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IACP 2009: Best of Show

From patrol cars to uniform pants, there was a lot of cool stuff in the aisles of the Denver Convention Center.

December 22, 2009  |  by Melanie Basich and David Griffith

Global Pathogen Solutions Stun Gun Dart Remover

Electronic Control devices (ECDs), also known as stun guns, can end a situation with less-lethal means at a safe distance from a subject. But removing the barbed darts from a subject is a risky business. Not only does being accidentally pricked by a barb hurt, any contaminants from blood left on the darts can infect an officer with all manner of pathogens.

The D.A.R.T. Pro Kit and X-Tractor Tips from Global Pathogen Solutions are designed to remove the darts without any direct contact. Called the Dart Acquiring and Removal Tool, the D.A.R.T. is a handheld device with two detachable chambers that retract the darts inside and then can be removed to safely transport the darts for evidence.

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Harris Communications Unity Radios

Almost every law enforcement first responder has been there: All hell is breaking loose around you; you're trying to talk to a dispatcher or fellow officer, and nobody can hear you and you can't hear them. Harris Communications' new Project 25-compliant Unity XG-100 multiband radio has astounding noise suppression software. As demonstrated at IACP, you can hear whispers over this thing amid all the noise of a major incident scene.

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Havis IdleRight

Agencies concerned about saving fuel lost to idling emergency vehicles may want to take a look at Havis' new IdleRight. This innovative and inexpensive system lets officers turn off their engines without worrying about battery drain from emergency lights. IdleRight monitors the charge of the battery, and when it falls below a certain threshold the system turns on the vehicle's engine to recharge the battery. When the battery is strong enough, the system turns off the engine.

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ICX Technologies Fido Verdict

Using Raman spectroscopy technology, ICX's Fido Verdict can detect explosives, narcotics, and their precursor chemicals. Raman spectroscopy technology minimizes the user's exposure to the dangerous chemicals. Fido Verdict is handheld, lists for $16,000, and is capable of analyzing bottled liquids, gels, powders, and solids in less than 30 seconds.

Visit ICX Technologies Online

Leica Geosystems ScanStation C10

Scans produced by Leica's ScanStation C10 3D laser scanner have a "you are there" quality that makes them extremely useful for investigators and prosecutors. Both a panoramic camera and a 3D laser scanner, the ScanStation C10 quickly digitizes accident and crime scenes to produce a panoramic image, which can be used to make precise measurements even long after the scene has been released. The ScanStation C10 is also used to create crime scene panoramas on the A&E TV show "Crime 360."

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Peacekeeper International Guardian Eclipse Launcher

Peacekeeper International is best known for making batons, but its new less-lethal projectile launcher may change that. The Guardian Eclipse is a six-shot 40mm launcher that uses air to propel projectiles such as OC powder and impact rounds. There is no muzzle flash. The launcher can be fired point of aim up to 80 feet. It has a muzzle velocity of 275 feet per second and is scaleable for distance.

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PepperBall HotShot

Go to any crowd control situation and chances are you'll see officers armed with PepperBall launchers. The company's paintball-like impact round is very popular and very effective. Now PepperBall is selling a personal protection device, a one-shot quick reload system with an effective range of 12 feet. The HotShot produces a cloud of chemical irritant designed to give civilians or officers the ability to escape a dangerous situation. HotShot fits easily on a belt, and it can be rapidly reloaded.

Visit PepperBall Online

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