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Video: Nationwide DHS Sweep Nets 600 Known Gang Members

May 02, 2014  | 

VIDEO: Nationwide DHS Sweep Nets 600 Known Gang Members

A massive nationwide crackdown on street gangs has netted hundreds of suspects. Suspected gang members were rounded up by the hundreds in a massive federal crackdown called "Project Southbound," targeting one of the largest international criminal street gangs, the Surenos, or Sur 13.

"'Surenos' is Spanish for 'southerners' -- but it's the street gangs that affiliate with the prison gang the Mexican Mafia," ICE Special Agent in Charge Claude Arnold told KABC TV.

More than 750 people in total were arrested during the month-long sweep dubbed Project Southbound. More than 600 of them are known gang members.

Authorities say more than half of the gang members arrested had violent criminal histories. Seven of them were wanted for murder, and five others were wanted for rape and sexual assault.

According to a 2011 Justice Department report, Sur 13 gangs are expanding faster than any other national gang. Its members are responsible for crimes ranging from murder to weapons- and drug-trafficking.

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Ktyhawk @ 5/3/2014 5:54 AM

And how many of these folks will ever be deported, or even tried in a court thanks to our illustrious DOJ?

wolfhunter @ 5/3/2014 8:37 AM

way to go DHS... OK I.C.E. Its your turn to make massive sweeps across this country.. Call it OPERATION GO HOME

KevCopAz @ 5/3/2014 4:01 PM

I agree with Kithawk, I will bet you ALL of these have had run ins before with INS/DHS and were allowed to stay here awaiting court hearings. Even if they were deported before, obviously it didn't take!. Bet most will not even be held, they will bond out and get hearings. IF they are past deportees they wont get the 5 yr AUTOMATIC MINIMUM that the law says they should anyway. Im guessing at least some are "dreamers" and our beloved President has allowed them to remain and even go to school and work (like any would anyway). The INS/DHS system is a sham, its broken and we have lost the war….. we in Law Enforcement all know that.

TheRookie @ 5/3/2014 10:08 PM

As a retired L.E.O. I don't believe the creed to this. Yes they picked up 600 of the badest of the bad. They included State, County, & Municipal Agencies to make them feel included in the big boy federal system. Are they likely to do much other than deport and/or send them to Club FED. NO!!! AG With-Holder @ Dept. of Un-Justice don't get it. Real L.E. don't like his criminalistics style(s). And this includes Jey Johnson of the DHS who actually runs ICE, too.

Jim B. @ 5/4/2014 5:44 AM

Jeez guys, I guess they just shouldn't have bothered to do anything.

Renee @ 5/5/2014 5:22 AM

I'm with Jim B. DOJ damned if they do, and damned if they don't...they are trying!

tedb @ 5/5/2014 7:59 AM

"... but it's the street gangs that affiliate with the prison gang the Mexican Mafia," ICE Special Agent in Charge Claude Arnold told KABC TV."

Anybody notice a problem here? The "Emes" are "Norteno", the Nuestra Familia (NF) are "Sureno". They are sworn enemies.

S.S. @ 5/7/2014 2:20 PM

Some might get deoported and they'll be right back here in this great country of ours. The melting pot here in the U.S. makes this country so great, but when you mix in ASSHOLES and the lowest forms of scum like these shitbag gangmembers it fucks it up for all of us minorities. I say just kill em. and send them away!

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