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The Murder of Sara Tokars

The case of a young mother gunned down in front of her children haunted suburban Atlanta detectives until they unraveled the case piece by piece.

April 01, 2007  |  by Ramesh Nyberg

Everybody handles grief differently. You tell someone that a loved one has been murdered, and there can be disbelief, there can be anger, confusion. But having a beer or two in the morning is a reaction few detectives have probably encountered. It would also be a less than intelligent choice of beverage on Weintraub's part. He had to know that Tokars was about to be asked many serious and important questions about the house, about Sara, about times and places.

The walk-through of the house was just as disconcerting; Tokars claimed not to remember a lot about how the house was secured. He "may have" put the security bar on the sliding glass door, but he "wasn't sure." He wasn't sure if Sara's jewelry was disturbed. He could not even explain why the safe was open and empty and thought he "might" have had $1,500 within.

It was odd that an attorney would be so unsure of these details about his own home. Then again, Tokars didn't spend much time in his own home, so this might be excusable. He was, however, certain that his guitar had been moved. Of all things to be certain of—not the safe, not the jewelry...his guitar.

Banks and McIntrye continued with Fred Tokars, going through the house, the family schedule, but in the end met with frustration. He just didn't remember much.

Sleazy Clients

Sara's father and sisters, however, remembered plenty. They remembered what Sara had told them about Fred's gradual abandonment of his family, about the sleazy clients he was representing, and about how Sara would confide in them that Fred was an extremely moody, paranoid, and oppressive man, who distrusted her so intensely that she was not allowed access to any money for the household unless it was through him. Even then, she had to make an appointment with her husband to plead for funds to take care of the most basic things.

After leaving the prosecutor's office, Tokars quickly succumbed to the ridiculously easy money often dangled before many a big city lawyer by the underworld. One shady referral led to another, and soon Tokars was laundering money for some of Atlanta's most prolific narcotics suppliers.

Tokars also helped establish trendy black nightclubs, like Diamonds and Pearls and Deion's Club 21 (owned in part by former Atlanta Falcons and Braves star Deion Sanders). He had found a niche in helping the gold-draped night club owners minimize or completely evade taxes. It didn't take long for word to spread among the small community of black nightclub owners that Tokars was the "go-to guy," the guy who could not only minimize your tax liabilities, he could make them go away.

Before the detectives fully understood Tokars' network of drug and nightclub clients, his personal life came into focus. Simply put, Tokars didn't have one. He had been a dismal failure as a husband and father. Clearly, his life revolved around Atlanta's underworld night life, and the riches he raked in as a result.

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DJ @ 11/30/2012 4:44 PM

Such a tragic story. 20 years ago yesterday, wow.

Meadow rayne @ 5/30/2013 3:52 PM

Why this scumbag husband, ISNT DEAD YET, by the death , I HAVE NO Idea!!!IAnd eye 4 an eye !!! (1) who knew she was In Florida on vacation - and the exact minute she's home ~ her dirtbag hubby 2) he's a piece of crap - left the door broken from the inside left the alarm off purposely (her monster hubby) (3) paying the guy to do his dirty work & upping her insurance policy( the slob husband ( (4) the 1 boy was old enough to id - this creepy killer ( the husband prob wanted them shot too for insurance ... Cheap skate !!! (5) and didn't the monster husband even care, that his poor little kids were in harms way plus saw their moms head get pulled a part ( thanks pig , for ruining your poor boys life's .!!!
(6) a lawyer who is too cheap to get a divorce , because his neglected beautiful wife new about all his shady dealings and
Prostitutes ... Thanks so much , jury,,, thanks alot .. Who got justice Here ??? The kids?
No ! The family ? No ! The ones who ratted out the master pulling their strings ? No! You never gave this C O W A R D - his just desserts .... Call me ... As a juror - any day - against this SLOB PIG MONSTER GREEDY SEX ADICT SHADY BUSINESS ATTORNEY CHEEP SKATE ABUSER BAD PARENT BAD HUSBAND ... I HOPE EVERY DAY IS HELL IN PRISON - and I PRAY THAT HE Gets TORTURED ON A DAILY BASIS ....or gets to okay hide the bar of soap up his hairy Azz
Lowest piece of scum , I've ever SEEN!!!! 2 words !!!! Greedy bastard !!!!!!!!!!
RED !!!!!
Rip SARA ...
Ill pray for poor mike and Ricky & their family - not Fred's.- Fred's mom , didn't care ...just like her coward son...

elana @ 11/1/2014 4:14 PM

does anybody know Sarah's date of birth

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