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Video: 25 Arrested in Los Angeles During Laker Championship Riots

June 15, 2009  | 

What started as a celebration of the Lakers' NBA Championship turned ugly when some revelers in downtown Los Angeles sparked fires, vandalized cars and buildings, set off fireworks, looted stores and clashed with police, the Los Angeles Times reports.

In this video report, the Associated Press quotes Police Chief William Bratton as saying "knuckleheads" were responsible for the disturbance:

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editor @ 6/15/2009 6:43 AM

I have never understood this phenomenon. Why do people burn down their city when they win a sports championship? I'm a huge sports fan. The night my team won the World Series, I was out of my mind happy. But I didn't want to burn down my neighborhood. Why do you guys think this happens?

jogibbs @ 6/20/2009 11:21 AM

I can't believe more cops are not posting on this subject, especially the LAPD coppers. The police chief thinks these guys are "Knuckleheads", wow, tough talking bad ass cop, I guess the gloves are coming off, not. Did anyone hear the animal yell out, "Compton Crips" at the onset of the tape, the Chief believes there may have been gang members there, "Duh, you think homie, a grip a fools". Wow, what a credible street IQ you have there you east coast, Massachusetts, career politician.

jogibbs @ 6/20/2009 11:40 AM

The Chief was so afraid of a political backlash if he took care of this situation the way he should have. He is still spin-doctoring his response to the May day protest from a couple of years ago. The following year's "May Day" riot (civil disobedience rally), he made his guys take of their right gear helmets to look a little less like paramilitaries and more like politically correct secular progressive apologist. And, incredibly, several of his guys/gals got hit in the heads with bricks thrown by some of the first amendment supporters (illegal alien scum and anarchist). Instead of letting his well trained and more than capable Metro Division Officers handle it in a manner which was tactically prudent. The Chief was still reeling from the bad press the LAPD got when a local pain in the rear end journalist put herself right in front of the skirmish line and got knocked, rather deservedly so, on her ample rear end. So, now, instead of setting up an adequate mobile field force response to a riotous crowd of out of control, unemployed gang banging animals, whom most likely are involved in some form of the justice system (parole/probation), he elect to do what is best for his long range political aspirations. Instead of the men and women in his charge, he appeases the large media affiliates, the NAACP, ACLU and whatever other left leaning faction he may need the backing of down the road. Again, who pays the price, the rank and file officers, 8 police officers get hurt, hundreds of thousands of dollars of property damage is done to area businesses and he garnishes praise for his incredible restraint. while he lets the crowd blow off steam.

jogibbs @ 6/20/2009 11:53 AM

Carefully watch the video. I see police officers using the 24" regular side handle baton, dressed in their short sleeved summer uniforms wading into the angry, drunken riotous gang bangers and "Knuckleheads". There should have been personnel armed with every non-lethal force option known to man behind those skirmish lines. Believe me, with a budget like the LAPD, they have all the toys. Next, there should have been a dispersal order broadcast from every police vehicle's PA, to included helicopter, declaring that an illegal assembly. Then, after a reasonable time had passed, ingress and egress lanes should have been set up for every "Law Abiding Citizen", whom wished to depart. Finally, release the hounds, hose them down with pepper spray, pepper ball projectiles, SM-6 rounds and whatever else was available. And, have numerous common everyday RTD buses designated with open and clear routes to LA County Jail to quickly shuttle the offenders off to jail. You could have cleared all of this with LA County Jail day before any of this happened. I mean who amongst us didn't see this coming from a mile away. Instead, what's the safety of a dozen or so officers Bratton you

jogibbs @ 6/20/2009 11:54 AM

Sorry, I didn't get to finish. Bratton, you have bigger fish to fry, besides your ravenous political appetites, your still trying to get out from under the consent degree.

jogibbs @ 6/20/2009 12:01 PM

Do you still wonder why when Daryl Gates shows up at any large function, regardless of whether or not it's even an LAPD sponsored event, he still gets a thunderous standing ovation? It's easy, he had a love and commitment to his troops. And you, well what do you have? Oh, "Broken Windows", "Cops On Dots", I forgot. But, I think it's clear why the old Mayor of New York ran you out of town on a rail. You are a "Grandstanding", headline chasing, self-involved narcissistic

jogibbs @ 6/20/2009 12:04 PM

"POS" The end. Sorry, I'm curious, did Bernard Parks vote to renew your contract, you are not as far apart as "You" would like to believe. I have an idea for you, next "May Day", why don't you join the Mayor in El Salvador maybe fewer personnel will be injured, at least they might be allowed to wear their helmets.

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