ 4/28/2011 7:28 PM

Gab M. you are a idiot. Woman came up behind cop and grabbed him as he was trying to effect a arrest. Cop used a strike to back off potential gun grab attempt, assualt, fill in the blank. Woman got hit and arrested. Bottom line, dont put your hands on a officer doing his job and think you can get away with it. Gab, you should try being a cop for a day, run the back to back domestics, drunks, and gun calls. Lets see how you handle those situations then I can monday morning quarterback you for wanting to defend yourself and go home to your family each night. You would rather see a cop at his funeral rather than have him offend someone for taking the necessary steps to defend himself and insure his safety. Why are you even posting on a police site? Stay off and post to one of your liberal newspaper sites where blind sheep agree with your quarterbacking because they too have not and will not ever experience a day in a cops shoes. JUSTUS

Justus @ 4/28/2011 7:45 PM

Gab M. I forgot one thing....can you please explain how someone "barely" breaks the law?!? You are either not breaking the law or breaking the law ie. assaulting a policeman (and yes grabbing a cop is assault). Did you happen to see her friend (the one drunk sitting down refusing to leave) that started the problem get up and try to run out during the comotion? And for the officer: justice will prevail brother, its in the video. You and your family are in my prayers. Keep doing a good job, don't let the idiots get you down, stay strong, stay alert and stay alive. JUSTUS

Davesam25G @ 4/28/2011 8:57 PM

I would say let due process run it's course video’s work both ways...We come on board at the altercation stage here...what led up to it is missing more to come I am sure...Like the high speed chase where you only see from the TA-crash...I been in this situation before and it was not fun it took four of us to hold the offender down...I wrenched my back...almost got cut with a box this was a shoplifting offender in a produce isle damn wet and slipped on lettuce...Any dealing at this time in morning - may include both drug influence and as stated in story Alcohol = compliance and control issues! All I can say is I was not there...and yes the video looks bad but that is between the Officer and Department. “Action equals reaction; words of many Officer Safety and Survival instructors and veterans – Unless you were on-scene your truly do not know until investigations runs it’s course and even then total recall may not be present!

Rick @ 4/29/2011 4:36 AM

Quite simple really....Attack an officer and stand by to be arrested by whatever reasonable force necessary. I saw nothing here that would lead me to believe the officer was in any way wrong. I guess as said before, let due process take it's course. In my opinion, if anyone here is at fault it is the woman who got ignorant and just had to get physical.... And I also agree....Barely broke the law??? What is that??? Get a grip Gab M.

bweekly @ 4/29/2011 8:36 AM

Gab, please take a moment to visit Then you may realize why we do not have time to play around with the bad guys. If you will hit a LEO then you are willing to kill an LEO.

RunItRagged @ 4/29/2011 10:56 AM

There are 2 videos from two perspectives and time frames. The woman reached out and touched the officer's left, off gun, arm/shoulder. He, in turn, escalated the force (force continuum) with a bitch slap and a face punch. Since you are such a salty veteran, you know the head is considered a "deadly area" when using physical force. The officer was wrong. You talk about running back to back domestics, drunks, and gun calls. A lot of police officers do that daily and perform professionally. Some do not. The trick is entering each new call with an objective mind. Drunks are not terrorists, robbery suspects or escaping felons. Drunks talk loudly due to the alcohol, have slower reaction times and have a very small attention span. Just like a very physical non-compliance arrest, your subject is under duress (shock) and you are trained to repeat your order to comply at least 3 times. Same thing applies here.
I spent 13 years as a shift 2 patrol officer before becoming a detective. I loved it. Like Letterman, I appeared in living rooms each evening to detangle the life strings of these sometimes ungrateful citizens. I've run back to back with a dispatcher reminding me about 2 or 3 more calls for service and all districts are 10-6. I've taken guns away that were pointed at me in anger, arrested bank robbers and caught burglars hiding in homes and businesses. I've also stopped several suicides either in progress or what I later learned was a planned suicide. I've helped people with ordinary and extraordinary problems. It's all about empathy and your oath.
You need to keep a perspective of just who, as bweedy suggests, are "bad guys". Loud, tipsy ladies are not bad guys. They are citizens who are in need of services that you are empowered to render. These dudes could have de-escalated the situation and merely called for a ride for them.
Justus, I sincerely hope you will at some point come to the citizens you serve as people instead

Old Sarge @ 4/29/2011 12:36 PM


The woman "reached out and touched" the officer's left, off gun, arm/shoulder.

When you say "reached out and touched," was this before or after she grabbed his left arm, then later his collar? If you watch the video, you'll also see an ASP baton on that same "off side."

"He, in turn, escalated the force (force continuum) with a bitch slap and a face punch." Actually, the officer delivered a focused blow to the face, after he bitch slapped the female, then she began striking him in the head.

"These dudes could have de-escalated the situation and merely called for a ride for them." How do you this wasn't done first? With the female refusing to be quiet, do you really believe she'd take the offer of a ride?

The bottom line is, the video doesn't show everything (doesn't show the beginning of the incident), we weren't there, and we don't know the full story.....

Justus @ 4/29/2011 7:08 PM

RunItRagged: Thank you for listing your resume'. Typical of a desk jockey to monday morning quarterback the guys he is susposed to protect. Vet, yes. Salty vet, not even close. I do my job 100% all the time with courtesy, professionalism, and respect. I do what it takes to go home to my family each night and if that means offending someone by defending myself then SO BE IT. So Mr. Supervisor, do your guys a favor and don't hang them on a 30 second video clip. I hope your never my boss. JUSTUS

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