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Gypsies: Kings of Con

Solid policework will help to knock the crown from the heads of these accomplished crooks.

June 01, 2001  |  by E.G. Hall

(Note: As is the case in dealing with groups of people, I do not wish to imply that all people of the Gypsy culture are involved in crime. In fact, there are many Gypsies providing positive contributions to our world. Also, my personal thanks to John Nicholas, Jr. who made this article possible through his mentoring, input, professionalism and friendship.)

We have all heard or know about organized crime. But did you know there is an organized crime family specializing in fraud that has successfully operated throughout the world for almost 2,000 years? Their success nets them millions, tax-free, every year. Less than 5% of their victims complain and when they do, are often met with laughter, mis-reporting or ignorance by law enforcement. Hence, prosecution is rare.

"Nobody cares! Not the bosses, not the prosecutors or even many judges. They don't want to hear about it ... until it happens to them, their families or a big-wig,"
-A Gypsy cop in Florida

The crime family? Gypsies.

Who Are they?

The name is steeped in history. Gypsy is short for "Egipcien" or Egyptian; originally thought to have come from Egypt. A Gypsy is a member of a wandering people who migrated to Europe from India in the 15th century.

We have absolutely no idea how many Gypsies are in the United States. Some estimates say there are 10 million worldwide. There are Gypsies in virtually every large town in America. Large populations are known in New York, Chicago, Milwaukee, Texas, Kansas City, Denver, Washington, Las Vegas and Florida (Orlando, Palm Beach, Broward and Dade Counties). There are also significant populations in Toronto, Canada and European countries.

True Gypsies are known as "Rom." However, "Gypsy cops" (the rare breed that they are) know there are Yugoslavian, Romanian, Russian, Polish and Hungarian Gypsies. Each group has its criminal specialty. There is also a group collectively known as the "Travelers." The Travelers are Irish, English or Scottish, not resembling the true Rom, but often included erroneously as Gypsy. Gypsies speak a language known as Romany. This is a spoken language derived from various Indo-European languages. There is no written Romany.

What's In A Name?

Names mean nothing to Gypsies and this often causes confusion for investigators. The Rom (and Travelers) tend to name children after family members. It's a way to honor both the living and the dead. For example, Danny and John Anderson are the sons of William Anderson. Danny marries and has three sons named Danny, John and William. The use of "Jr.," "Sr.," "I," "II," etc., is not generally common. Confusing? You bet.

Gypsies are experts at false identification. Along with the name use, this becomes extremely confusing to the ordinary cop on the street as well as investigators unfamiliar with Gypsy crime. To add to the identification confusion, January 1st is commonly used as the date of birth.

Let's take a look at how a family name really isn't. Marks is a common Gypsy name. The Florida Marks are related to the Kansas City Marks. The Colorado Marks are related to the Las Vegas Marks. Both are into fortune-telling scams and allegedly may be into threats of violence, guns, drugs and arson to maintain control of their territory. Yet, no relationship is known between the two families. Confusion often reigns supreme when identity questions arise.

The Rom Gypsy culture is fascinating, but also explains why the investigator has great difficulty in solving Gypsy crimes. Gypsies often lack any formal education. Most do not read or write, mainly because the children rarely attend school. Gypsies also shun organized society and the "gaje" (non-Gypsy). It's a tight-knit world and they keep it so.

The Con

Their world revolves around one thing - the family business: The "con."

A Gypsy child is raised being told the tale of the young Gypsy boy who saved the life of Jesus. The tale (with some variation) tells of four nails made to be used in the crucifixion: one each for the hands of Jesus, one for his feet and the fourth, a nail of gold, for his heart. Late at night the Gypsy boy stole the golden nail, so when the crucifixion took place the next day, only three nails remained. God appears to the young Gypsy boy telling the child his act of thievery saved Jesus from having the nail plunged through his heart. In payment for the boy's deed, God allowed the Gypsies the right to steal with no moral consequences ... forever and ever.

Gypsies choose a lifestyle of thievery, one that is as natural to them as eating and sleeping. This organized crime family, masters of fraud and false identification, does not associate with normal society and speaks a language rarely mastered outside the culture. Seldom caught, rarely prosecuted and almost never jailed, Gypsies even have their own court, known as a "kris" where all grievances (marriage, territory, debts, etc.) are resolved. They look upon the rest of society simply as their "prey."

The Cost of the Scams

The Gypsy crime family population in the United States is directly responsible for an estimated $15 billion dollars in varying forms of thievery annually. Gypsy hunter, Detective Donna Fitzgerald of the North Palm Beach, Florida Police Department says, "Most Gypsy crimes are directed at people who are the most vulnerable. People in times of emotional pain are often easy prey. Our elderly are their largest targets because they still trust people. The victims are our biggest concern."

Let's look at one "family" and their operations to get an idea of the revenue generated. Eighteen members of the Jim Miller family in Phoenix, Arizona, were recently indicted on 23 counts of fraud and conspiracy. The Millers allegedly bilked 12 insurance companies of more than $1 million dollars in claims for staged or fabricated events over six years and submitted 145 claims, primarily in Arizona, California and Nevada. However, they also operated in Colorado, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas, Utah and Washington. Claim settlements ran from $1,200 for being run off the road by the infamous "ghost" driver/car to $189,541 for home vandalism.

As we look at the more popular Gypsy scams, from fortune-telling, home repair and distraction thefts to home invasions and insurance fraud, remember, it is the "style" and not the "con" itself that identifies the crime as Gypsy. Gypsies rarely work alone and are always in pairs or more and always use family.


This is the most recognizable of all Gypsy crimes. Not all fortunetellers commit crimes and not everyone who enters a Gypsy fortunetelling establishment will become a victim. But everyone who does enter is a potential victim. Fortunetelling establishments are found in every sizable city in the United States. Most who enter will pay their ten or fifteen dollars and leave. Some will keep coming back until their life savings are gone. The victims are often those who are at a "last resort" stage of life and are often suffering from a lost love, death of a family member or illness.

Embarrassment leads to rare reporting and, if reported, the fortuneteller is gone. If the victim is lucky, because of investigative pressure, he/she may get all or some of their money back.

Home Repair

The home repair cons are rarely reported crimes and often ignored by the law enforcement community. The "driveway coating/sealing" scam where the loss is $50 to $100 is common. It looks good until the first rain. House painting and roof repair work are the same way. The homeowner is approached by several men in a pick-up truck (sometimes accompanied by children) who have "leftover" materials from another job and they say they will do the repairs on the victim's home for a stated dollar value to make extra money.

This can also be an opening for a burglary (home invasion). Who would refuse a child a drink of water on a hot day or the use of the bathroom? Guess who does the theft that's not discovered until hours or days later? Who's going to complain about losing $50 on a driveway-coating job that washed away? Yet, there was the 84-year-old widow who lost $367,000 over 22 months for home repairs. They are just prey.

What's $50? Multiply that by 10, 15 or 20 victims a day with two, three or four teams in a family working different areas of town.

Home Invasions

We're not talking about the armed take-over, so common among many gangs. This is better known as a residential burglary and methods vary. This is usually done by the Polish Gypsies; usually committed in the daytime and while the homeowners are present. Entrance may be through a back door or window or by distraction at the front door. Commonly, there will be two women (with or without children) walking in an affluent neighborhood and speaking a foreign language. A male driver will be close by, usually in a rental car, to aid in a quick escape.

A few years ago, in McLain, Virginia, Alexander Haig's wife was gardening in front of their home. At the same time the residence was entered from the rear and $654,000 worth of jewelry was taken. Gypsies.

This type of Gypsy crime is easy to detect since only jewelry, silver, gold or cash is taken and nothing has been disturbed.

Distraction Thefts

Better known as a store-diversion robbery, suspects will be European or Yugoslavian Gypsies but described by victims as "foreign-speaking" or "Latin/Hispanic." The crime is not planned in advance but more of a "mood" thing. The key is to create a diversion of some sort by five, eight or even 12 males and/or females. After calm is restored, the store usually discovers all of its cash has mysteriously disappeared. Violence is never used but total confusion and pandemonium reign during the theft.

This can be very rewarding. How about $42,000 taken from a supermarket and a three-month crime spree by four Gypsy women resulting in $500,000 in cash?

Insurance/Financial Frauds

This is the trend of the future and a mountain of money is being made in fraudulent insurance claims. "Slip and Falls" and staged auto crashes are the most common. These are committed with little detection because the settlements are always made quickly and for cash. The amounts are never outrageous and are usually the "Just cover my medical bills" kind of a thing. The businesses involved are usually eager not to have an insurance claim on their record, so out comes the cash.

A quick $1,000 to $2,500 cash settlement is not bad for a few minutes of work a couple of times a week.

"The cops don't care and what's best, they don't know anything about us. Hotel security has no idea what's going on. Gypsies are running their scams every day and no one is the wiser." -Las Vegas Gypsy

In 1992, Disney Corporation in Orlando, Florida, was settling for $1.4 million in a well-publicized case. There were allegations of a young lady being beaten and raped in her Disney hotel room when a male, dressed as Dracula on Halloween, broke into her room. The plot fell apart literally hours before the check was signed, when the woman's sister told the police it was all a con. The entire scam was planned from start to finish. The brother was the "intruder" who did, in fact, brutally beat his sister. "We had to make it look real," he told police. The woman's sister snitched because she discovered that the $1.4 million check was to be split three ways and not all hers!

This, if successful, would have been the biggest scam ever known to have been pulled off by Gypsies. Within the Gypsies' community, there would have been an inherent honor, one a gaje could ever understand, in accomplishing such a con.

Las Vegas

Even after the national publicity gained from this episode, Las Vegas, Nevada hotels and casinos are being scammed daily by Gypsies. Just as when the Mob ran Vegas, it is also true with the Gypsies that there are no bosses and the territory is wide open. All problems are taken to Los Angeles for a "kris." The Vegas Gypsies have ties to Colorado, California and Florida. These ties to other states present unique problems since both Colorado and Florida experience problems in the Gypsy community and turf wars, arson, guns and drugs are becoming more prevalent. Gypsies are coming to Vegas along with the great population growth. A Mecca for cons exists!

Vegas has opened up a whole new financial world for the Gypsy con. The hotels are experiencing more "slip and falls", missing items from cars parked in valet or damage to cars, "accidents," missing property and other scams. It's easier to pay off (even up to a $1.4 million settlement) than submit to your insurance company or go to court.

Also, what started in San Francisco has now arrived in Vegas as a big moneymaker. Called the "sugar-daddy sweetheart" deal, it's usually spread over a period of several months. A young, attractive Gypsy girl (and her family) will target an elderly wealthy male and provide companionship (sex is not normally involved) which will eventually end up costing the male everything. Preying on a senior citizen's loneliness often nets big bucks.

According to Gypsy sources, Las Vegas is literally being raped daily and doesn't even know it yet. This is not surprising since Gypsies and the Travelers are notorious "high rollers." While gambling for fun, they often figure they may as well work a little and make even more money.

Unfortunately, this ignorance exists in a lot of other places, but there is hope. Awareness is slowly replacing oblivion in many areas. Gypsy crime is dependent upon the ignorance of the police and public alike. Mobility, disguises, false identification, lack of communication, reporting and prosecution are counted on by the Gypsies. So, the key is identification, from photographs and fingerprints to the details of the crimes.

How to fight the problem

The South Florida Gypsy Crimes Task Force has made a dent in Gypsy crime and gained national attention. The task Force is multi-jurisdictional and composed of federal, state, county and city law enforcement and prosecutors. Gypsies are photographed, businesses visited, licenses verified, fire codes, ordinances, etc., all used for compliance. It's difficult to pull a successful scam when you are well-known to the cops.

New York, Illinois and Wisconsin are other pro-active areas. Professionals Against Confidence Crime (PACC) is an organization active in providing monthly intelligence bulletins, annual training seminars and speakers about Gypsy crime. Contact Lt. Dennis Marlock at 414-935-7325 at the Milwaukeee Police Department for more information on PACC.

The National Association of Bunco Investigators (NABI) (Jon Grow, 410-752-8150) is another good source of information. The John Cooke Financial/Insurance Fraud Report (Leslie Kim, CFE, Managing Editor, 714-289-7701) is also an excellent source of information.

The New Gypsy

As in every other culture, the times are changing, even with the Gypsies. The young bloods have discovered drugs (cocaine is preferred) and guns. Violence was almost unheard of in the life but now there are more reports and verifiable instances of arson and guns being involved. The old hats seem to be slowly losing control in these areas of modern-day pleasures and vices.

Progress has brought the Gypsy crime families into the area of credit card fraud and slowly into computers. Additionally, the use of grocery store tabloid ads allows long-distance scams for "get rich quick" schemes and more.
Awareness, knowledge, training and a constant pro-active stance by law enforcement, insurance, car rental and financial institution investigators, the business community and senior citizen groups have become the essential keys to prevention. The scams will continue because there is always the presence of greed and the "something for nothing" attitude in people. If it's been said once it's been said a million times: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. But too many people still believe otherwise and Gypsies know it.

As the young child is told in the story about Jesus, there is no sin in stealing if you are a Gypsy.

The following books are highly recommended reading:

License to Steal
Dennis Marlock & John Dowling
Paladin Press
(A definitive work on Gypsies)

Scam! Inside American Con Artist Clans
Don Wright
(An excellent inside view of the Travelers, including the inside workings of the Disney World scam.)

E.G. Hall is a retired police detective and is a frequent consultant and guest speaker on fraud/Gypsy crime and investigation of other specialized crimes. He can be reached at 775-751-0255 or email: [email protected]

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leekelley @ 4/17/2011 11:23 AM

u fuckin ppl dont have a clue its mostly lies and guess work i am a romnychell not a thief most crimes r by ppl claiming to b get ur facts right and leave us alone

gypsy @ 5/22/2011 11:37 PM

everybody race uses drug,s and steal,lie,cheat,scam its on the new,s every day why are we alway,s targeted ? because were rom you call us gypsy,s you people are racist what chance doe,s are children have at becoming some one in this world you people keep doing this it,s not true we read and write go to school you give us a bad name are children have to lie about their race in school just to not get kicked out,teased,bullyed you put are kids threw hell their innocent children if one black man commet,s a crime then do we blame all black ppl no so why are we diffrent god will judge all of you you ppl have fourtune tellers on tv giving a 1-900 and pay by the minute are they gypsys my niegbor got robbed by a latino is he gypsy casey anthony killed her baby is she gypsy we did not blow up new york on 9/11 your telling old story,s from europe stop lieing stop making us the bad guy,s .

jc @ 5/28/2011 12:29 AM

The media should never emphasize race assigning them criminal status as race does not accounts for differences in human character, criminality or ability and that a particular race is superior or inferior to others.

gypsy women . @ 5/29/2011 4:28 PM

you must of got this information from a member of a gypsy family its all true but vegas is not the head quarters for a kris one man that every gypsy court from all state,s has to anserw to what he says go,s pete costello from bronx,new york their mexican gypsys from mexico came u.s long ,long time ago he is very old now about 91 has retiered from gypsy court,s his son killer mike has been chosen to take his place but ppl dont respect him to listen to him anyway time,s have changed gypsy,s did get americanized for the bad they use drug,s now are in gang,s sell drug,s rape their own go to school but leave before high school their choice no court,s they call police file charge,s against each other they dont get to say who marrie,s who anymore they just take off if they dont like it the threaten with the fbi they are very corrupted now what we use to see gajo crime,s on new,s are new generation is now like the gajo no tight nitt family anymore trust me it,s all change for the bad these kid, s now have the oppertunity to become somebody in this world but chose not to no one stop,s them from school they dont want to go we be very happy and pround if they chose to go medical school,law school be a chance for ppl to see we can change some gypsy,s did open resturant,s travel agency,s car dealer,s to lead their son,s in a honest buisness they dont want a life crime from them jail,rap sheet but other,s dont have money they go on with what they can get away with body work,put their wife,s to sell flower,s bear,s wrapped up for holiday,s like easter etc,for the girl no hope she not a man has to stay the same forced into fortune telling,and such a son is pride a daugther nothing a son carrie,s the family name a daugther nothing but shame she leave,s the family to enter another family the women in this race are nothing told that threw out thousand,s of year,s just bare children do whatthe man tell,s you to or you will shame your father and his name,generation .your colum

laurie @ 6/4/2011 3:36 AM

You don't know your history of the Rromani people very well. First of all we did not leave India in the 15th century, we were kidnapped out of India allmost a 1,000 years ago. We were sold into slavery. We have not been out "duping" the world for 2,000 years. We were respected part of Indian society for the first 1,000 years. And most of us are hard to "locate" in society because of lies like you have written in this article. We have spent 1,000 years without a homeland, no government to protect us. Do you know that Hitler killed 70% of all European Rroms during WWII? And that we were in the Auschwitz and Douchau too. We have had to live by our wits. There are a few of us, that still practice crime, but no more so that any other "ethnic" group living in the country. In fact, because we have lived with such harrassment, we punish our own people for getting in trouble. We will do anything to avoid trouble. We just want to live in our own peaceful way. And no one could get away with such half-azzed reporting of Jewish Kosher laws. And yet you try to report on our laws of cleanliness as though we were stupid. You don't have any idea about our laws. And we don't all speak the same version of Rromani. I hope your editor realizes the poor job you have done in writing this article. Shame on you! Do you know, Europe is currently ripe for another holocaust on my people. Shame on you! And shame on you for laughing at this comment and thinking you are smarter than you really are. Oh and one more thing, the comment left about how the crimes are usually committed by people claiming to be us, is exactly right. As a whole we are a very conservative people. And the two or three "disclaimer statements" that not all Rrom are bad, that is just to cover your azz from lawsuits. We are not stupid, we know who we are. And if your police officers would do their job, and stop intimdating people and get to know people in the community, on friendly basis, we might have a reason to trust.

Billi @ 6/4/2011 7:20 AM

The editor clearly is as in need of an education as are many within the police force and obviously the writer. There is no point in applying an opening disclaimer "I do not wish to imply that all people of the Gypsy culture are involved in crime. In fact, there are many Gypsies providing positive contributions to our world. "; when the very use here of the words all and many are clearly implying that most fall into the scope of the picture painted by this article rather than implying the truth that a small minority are involved in such crime. This makes the polite disclaimer farcical and adds to the empty nature of the article which provides no proportional statistical evidence or comparisons to crime rates/types of any other ethnic group. It is simply promoting the last form of racism that is still unchallenged by police forces despite their international requirement to do so.

Tim Jones @ 6/4/2011 10:27 AM

What racist rubbish. Have you ever spent any time with real Romani Gypsies? Would you write this sort of nonsense about any other ethnic minority? And what effect do you think this will have on Roma-police relations?

laurie @ 6/4/2011 7:00 PM

Please look at Europe, Rroma were just deported out of France even though they were there legally. The Hungarian Govt is considering forcing the Rroma to live in camps, the Serbian govt has a long history of abusing Rrom's. And do you know why we became a nomadic people in the first place, because no one would allow us to stay in one place. There are anti-gypsy laws in England as early as the mid 14th century. Being a Gypsy was punishable by death. And as we are typically a dark skinned people, it was not like we could just change our name, get a job at the local pub and assimilate. All we had to do was be born with the beautiful dark skin that our motherland, India, gave us, and we were breaking the law. So for those police officers that are Irish, Hispanic, African American, Jewish, or any other minority group that has known hatered or was once hated, we are all in the same boat. Here are a few names that are common in England. Because the were common, many Rromani took the names as well. It was part of the attempt to assimilate, Grey, Lee, Cooper, Taylor, Wood, Young, Kelly, Stanley, Smith. Just imagine how many Police Officers have these names or ones that are similar. And imagine how many of those people would be shocked and even angry to find out that their ancestors were Gypsies. And how dissapointed would the ancestors be that their own descendants had turned into the same type of bigots that forced them to give up their actual names and culture. Oh and by the way, in my last comment, I missed the "star" rating, did not realize that I was supposed to rate your article. So when you see that 4 star rating next to my first comment, don't take it to heart, it was just another Gypsy telling another "lie". I tried to give you zero stars on this one, but such a rating does not seem to exist. I bet you don't know that the final solution that Hitler applied to Jews was the same one applied to Gypsies. Except that jews only had to trace their ancestory to their grand

lisa @ 6/8/2011 7:31 PM

did everyone forget we were the one,s hitler killed,burned and children straved not just the jews yes us the ppl you call gypsys ! are we the new black ? or you ppl out theyer just dont care the police do their very best to outcast us belittle us blame all crimes on us they write books make money off are culture,ethic do no research false information mislead the public dont tell ppl that they are honest law abiding citazen,s we pay tax,work, now they have my big fat gypsy wedding irish travelers called gypsys ppl think we live like that a disgracefull new program on tlc that we will protest against it god created us also like you we are human not a fungus .

concern @ 6/8/2011 7:59 PM

A friend had a chance to speak with Michelle Obama during a party at the White House, shortly after the incident where he used the word 'gyp'. She found that Obama had been informed of his error immediately after. Whe asked why he made no apology, the first lady told my friend that it would be an embarrassment to the White House to apologize to a people like us. She did not go into detail, but said the gist of the conversation was that we are beneath him and therefore unworthy of recognition and apology. Before, it was merely an ignorant mistake. But in that decision that we are a people less than him, he became a racist.

Needless to say, I am not surprised at his attitude towards representing us on the council.

nick @ 7/17/2011 1:49 AM

Local Gypsy fortuneteller pulls one over on publishing giant Judith Regan.

Has she been accused of more swindles

Frances M. Roberts

Publisher Judith Regan may not realize she's been taken by a Gypsy

Marks belongs to the Uwanawich tribe of Gypsies which is led in South Florida by John Uwanawich a convicted felon He was close to former Palm Beach County Sheriff's Deputy John Nicholson, himself a Gypsy known as Nick the Cop Nicholson was forced from the department because of his corrupt relationship with Uwanawich.or is actually the daughter of John Uwanawich, also goes by the names Helen Uwanawich and Estee Lee and has been convicted of fortunetelling swindles in the

krist @ 8/2/2011 6:56 PM

helen uwannawich n her daugther gina marks has scam an old man in a hospital got his key to his apy n money brang a lawyer to anvatura hospital room 833 south towe richard lester hallett got power of attorney to give her everything and admitt him in a nursing home none of his family know,s sister shriley told him not to anserw his cell not watch tv she took himn down 87 yr old grand master of checkers has been con,scam they have a key to his apt took money their family moves in at 1000 parkview drive unit 807 hallandale,fl i reported this to chief policr in hallandale,hollywood,pd anvatura nothing was done to notify police i also contacted the office ofbuilding made a complaint show new,s papers of previus scams ,houston,palm beach florida ,delaware ,la now she n daugther,s gina marks starts on mr. hallett friend of 73 how can police let this happen she at 800 parkview drive apt 120 hallandale ,fl how cn you help ?

a concern friend @ 8/2/2011 7:15 PM

helen uwannawich n gina marks just con a 87 yr old man out of his life saving at home and the key to his home also they talked thier way into mr .l.hallett friend to give them the key to the apartment had richard friend make a note to say mr. hallett gave permission to enter the home n get the money but mr. hallett signature was not on theyer it was his friend who was 73 con him in to it later were mr.richard hallett was ina hospital helen brang a lawyer to take power of attorney over mr.hallett they never told two living sbling,s sister,s what was going on helen told mr.hallett not to watch the news or anserw the phone she admitt him in a nursing home were we friends are not allowed to cal or see him dont know were is he or is family elder,s now she n her daugther gina marks,daugther in law are working on 73 ,old hallett,s friend she live 800 unit 120 halandale,fl next to mr.halletts building 1000 parkview drive unit 807 were helen family remains to hide out i told hollywood pd,hallandale pd the crime watch nothing done why ? are they allow to go free no justice

ka @ 8/13/2011 2:22 AM

I am well acquainted with Roma Gypsies, both academically, professionally, and personally and I KNOW that all you have reported is accurate. The lack of literacy is used to keep the members in line and is quite evident in the illiterate responses and blatant lies expressed in the blogs. BEWARE. Roma gypsies are big time liars, will use you and your identity with abandon and no guilt, and leave a huge mess and a ton of stress in their wake. I have taught them in juvenile court schools ("no speak english" - lies,) studied them in university with world renowned experts, and unfortunately live next to them right now. We gadja do not exist as human beings and when the gypsies are found out and busted, they claim racism. BULL! If one is talking to you, they are lying. Count on it. LAPD eliminated its gypsy unit last year and we are all knee deep in gypsies and their cons. Thefts, burglaries, cons, id theft, and the like are up, way up.
I cannot wait until they move on. This clan rented at least 5 houses in the area, rotating residents (especially children to avoid school) and using 911 in their cons and attempts to get routine medical care. Now they beg the neighbors to use our phones for 911, but we are on to their cons. They go to bed (even small children) around 5am, transferring items from one uhaul to another in the middle of the night, honking horns, makingloads of noise, trashing the neighborhood, and hosting multi-clan events every so many months (50-150 persons in a tract house for days.) Look out for all of these things. They also will impersonate hispanic workers or other ethnicities to gain access to homes. I have seen it within this last miserable year. GOOD LUCK if they move in next to you.

N. Marks @ 1/3/2012 12:27 AM

Well, I will agree with some of the comments posted here. I am Rom and I would not trust any Rom (Gypsy) ever. Correct on the old School traditions and laws. This new breed of Rom (Gypsies) is not the same as we were many years ago. I do have an education, I do work 40-45 hours a week for a major company, and I do have an online business. I have lived the life of a Rom (Gypsy) growing up as a child. I have back tracked my Great, Great, Grandfather and Mother by contacting a certain department that gives what information they have. They traveled here to America back in 1800's and were held at Ellis Island until they were checked for health reasons. The officer who did the paper work for my Great, Great, Grandfather could not understand him when he was asked him his full name. Document states Mitchell S. Markowich. Really how hard was that? The officer re-named him Mitchell S. Marks thus giving birth to the American Rom (Gypsy) name of Marks. I do not disagree with most of the comments of how the American Rom (Gypsies) live or do business, and again will state I will never trust one of my own ever. There are good and bad in all walks of life but do we really haft to target one group on this discussion board. I have yet to read about the Irish Mob, The Spanish Mob, The Italian Mob, The Chinese Mob, should I go on. If we don't offer help, to give the Rom (Gypsies) an education and allow us to be a part of this great Nation then what are we? My father’s uncles fought in WWII one Air Force another Army. When they each passed away, a flag was placed on their casket and then the wife was given the flag. My uncle and brother are both retired from Law Enforcement the only two real Rom (Gypsy) cops in the Untied Sates.

Mr. E.G. Hall you know my unlce very well, J. Nicholas retired, PBSO

M. L. @ 1/5/2012 8:00 PM

Let me tell the truth about the Romany gypsies, they are very spoiled in America its not like the old times like it is in other countries,from california to n.y. Gypsys are out to impress each other if you don't have a good hustle and a new car then others in there clan looks down on that person. And with all the computers and gypsy task force in every major city it gets harder but with the connections the gypsies have fake birth cirtefcates s.s. cards and if they are wanted it don't mater -buying cars and selling( open titels)not paying tax.Thousands in the safe dep box .

gypsy LV @ 1/14/2012 2:11 AM

Ok that guy sold us out told a lot about us just so he could have a cop friend he's a sell out , but ya we make make money EZ but we or should I say I don't hert enybuddy for ther money that give it to me with a smile ..... That might be mad at me later that day but at that moment. That where. Very happy the pay me

Anne Howard @ 2/7/2012 1:09 AM

My 85 year old Dad was approached by a young female at La Madelines in Houston Tx and she is taking full advantage of him, acting as though she is in love with him, and he believes her. What can I do to get him away from her. She will not tell him anything about herself, but manages to get every thing out of my Dad. She keeps telling him " Promise me you won't tell your daughters about me " Well that in itself is a big time red flag. I want to help him before she really ends up hurting him.

Laura @ 5/4/2012 12:11 PM

I think this is an excellent article. Unfortunate as it might be to law abiding people of traveller decent, there have been many crimes commited in my Chicago neighborhood that are EXACTLY those described in the article.

Teams of two, three or four men come in the middle of the day to prey on the senior citizens living on my block, claiming to have estimates to paint the walls or fix the windows or whatnot. One or two will come to the door and push their way in, corner the senior citizen, possibly motion through the window to let more of the team in, then rummage through the house stealing mostly jewelry, cash or easy walk away items. In the meantime the senior being robbed is terrifed and helpless, being cornered by a man in their prime.

My eighty five year old neighbor was TWICE violated this way - she was too weak to stop them at the door and they just pushed their way through, stole from and terrified her. This is organized gypsy scamming, plain and simple.

For all of their so-called morality, these traveller communities need to realize that much of the resentment against them stems from their petty criminal mentality, the kind that rips off old ladies and thinks nothing of it.

And for the record, I am of two ethnic backgrounds, immigrant Eastern European on my mother's side and Mexican on my father's side, so my comments have nothing to do with a 'racist' mentality. It has to do with what I have seen and witnessed in my neighborhood, plain and simple.

tina hahn @ 7/13/2012 9:06 AM

I think this is a good article. I grew up in a welefare family, little food, no running water, parents uneducated, lots of child abuse, treated like a dog and slave, my sister and I put in foster care. I did not give up. I did not steal from anyone but my garage was recently burgularized I am told by the police by a group of gypsis. All of my belongings were stolen. I have worked hard and I went to medical school but I don't have a house and have never been married. I did nothing to deserve to be stolen from. I have always worked hard, studied hard, had no one my whole life to be there to support me but I wanted to be more and be better. I think that knowledge is power and understanding this criminal activity is power. Thank you.

victim100 @ 7/28/2012 1:52 AM

Somebody has got to make people aware of what these sociopaths are capable of doing to innocent victims. I am currently watching Nat Geo's show on gypsy culture called "American Gypsies" which tries to "romanticize" the gypsy way of life by hiding their crimes behind an "everyday family life" facade. This is so false I am outraged, is there a way to get Nat Geo to expose these criminals?!

RomVictim @ 8/9/2012 6:26 PM

@ victim100, I couldn't agree more!!! To glorify people who make an art form of scamming people & the system is just wrong.

I dated a man for 18 months who always had an excuse for things. I found out the truth about him when his 22 year old gf called me b/c she went through his phone. Turns out he's not Russian as he claimed, he's Ukrainian AND Rom!!! He lied to me about everything from his name, age, job (doesn't have as legit one), to where he lived & marital status. So I'm sorry for those Rom who ARE on the up & up, but this man LAUGHED at me, telling me that his people "don't have to tell the truth to us (gadje) and we get what we deserve".

Joke is on him since I have credit card receipts, emails & text messages which are currently in the hands of the FBI & DEA. I'm 40 & have never felt such disgust and anger towards any people as I do now. It'll be a cold day in hell before I believe the word of a gypsy.

Bellafuerte @ 8/15/2012 4:46 PM

Having just encountered a gypsy clan this past week it puts a bad taste in my mouth to give opportunities to those who are honest and hardworking and who are actually trying to make it by whatever means possible when these scammers take advantage. Sadly enough my little buds didn't realize I wasn't born yesterday so the DA should be having a chat with them about now. Should never leave the license plates on your car. But this is only one of many things they have done. Seems as thought at some point they should get put away. Such an odd culture.

Joe @ 9/5/2012 8:48 AM

I don't know if these facts are true, it just seems every interaction I have or hear if with Gypsies is very poor. For instance, a certain "gypsy" has routinely begged us for food under the false pretense of being homeless.

A friend of mine was a restaurant manager in an area with a large Gypsy population and had many negative interactions. He described their attitude as like a game, seeing who could get the most free stuff... would do things like spill coffee on themselves and try to make it look like the waiters fault. This friend further told me that even the police in this area warned him or others to watch out for the many gypsy con-artists.

That's how I ended up here, just wondering why? Was curious of that "saved Jesus" story was actually true.

slma @ 10/7/2012 5:47 AM

I know there is good and bad in all people, but, as the saying goes, "where there's smoke, there's fire" There is much truth to this artical, like it or not. I have been fascinaited by these people, but now I have some experience and I want to warn whoever will receive this because it was not mentioned. The enter- net is a way to expose those Gypsies who are dishonest and choose to live wicked lives of deception, but the e-net is also another tool to scam the ones who are not aware. I had an experience on a on-line dating sight with a gypsy and as soon as it realized I was not wealthy it changed and showed me it's true screwed up con/fake self. Was I lucky, what a huge favor to see what a sorry human

Jim Galli @ 10/26/2012 8:19 PM

I know about betrayal and deception very well, I was mother daughter teamed back in 1994 by a woman I met in a bar who wanted to move in with me and start a relationship. She was a manoush gypsy with a father in northern wisc. with the last name of Menzel, and Judy claimed he sexually abused her at the age of ten, she also said her brother Gene from Joliet, IL also fathered an Illegitimate boy causing her to move to Idaho where she was arrested for traffic offenses while working as a police dispatcher, long story short, she stole over $30,000.00 from me, and I didn't know it until about 4 months after she moved out. She worked me like a pro for about a year while promising to marry me, using sex and confusion to mesmerize me, and one day I came home from lunch early and caught her moving out and couldn't understand what was going on, she called the Des Plaines cops because I broke some shelves out of a book case, I had never touched her in a rough manner EVER, in the year we were together, her teenaged daughter took a few family heirlooms from my collection, Judy took every piece of bric-a-brac I owned from the apartment to confuse me, kept the engagement ring, and moved away never to call again, the financial planner that authorized the 30 grand withdrawal from a joint account made a cryptic call to me about a week after Judy left, I told her I didn't know why Judy left me, but by the time I realized my money was gone, the planner was no longer with Wachovia. I didn't know what to do, so I wrote it off as lesson learned. Is there anything I can do now? 18 years later?
I doubt it.

Sophia @ 11/22/2012 4:49 AM

I don't under stand I have Ben Ripped off by a White construction worker for $ 3500 For roof repair and my car Was stolen by a black man My best friend Was Shot at on the freeway By Mexican gang members Here in Los Angeles Every night on the news It's either a black or Mexican Shooting killing and raping And Anglo Americans Robbing and ripping people off for millions And we need a task force for gypsies Who do bodywork for $50 Or shotty paving $50 or a $100 You people must be joking If you are standing at the ATM machine At 9 o'clock at night Are you thinking oh my God I hope a gypsy doesn't come behind me ??? . Standing in line At the 7-11 And three Gypsies walk in Are you scared ?? Why don't we get together And create a task force To catch real criminals?? Oh I get it Gypsies have crystal balls And real criminals have guns If you were a police officer which one would you go after lamo

LOL @ 11/22/2012 9:09 PM

You filthy gypsies make me laugh. Have any of you ever heard of spell check? Learn how to spell. There is a difference between our and are. Dumbass gypsies. The only thing worse than a gypsy, is an Irish traveler.

Bobby @ 12/10/2012 3:10 PM

As a victim of a gypsy "crystal" scam in California involving thousands I'd say your article was on target. These are people with no conscience, a truly corrupt breed. Furthermore, they get away with the most amazing crimes with no consequence, stealing millions of dollars. As a victim, I was one of the few to report the crime and to be honest, law enforcement doesn't really seem to care. It's as if their view is "Why in God's name did you give them your money? Are you kidding me? It's your problem, not ours" And in this day and age they've hacked into bank accounts and get away with all kinds of high tech fraud. Free money. Amazing.

Kasdas Bimbashka @ 12/13/2012 3:52 AM

Lovara Rom - First Global President 2052 - 2062.
Gypsy - english name for Rroma nation. Wrogly described like indian descent. Aprox 12000 years ago after Atlantis disappearance some of the nation escape to Egypt, some to south america. They was very talentet people and created new civilizations, bad many begin to mix them with native people and the new generation was very agresive and smart because people from Atlanta, they nature was peaceful bad very toll and strong light skin, blue and green eyes, bad the natives was dark skin not toll and very agresive. The one gorup of Atlantis people decide not to mix with others and not write books,not build the citis becouse knowledge was use for bad things , this group becam close to nomads and all the knowledge they kept for them self.
But it was allready to late , all the mixed generations was allredy much more diferent from them, because they hade citys,kings, soldiers. They where agresive + very smart, they change the religion and language after the local people, because it was easer to rule them(the natives).When ca 14-th century the Atlantis nomads reach Europe, they call them diferent names, like- luli-domari-egiptian, and many, many others. Now,we are Gypsy.
The God we belived when we riched Egipt was Del-Mitra and also we belived in Sun.This is the legend we past generation to generation in my family.We didn't tell the story to other Rroma becouse they maybe laugh of us.Now my generation is more educated so this legend I'm msure is true. Those Rroma even today many are toll, have strong.. blue and green eyes and very peaceful and very talented in school.The only thing we have in common with India is Punjab people, the mixed with Atlantis people. Many call them Arian. Iran and Afganistan is family with us. Adolf Hitlers genetics doctors knew allready in 1930-is about "Gypsy" Rroma origins. They knew , that they Ariens, that's why he like to destroy them all.

Sophia @ 1/2/2013 3:15 PM

To lol you must black or mix you are junk lo life Just wondering how many of your family is in prison right now Because the jails and prisons are full of people like you You're kind of people get angry when the welfare check doesn't show up on time. So God bless America When even idiots like you can get an education And welfare cheese lamo

roger @ 2/8/2013 11:35 AM

Gypsies are theifs. period. they have no shame. They come into my shop twice since opening summer '12 and have sstolen 2.5% of total sales. that's lots of $$. I KNOW THEY ARE GYSPSIES. DARE come again!
I know how they look, act and work together now. My staff is being prepared to lock doors and kick them out when they show-up. If you cant tell where theyre from (south amercian, european?) and you cant really recognize the language, they are probably setting up a theft...or just did. period. get them out.

Anthony @ 3/5/2013 11:14 PM

This is the way nazi Germany thought of the Jews all of you's should be so proud of being racist biased jerks like your ancestors.I am a gypsy rom I have a honest great job that i bust my tail for. What I have been reading shows me we having come that far after all you guys probably call a petty theft crime a nig$&@ scam. How could you publish this on the web and act like a person of intelligence. Why does it matter to you that these crimes all happened to be of gypsy descent. The only thing is big is the crime what does it matter what kinda person screwed you over I've been ripped off before and I sure didn't care what nationality he was You all need help

Anthony @ 3/5/2013 11:20 PM

I wonder if there is another website that use the term Italian scam since all Italians are in the mafia and rob and kill people

Jenny @ 3/12/2013 7:42 AM

My mother was a victim of a gypsy fortune teller. The gypsy told her that she was cursed by spirits and had to set up a new furnished home as offering to the spirits. The home was the gypsy's house and the furnitures hand-picked by the gypsy and paid with my mother's savings. The gypsy scammed her of $100,000. I hate gypsies.

John Dole @ 3/16/2013 12:29 AM

Joe Evans.aka George Evans psychic in Carrollton tx beltline Road .for last past 30 years. He has a so called organization called the UN Corporation.this Corporation is totally bogus he says it's for the culture of the Romany Gypsies . It's actually away for him to get many grants from the US government and in some ways to avoid paying taxes. He currently sees a doctor in San Antonio. Who has diagnosed him with mental problems. For the sole purpose of collecting disability

He is a ConMan that feeds off the United States government.. Joe Evans supposedly lives in San Antonio. When actually resides in Carrollton Texas 1700 beltline... This is the doctor phone number And name that gives him disability. (210) 223-8836.. drAlma Apostol, M.D

gigi @ 3/16/2013 8:29 PM

Having many encounter with these lying, filthy, theiving, scamming, ignorant gypsys...I can say this article was really too polite. I have had many personal encounters over the years with them and watched them be the low lifes they are. They are filth. They will always be filth.

Cushty man @ 3/18/2013 4:59 AM

You gorga's have hounded us for eternity now it's payback time your gorga bred dinlow's this is from and English gypsy mam out hawking every day to find a dinlow and ker it's lova...

Bonnie @ 3/30/2013 2:30 PM

I cannot believe this type of generalization and prejudice is actually printed without someone being charged with a hate crime. And those of you agreeing with this should be ashamed of yourselves. So much for post-racial America.

Unown gypsy @ 4/1/2013 11:53 AM

Hello I am a gypsy and we ppl like every other race some good some bad why if you call a blk man the n word it gets on tv and ppl get sued? But ppl Racially slur gypsies and call us lowlife trash scammers !! black people steal white people steal Mexicans steal the whole world steals I'm not condone crime !!! I'm a gypsy I do not steal I am a born again Christian that serves God with my whole heart and works honestly and there Thousands of gypsies that do work Honestly !! some of us own companies some are Entrepreneurs some work for there selfs we are ppl like you! If u been scammed By a gypsy my heart goes out to you !!! Its a sin to stealing or crime or lying or hurting other ppl But I'm reminded of the words if Jesus said to you that has no sin cast the first stone we are all sinners in gods eyes and no one is perfect!!! but stop pointing fingers at all gypsies and call us all trash lowlife and scum as we are not we are all gods children and some of us are honest like Americans black people are honest Mexicans honest Asians honest and every culture does good and bad

Gadje @ 4/2/2013 8:19 PM

A lot of angry people commenting on how this is racial profiling and the term hate crime has come up. The truth of the matter is no matter how you paint over it with modern ideals and enlightened ways of thinking, NOTHING will change the FACT Roma gypsies are thief's and scammers, it's their way of life and who they are because their culture is centered around it. I personally have had dealings with them for years while growing up. This isn't a matter of prejudice or racism. Their way of life is centered around exploiting naive people not part of their group.
Something interesting to consider is gypsies among themselves don't deny what they do.

ka @ 4/4/2013 10:16 PM

I wrote a comment here (read it above) on 8-13-2011. Since then the FBI raided the Roma house next door (the adults threw the minor teenagers under the bus, they took the blame) taking away id info, counterfeiting equipment, and stolen mail. My fine neighbors stole my mail, used my late brother's id (capt, arson) in cons, tried to book medical appointments and buy prescriptions using my insurance, failed to pay the maids, gardeners, babysitters, plumbers, rent, etc for over two years, abandoned two toddlers at the house with no water or electricity under the care of a mentally disabled adult and illiterate girl, became involved in a "gypsy war" that included attempted child abduction (the latest abduction in NORTHRIDGE, CA is gypsy all the way, both sides), started peddling magic oil laced with narcotics, and oh so much more! I discovered their real names after 1 1/2 years. Check them out in the 12 part series about hem in the Orange County Register - google Doreen Uwanawich and black bob Stevens. They may have moved, but I just heard Friday one of them is using my name and giving my address when introducing herself. And there is so little I can do. Beware!!!!!! Watch out. YouTube is a great source of info. They record all of their Molotov cocktail throwing events, banquets, cons, etc.

scam victim @ 4/11/2013 5:42 PM

My mom and I are victims of a gypsy psychic scam that lasted for 36 years. Yep. You heard me. Katie Uwanawich of Ventura Psychic in Ventura, California, began her scam on my mother during a time when she was extremely vulnerable. Katie came across as a very warm, caring and compassionate individual. She was like a mother or sister figure to us. All I can say is that what started out innocently enough slowly took on a life of its own. Katie wove an airtight intricate web of deception based upon our own spiritual beliefs blended with extreme fear. We were told not to tell anyone about ‘the work’. Candles were needed for her to ‘see’ during her meditation. These meditation sessions took place either at her ‘church’ or somewhere in the mountains.
Initially the dollar amount for the work was manageable, but as time went by, more money was required to keep us ‘safe’. We were forced through our fears to come up with ways in which to fund this work; otherwise our loved ones would perish. Some of the ways we bankrolled the work was through furniture purchases in exchange for a family member’s cash which we never see, cars, gift certificates to clothing stores or Home Depot…etc. etc. Everything was based upon faith and God. God blessed people for the sacrifices they made to help others, blah blah blah.
There’s SO much more to our story than what I can explain here. This particular gypsy sector is devious, manipulative, and plays on innocent people’s fears and emotions. If I can help even one person by telling my story, and preventing him or her from being financially feasted on by the gypsy psychic scammers of the world, it will be a day for celebration!

sonny @ 4/13/2013 2:52 AM

one day it well be so hard to mack money and the police will mack us not do shit and wen all us stop doing what we do the us well go in to the shit and then we will see what all u all arerican pepple will not have jobs cuz we relly mack the world go round if we was not macking money like we do it it will be the down fall of the us and then the gypsy will owne u pepple and it will be a new world order if gypsy r all over the world and u gija think u was in america first we r pepple that been on the face of the planit long befor any of u so u shood back off n lettes us be cuz one day all the gypsy familys will come to take the world back n clam whats ares

sammy @ 4/12/2013 8:01 PM

There are pepole in every race that stills and do Home repairs and driveway work that dose bad jobs and take pepole for all they got sounds like you pepole are racist of the romai ...... mabe yall wont to slave the romai pepole like befor or refuse thim to work thats how they got started on stilling to eat u need to do some home work

sammy @ 4/12/2013 9:10 PM

Cops allways think its gypsy if its a crime of any kind of home improments iam sick of it i done great work but over charged the cops say but i did my time for it i wont never do such things again in my life but how can cops put a price on my work .and cops lawers doctors goverment banks car lots all over payed and are the bigist crooks of all pepole wile men fighting for this conutry get payed not enoff .whites race has a race that allways going crazy and shoting up school kids i give my blessing to all the familys .............

Tommy @ 4/16/2013 2:41 AM

Not gunna lie there's some bad gypsy out but mostly from Chicago that's were all bad ones are but. The ones that do honest work. And provide for there kids and wife's and pay bills it's. hard out there money doesn't grow on trees. But. Really and truly you's haters can go drop dead and leave us alone us Honsnt ones at that please go away this add is files information

YL @ 4/18/2013 1:02 PM

I came to this site after having two recent encounters with gypsies in Broward County FL. No crime was being committed. The families were simply begging for money. Having encountered gypsies many times in Europe I recognized them right away. With all of the welfare available for the poor I do not accept their choice to expose young children to the physical dangers of begging on a corner busy with automobile traffic.

A real gypsy @ 4/17/2013 10:04 PM

This Is all lies lol ppl shouldn't be so stupid

A real gypsy @ 4/17/2013 10:08 PM

And the next time get stuff right were your getting your information at is wrong you don't know nothing about real gypsys we love Jesus we go to church every Sunday we don't rob are con old ppl that's the young ones and the dope heads this just makes me sick when I see stuff like this I will pray for each and every one every seed you sow thou shall you weep

ha @ 4/20/2013 8:57 PM

so they are organized white trash...

tony roachclip @ 4/21/2013 11:27 PM

after reading some of these comments it is apparent that spelling,reading or intelligent communication is not a priority to the Rrom in america, in the 1970's in rogers park,chicago i lived near some rrom, they were the most racist group of individuals i have ever encountered. me & my friends never got to know them,because since we were not rrom we were sub-human so we gave them names, i remember greasy frank,fat bob,pregnant betty,ogre and "evil gypsy" (she put a curse on me) sad but true. i dont wish ill will to an ethnic group but my experience with gypsies was never good,threr are good and bad in all cultures but i have yet to meet a rrom that is good. ps for years i thoght they were Romanian, i have since learned they prefer the term "Rrom"

catchow @ 4/23/2013 3:07 PM

I do not believe all gypsies are crooks. I think there are some good and bad in every race. And anyone with a brain should know thats true.

My grandfather was a Gypsy from Romania. He escaped hitler. No one else in his family made it out alive.
I only found out this after he died 2 years ago.
But I dont mind claiming I am part Gupsy. It sure does explain alot about me that never made much sence befor.

king of the gypsies @ 4/30/2013 2:41 PM

yes there's good and bad in every race gypsies are sought out by law enforcement Hitler's private army the Gestapo all we do is judge people for what there races is Jimmy marks from Spokane fought for our rights he was on the cover of Life magazine and they made a movie about themI thought we all are created equal but it seems the white America is now a minority in there more upset than anyone how does it feel to be minority we've been dealing with that our whole lives. Aman

Will @ 4/30/2013 3:53 PM

Gypsies are subhuman scum. One of them just conned an 80-something year old elderly person in Longmeadow, Mass. out of $1200 with one of their "driveway sealing" scams. Coated the driveway in used motor oil.

If any filthy Gypsy scum tried pulling this on me or any members of my family there'd be a few less Gypsy scums roaming around. Go peddle your shlt in Europe you subhuman trash.

Will @ 4/30/2013 3:58 PM

"I cannot believe this type of generalization and prejudice is actually printed"

It isn't prejudice if it's 100% TRUE, MORON. Why do you think EVERYONE singles YOU out? Even in the United States, where hardly anyone ever heard of gypsies, you now have this reputation. You didn't get it because Americans were talking to Europeans, you got it because Americans observed your crimes FIRST HAND.

The only way to reform your animals is for your children to be forcibly taken from you and raised in orphanages.

Mike @ 5/3/2013 9:23 PM

Hey will you must of been raped as a child by your parents in order to think the way you do I feel sorry for people like you Most paving and seal coating Scams are done by Anglo white American people And most crimes against the elderly are committed by Retirement homes where they charge a fortune to take care of the elderly but Usually end up beating Them to death and most of those places are owned by the government Most Gypsy Car repair scams are about $50 Walmart charges 400 for a car battery so who's the crook If you expect your car to look like new for 50 bucks and I guess Yordy idiot

Mike @ 5/3/2013 10:21 PM

This comment is for Ka ??? You must be the most nosiest neighbor on the face of the earth You know everything that goes on in your neighbors house I guess you don't believe in the right to privacy. I don't think they stole your identity they just thought there were you because you had your nose so far up their ass it sounds to me like all you do is watch your neighbors How many times a day did they wipe their ass You must have loved how their shit smelled You should buy yourself a television Ka ?? Tell us how are your new neighbors. Be careful your new neighbors might be the devil

Mike @ 5/3/2013 11:12 PM

Obviously the gypsies Have no formal education. They cannot read or write They have no jobs Or proper identification They have no social security Numbers. And the whole world views them as scum lo-life Thieves. And law-enforcement knows everything about them. And yet they live in beautiful homes drive brand-new cars where Rolex watches Eat at the most expensive restaurants Commit all these heinous crimes right out in the open They have giant neon signs that say psychic fortuneteller right in front of their homes Why aren't they hiding. We all can recognize them when we see them Why don't we All scream aloud help there's a gypsy . Can you imagine what they could do if they were educated And if they had proper identification such as drivers licenses and Social Security cards. It just seems very funny to me that all gypsies are criminals and the police department doesn't do anything about it So next time you see a gypsy person yell out help police So you can be arrested for racism. If all these people were criminals they would be in jail the police department is not full of idiots Who ignore criminals. Just because someone speaks a different language or where's different clothing then you do doesn't make them criminals Because someone drives a nice car or has an expensive watch or Lives in expensive home doesn't make him a thief. Gypsies stay to themselves because they know what the world views them as. For every one Gypsy you see there's 100,000 more living all around you working hard to have something and make a decent life. Just for the record you cannot buy a home Or a car or even rent a hotel room With out proper identification

Jess @ 5/10/2013 1:48 PM

I think some of these comments are sick.. My family are irish travs and my dad worked hard to keep me in school... Yeah our work is not always work that someone else wants to do... But not everyone in this community is a thief.. Im a nurse I drive a nice car and pay my taxes every year and dont live off the government like alot of you mingers do.

joonbugg65 @ 5/11/2013 8:25 AM

I have worked in the restaurant business for over 15 yrs. The "Gypsy People" that come into eat always seem to find a hair in their food...It never fails. Even when the younger kids come in they do the same. So, they are being taught a a young age. Always looking for something free. Plus they are the worse tippers. When they do come in none of the servers want to help them. Quit being so cheap and pay like the rest of us have to.. We have since ban them from one of our locations in Utah.

Gary @ 5/19/2013 6:35 PM

A fool and their money are easily parted.

buckydo @ 5/23/2013 12:18 AM

Ive never been scammed by a gypsy, but have been robbed by a white purse snatching skateboarder, and had a computer stolen from me by black midget. (while i was standing only 3 ft away from my laptop). I never knew midgets could move so fast. He even had a getaway car waiting for him. Where's the taskforce to stop skateboarder crime? And who's covering all the crimes commited by little people? Stop picking on gypsies and go after skateboarders and dwarves instead. They are a much bigger threat to the average senior in this country.

Henry Clemons @ 5/29/2013 4:42 PM

The rules of law is to stop the early stages of of raw,rascal rage of racism that can as did in past years that cause war and death of many people world wide of ,in country on earth this planet.One can feel the mental pain of subject article of the -Police,law enforement online magazine-Call Police:the article is-Gypsies :King of Con-5/22/11-I quote a question,part here in,(where do we go from here?a past great man stated this quote in his book,of pain and raism.

Orlando Roof repair @ 5/29/2013 9:45 PM

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Guy @ 6/6/2013 7:50 PM

My girlfriend is Gypsy from Romania, and I am not Roma. As far as I know she works hard and honest to support her children. She is in her fourth year of college. She is absolutely an amazing person. Yes we met online, but she doesn't want my money. I have offered and offered and she refuses to accept. It has been four months now and I have to say she is an amazing woman. I know our love is forbidden in the Gypsy culture, but she still wants me. I am probably one of the poorest people she could have chosen. I probably won't be much in my life yet she stays and has fights to stay with me. I don't see how this could be a scam. She doesn't want money and she makes an honest living. So not all Gypsys are bad. I doubt there are very many that are. You should be careful around anyone. Not just Gypsys. I love this girl with all my heart and don't like seeing slander like this about her people. Don't judge someone because of their ethnicity. Judge by their personal actions. Thats like saying all black people are gangsters... Really?

sam @ 6/23/2013 8:54 PM

these people are the scum and the lowest form of humanity! it is pathetic that they are functionally illiterate! Get a real job and pay your way like the rest of us....they may be smart at their scam, however, they are dumber than dirt and the more people that speak up and get them arrested, the less they will be able to steal....society has to be educated!!!!!!

Markskilla @ 6/24/2013 12:14 PM

Gypsies are the scum of man kind. I don't believe in genocide, but if a nation decides to ethnically cleanse of the Roma race, I wouldn't oppose. Gypsy women sell their daughters for prostitution and to criminal enterprises. These animals have no morals. Satanic religions have more morals.

James Gaskell @ 7/4/2013 5:22 PM

The Gypsies out of Northern Illinois have been a real challenge to our Hot Line business. Although retired, I still remember the first call we received on a band of 15 entering a convenience store and going into all types of charades. While all this commotion was continuing, a young boy jumped out from under a female's dress where there was a small chair worn under the dress to harbor this little guy. He was able to pick the lock to the office and took over 28K from a locked cabinet. Within 2 minutes, we received another call 2 states away about a diversionary robbery / same MO .. We actually had to reprogram our computers to be able to do multiple (RAD) Alerts from different states at the same time. We spent many years following these best of thieves and became very good at it. Our alerts saved the companies much money but the stores still lost and average of 300K within a 6 month period. They knew what days when most money would be at the stores from (the lottery), and the best time to go in. They had 2 way radios through repeaters and always had enough money for bail. There was a detective that found a California law that could make the bail so high, they were unable to get out of jail. This was used in San Jose California which greatly decreased the activity of these people. Most companies will never tell how much they lose especially by this group of people. They are the best. If I ever had the desire to become a great thief, I would want to be trained by this type of people. They are literally the best on the planet.

mia @ 7/14/2013 1:21 PM

Unfortunately, every gypsy that I have encountered has been fradulant. I worked at a retail store and we constantly had entire families enter our place of business and steal. The women would parade around the parking lot with their children, drugged out, harassing ppl for money. Ive grown to really dislike gypsies

Lin @ 7/26/2013 11:07 AM

This is absolutely true. I don't know why people are trying to say this is racist. These people live off of the hard work of others. It is quite sad and terrible and they should be ashamed. Look into the Marks family gypsies before you say this is not true! These people are terrible.

Shirley @ 7/27/2013 2:48 PM

Please email me back I have a lot of information on Gypsy you are looking for

Louie M. @ 8/3/2013 4:10 PM

these people are a dispicable group of human beings. they do not act like you and me, they do not work at a normal job, they have NO morals, they will steal everything you have and lie to you in order to line their pockets with your hard earned cash. they belong in jail....nothing less than that. THEY ARE DISGUSTING VULTURES!! Watch out for these so-called psychics in Dallas, Texas operating on northwest hwy. and broadway blvd. BEWARE of these thieves. Stay away from them and run fast.

Connie @ 8/4/2013 7:11 AM

The Gypsies who fraudulently bought cars in San Jose to the tune of over a million dollars some of which are now in jail (90) but about 23 are still on the loose in the Bay Area. At least three of them are operating in Vallejo stealing rings, pickpoketing, etc.

Be ware people of Vallejo. They are all over every neighborhood looking for a victim. They have been seen on Hargus Avenue in Vallejo and have comitted thefts there within the last two weeks.

Jessica Benjamin, JD @ 8/15/2013 12:29 AM

Your overt racism is extremely offensive.

Jack @ 8/18/2013 6:47 PM

This was the most retarded thing I've ever read about gypsies

curtis jeffery @ 8/25/2013 4:37 PM

I can appreciate the disclaimer, But the facts are distorted A GOOD BOOK ON romany history /facts ha

Catherine Boss @ 8/27/2013 6:38 PM

My sorry tale: An unlicensed gypsy "paver" was driving up my street, and as I slowed to turn into my

RumneyRoyalty @ 9/7/2013 5:57 PM

This is the biggest insult ever. I'm a Rumney and I'm well educated. sure maybe some con people but I've seen more country people con people than my folki. You fear what you don't understand.

GodsGypsyPrincess @ 9/19/2013 2:59 PM

This is completely discriminating to the Gypsy race and IT IS A RACE!!! I am a Gypsy, my husband and

mish @ 10/18/2013 10:47 PM

my 78 year old father is the victim of a gypsy scam. lisa miller is 31 years old and claims to be in love with him and has taken him for every penny. do you know her and alan "tony" ely in illinois?

papabear @ 10/19/2013 11:51 AM

Stop with the racism accusations already. When a culture accepts this behavior and actively pursues it as the family business they are the ones placing themselves at odds with society and are a cancer on that society. You reap what you sow. I'm sure there are trustworthy Rom but with it this pervasive and deeply rooted in their culture, they simply cannot be trusted and SHOULD be targeted by law enforcement, lest the weakest among us be forced to pay for political correctness gone too far!

Joemommamia @ 10/22/2013 7:09 PM

Hi All! Gypsies are are what you would call the epitome of antisocial behavior mostly because of the way they are brought up. I use to manage a liquor store many years ago and one night about 30 women came in to the store at the same time some were asking for help others were just blatantly grabbing merchandise and hiding on their persons. When I saw this the I called the police and locked the doors. When the police arrived moments later, they basically arrested everyone in the store. They all had unpaid merchandise on them! It was a nightmare. The paper work alone to prosecute them all was unbelievable and no one seemed to have any ID and now suspiciously all of a sudden no one spoke or understood English anymore! As it turned out they all spent some time in jail & the judge let them all go do to an error on my part. So they learned their lesson and left town but a few days later all the windows of the store were busted out at 3AM - and we all knew who did it. Shame to live like that.

scammed @ 10/26/2013 9:01 AM

How can National Geo glorify these scam artists? Stoic Nick Johns masked himself to be a/k/a Anthony Aiello to enter into a high-end multi-mullion dollar building in Manhattan. He has prior evictions under his name so he simply obtained another ID and refused to pay his rent to an owner who happens to be a very hard working 85 year old man. He was evicted yesterday via marshall. Nick johns absconded before the marshall arrived. He owes over $30,000 in rent and property damages over $5,000 . Big shot, big mouth who belongs behind bars not on national television! He beguiled the realestate broker who placed him in this unit. Nick's iniquity should be exposed for his flagrant and egregious actions. Nothing American about these 'American Gypies ' Just scum and scoundrels. There should be a show to expose ALL these thieves not glorify. We need to do something about this. EXPOSURE if not we are just enabling them to do more egregious things to this nation.

Input from the UK @ 10/28/2013 2:09 PM

I came across this site while researching gypsies in the uk and what can I say, the article absolutely sums up how the Romany's operate here in the uk. There has been many cases in the courts over the last few years including a case of a man with learning difficulties who was enslaved by gypsies for ten years and forced to work and live in terrible conditions, there has been many many cases of confidence tricks involving the elderly. I'm sorry to say but the life these people lead is parasitic, all they do is take from society pay no taxes and live an unaccountable enforcement should make them a priority.

melba @ 11/12/2013 6:05 PM

This article appears to accurately report the types of scams being perpetuated on senior citizens in my Chicagoland neighborhood, including my own father. Just today, a pair of men convinced our elderly neighbor lady to open her door to them because they said her neighbors' house was flooded and the city needed to check her pipes, too. Then, one man led her to a back room while the other one burglarized the home. It breaks my heart that these criminals specifically target older people and prey upon their trust and civility.

Ts510 @ 12/3/2013 6:01 PM

I have weekly encounters with "gypsies" however, I do not condone labeling one race/culture as something when there are a few bad seeds. But, from what I see very often. It's hard to have any compassion for them. They come into my job regularly. (Hair salon) they make app and don't show up, and when they do they are looking for deals. 9.9 times out or 10, they will return in a few days for a refund. Demanding cash when they paid with card. Making scenes and putting "hexes" on the unfortunate staff member that was there at the time. They harass other patrons with fortune telling cards or offering a palm read for 20$ on the spot. The WORST part of all, are the young woman that walk the streets of union square with their children asking for money. They ride up and down the BART line doing just the same. Watch them closely, they have iPhones, tons of credit cards and cash. Good people fall victim to them daily in SF. It sickens me. And kudos to those out there living and honest life

fed up in nj @ 12/9/2013 7:21 AM

There are honest ones but from my experience, the ones I have came across are frauds I know for a fact that they scam people because I was one for over 20 years, the claim you are more than a client "your family" while they bleed you dry of all your money, they collect welfare and work, they go around paving driveways, fixing roofs, doing bodywork on cars and they get away with it, they marry cousins, very rarely do they marry outside their blood family and the women run psychic lines under their clients names all while collecting welfare and disability

Gresham Gershwitz @ 12/14/2013 1:15 AM

NOT ALL ROMS ARE THIEVES, but the ones who are make the rest look foolishly impish. There's a particular Roma family in the NE Portland Oreg area that terrorizes local merchants and chain stores (i.e. Fred Meyer, Kmart, Target, etc.) and are using primarily distraction theft with extended family and kids in tow. The store employees are helpless to do anything, because they'll claim racism and threaten lawsuits. I'm myself a minority and believe the race card is for fools. Anyway, most of this article is accurate for that subset of thieving Roms. I know where they live and they have a big fancy house with an estimated 5 families living there and nice cars, but yet they're all on welfare and can be observed every damned day scamming local retailers. How do I know this? I have family working at two area retailers and they tell me the nightmare stories. I've personally observed it also. I'm thinking next time I'll video tape it for YouTube, but not sure about privacy laws in a store.

zemkarlos @ 12/18/2013 7:39 AM

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Heather @ 12/28/2013 4:57 AM

I am a Romanian Gypsy. I am educated with a College Degree. I work and support my family all WITHOUT stealing or conning. There are thief's in every race and culture. Is it safe to say that because most of our African american culture is receiving welfare, that all black Americans are users and refuse to work . NO WAY it is a choice. Every individual, no matter the race can choose to do bad , or choose to be productive. We as a free country should be way passed racial profiling.

bruce @ 1/2/2014 6:51 PM

the gypsies seem the most racist as they do not inter marry(mostly) call us gagie,and according to tradition find it ok to rip people off,no matter who according to there tradition and we should not be worried or cautious.All races rob,cheat,steal,&scam.but only gypsies are on mass raised to think of outsiders as easy pray and think god ok's it.I have worked 17yrs in construction and had to fix these fly by night gypsies so called fixes,aka using tar instead of flashing.They are parasites to the human race

John Ballog @ 1/6/2014 8:50 AM

when you look at t v and someone hijack a truck kills everyone...who are these people doing this wonderful deed.....maybe someone thats makes pizzia gyspy do no make pizza.....gyspy can do better with there lives so can everyone else its who you hang around with for anyone...there are more good people than bad in this world ..hope everyone turns to be a great person before they die but its not going to happen.......when you see a man where a tie on is he job ...thats does not means is is dressed has to have the heart to be a good dresser like borgar..his was the man.....johnny

Exxon Dies @ 1/6/2014 4:26 PM

Most of the stories are true about Romani Gypsy. I was a Victime in California for 2-3 years. this was a Confindence Crime or Theft by Deception.
but finally the Sweet Lover was in my Motel room.

gypsy hustle @ 1/11/2014 10:30 PM

I'm located in Phoenix and we have a huge Gypsy problem. I manage a convenience store and the gypsies that come in the store have similarities and I can tell the difference between normal people and these "gypsies." the comment Heather put on here about racial profiling.. Well so be it if we have to deal with this crime. I can spot the difference in a good person and a person who fits the Gypsy race and has all the characteristics that the these swindling thieves have. I see all ages of them and they all buy the same things and wear there hair the same way. If you didn't know about gypsies then it's easy to just throw them in the Mexican category here in Arizona. I see these people pay change in gas yet pull stacks of hundred dollar bills from there pockets. I then watch them ask customers in my lot for money.. Some people come in and put 15 to 20 dollars on a gypsies gas pump.. Now imagine how much money the gypsies get if they do that through out the day. continued...

gypsy hustle @ 1/11/2014 10:32 PM

Continued...They enter the store in groups and open and eat as much as they can in these diversions.. The clerk doesn't have enough eyes to watch and count everything being eaten. They then try to swindle nervous clerks. The gypsies in my area drive brand new diesel and gas Ford and dodges trucks and brand new cameros and challengers. It irritates me seeing my regular customers become victims to these people. I sure wish I could get free gas and nice expensive cars for nothing. This is a major problem that most people don't know about.

John @ 1/16/2014 2:46 PM

For all the illiterate gypsies on this message board. The reason I don't say Italian scam, is because out of the hundreds of Italians I've met in my life, maybe less than 1% are criminals. Every gypsy I've met (and there have been many) have basically all been criminals. My Grandfather owned a jewelry store and would teach me what to watch for when they came in. He would literally finish their sentences for them. In a retail store setting, they will come in with a lot of people. They tend to look very dirty, stained clothes, bad smells, etc. They use their young children to get into small areas to steal whatever they can get their hands on. They also are infamous for telling stories while another member of the pack attempts to rip you off. I feel bad condeming an entire race of people, but man! They've really have all been that way in my experience. If I can offer any advice here it'd be this. Do not believe a word they say and never trust them with anything!

Lady Justice @ 1/26/2014 7:53 PM

If you are scammed by a con artist, gypsy or otherwise, report the person and the 'con' to law enforcement and keep pushing until you are heard. I was scammed by the Colorado psychic Adam Marks and reported him in May 2012. He was charged with felony theft and will be going to trial in March 2014. Several of his other victims came forward and talked to the authorities, but were too embarrassed to testify. It is embarrassing but until people are willing to come forward, report the con man or woman and work with authorities they will continue to prey on innocent vulnerable people. In my case the loss of the money which was substantial was devastating, but the betrayal by someone I trusted was even more devastating. I wanted to do everything I could to stop him. If you have been victimized, be willing to come forward and report the thief. In this case it was a Romani Gypsy fortune teller, but any theft should be reported regardless of the ethnicity of the thief.

Tony @ 2/2/2014 11:52 PM

With all the crime going on in the us we need a gypsy task force for 100$ driveway scams and $5 doller readings really that's insane blacks or killing someone everyday on the new the Nigers or selling drugs raping women killing children even there own kind and you have the nerve to talk about gypsy even the white culture is messed up 80 percent of white women claim they have been sexually abused by there fathers/uncles there all on antidepressant pills and the white or mostly the one who's serial killers and you guy or targeting gypsy for what because they have nice cars and don't read good and some of them or criminal what culture aint got criminal

lamar muller @ 2/11/2014 2:40 AM

Theses people are scum

Concerned citizen @ 3/3/2014 4:43 AM

I had no outside influence on gypsies because I've never dealt with any. I imagined them like in the faerie tales. Not bad people at all. Traveling merchants and the like. Well I got a rude awakening. I work in a restaurant and we have a huge family that frequents our establishment named the Millers. Without knowing their background even though they look a very distinct way (hairstyle and clothing) we quickly learned that they will complain about everything and try to get free food. Here's a funny coincidence. I get a family named the millers who dress the same and have the same style but they are not my normal millers. Of course they do the same thing. They complain about everything and request ridiculous service. Well they were visiting from another state. They claimed not to know the sac millers. These people wear pompadore style haircuts and gold chains. They always travel with children and elders. The people defending them here is how they work. They try and discredit you. Beware!

kelldriskill @ 3/11/2014 1:54 PM

You romani really believe were dumb enough to believe all these reports complaints and documented instances of the crimes committed spring from nowhere? Ive had limited experience with these people but what I experienced was pretty much consistent with what is written here and recorded elsewhere...yeah everyone knows all gypsies aren't criminals...but THE FBI DOESNT SET UP TASK FORCES TO CHASE IMAGINERY silence your lies FOR GODS SAKE if not for anyone elses...seriously as if..

Susan E @ 3/26/2014 11:20 AM

I would have to say they are extremely criminal. My husband and I are beginning to wonder if these are the same people causing us such heartache since 2005. And remember John Marks who murdered his wife and Kay Marks who pulled a psychic scam in Lafayette,CO. We have been subjected to illegal evictions, thefts, harassment, stalking, mail fraud, bank fraud, and hardship and undue stress still going on. We have been obstructed from real law enforcement, smartphone hijacking, fraud and threats. We never went to any fortune teller so we do not know why or how these people began all this. Every landlord we have had has been replaced and they threaten constantly with rent raises when you have a standing lease. I despise the police impersonators they use and the pink slip illegal evictions they perform and its constant in Loveland, CO.We are bombarded by an illegal hidden GPS and flash mobbed in every store. Heck one person used a box cutter on my backpack when they came out from underneathe a clothes rack.
And I have been stabbed in the back by a person pushing in behind us at a checkout at Walmart. No one did a thing about it, yet it happens all the time to us non_stop. We are frustrated that we cannot get the attention of real law enforcement. Heck there have been false arrests and false imprisonment even and bogus charges and no warrant at all.
I see what these criminals are capable of its disgusting! I highly respect you Lady Justice we need more people like you. Know this if you read Torah G_d said never consult these kinds of people always consult and pray to him.

TJ @ 3/28/2014 12:30 PM

Please watch out for Tina Costello in Gilbert, Arizona if you have elderly family in that area. She may go by Nina Costello (Marks gypsies from the San Francisco Bay Area). I made a page detailing Tina and her family's elderly scam after she targeted my Father and bilked him out of everything he had.

--- Her husband is gypsy David Marks of Arizona (aka Mark Stevens), and her son is Jake Costello (aka Jake Marks), both participants in the scam. There are photos of Tina's clan on my page, so maybe it can help the next family identify her in enough time to make a difference.

TravellerGal @ 5/20/2014 11:45 PM

When I was 18 years old, living across the nation from my family for the first time, and working my first job, I made the mistake of telling a senior co-worker I was a second generation American- an Irish Traveller. I was "let go" two days later.

My mums parents narrowly escaped the death camps during WWII, and my father's parents did not. His uncle brought my father and his brothers over in the 1950's.

Ethnically, Travellers do not often call themselves Gypsies; however we are commonly called and marked as so. Many of the TV shows today about "Big Fat..." or any number of Gypsy shows consist of many Travellers.

I have a Masters degree, I teach your children in public schools, and I was a Federal Park Ranger in a National Park many of you have been to. I am your next door neighbor. I shop in your grocery store. Our kids play soccer together. I am on the PTO, the city council, and maybe your cousin does my hair.


TravellerGal @ 5/20/2014 11:46 PM

Cont. P.2)

I am a full blooded Irish Traveller. Hitlers regime killed two of my grandparents in 1942. Would you call me filthy or disgusting? Would you say these things, these comments posted above, to my face?

Gypsies are everywhere. Many of us no longer lay claim to out heritage, because of what is so easily displayed in the comments here, and in this article.
We are scared of being identified with what has become such a terrible negative term. Honestly, of any ethnic group, being a gypsy is arguably the worst. And there is no affirmative action, there are no laws keeping people from profiling us. If an article like this was written about African Americans, entitled "Black Scams", there would be outrage x and lawsuits. But no. This is being allowed. This article exists and no one cares how terribly wrong and racist it is.

A couple bad apples, and most likely folks falsifying Gypsy blood, have ruined something that many of us should be proud to lay claim to.

You may be right that these crooks and thieves do exactly as stated, however, it is time to stop calling them Gypsies, and correlating these crimes to an ethnic term -to an entire group of people.

You say you've never met a Gypsy that hasn't been bad? That's because we haven't told you. We are everywhere, but because of bulls××× like this, we are not allowed to claim our heritage. As much as its to blame on the bad apples, it's also to blame on the ignorance found by those perpetuating articles like this.

Understandably, call out these crooks and thieves, but stop calling them Gypsies. Because this is a small percentage of an entire ethnic group, and this is destroying us.

Thank you.

TravellerGal @ 5/21/2014 12:11 AM

And shame on those of you putting the Romas on here down for bad spelling and grammar. I am lucky I received such an extraordinary life and education. But this opportunity isn't available to all, and this is not only found among Gypsy populations. When a group of people is so marginalized for so long, bad things happen. Whose fault is this?

And one thing many of you will never understand in your jaded ethno-centric view point is how irrelevant a formal education is to many Rom people.

There is a reason those Gypsies who do choose making an easy dollar are so easily able to escape the law, because we have smarts and instincts special to our people, that could never be taught in a school.

If you're ever interested in actually learning about some of the Gypsy folks you so easily put down and disregard, assuming you are even literate your self, please feel free to check out:

Bury Me Standing by Isabel Fonseca

And lastly, why, if we are such a degenerate group of people, why would the Pope & Dalai Lama go to such lengths to shed light on the beauty of our people?

cecil @ 6/9/2014 4:08 PM

Travelergal , I do really want to believe you. But when so many of your people have lied and scamed us its had to do. For all I know you are doing this to get the public to gain gypsies trust so I will choose not to believe. We got scammed by a group of Arkansas gyps a few years back on a asphalt job. I remember the license plate was covered in dust so we couldnt read it. They sprayed a coat on the asphalt quickly and next day the rain washed it all away. They tried doing a neighbor's driveway and we told the neighbor it was a scam . Our neighbor called the sheriff's department and to our surprise 5 more people had complained of the same scam. Of course they were long gone by the time the sheriff responded.

romanichal angel @ 6/24/2014 9:26 PM

not all of us gypsies are theives and bad people. thats equivelent to saying all blacks are drug dealers or all mexicans are lazy. ridiculous. you gorger fokey need to shun your mories. you fokey dont gin what really goes on. u just belive the bogus nonsense u hear so go suv yourselves dinlers

keke @ 6/29/2014 11:30 AM

Romanichal Angel I am a Mitchell I have no idea where any of my family is I don't know how to go about finding my aunt I have no one to help me or show me what is going on I speak a little roma but mainly English my uncle is in prison and told me to try to find romani to help me please post back

Smith @ 8/15/2014 8:48 PM

I want to say is wow how my people are put down and we was murderd in the holo cost both my great grand fathers was in in ww2 my grand father in Vietnam fought for this country we are true people real men and wemon just because we don't sit behind a desk all day didn't mean we ain't hard workers I'm a English Roma sinti there are God fearing Holy Ghost filled Jesus Christ believing Christian Roma in this world my people in other country's are still in bondig homeless broken and more I'm sorry for all other mistake my people has made but who are you to judge for whatever you judge it will be measured against you I've never heard such ridiculous of the boy stealing the nail wat a bunch of rubbish racist pepole that's all you are we're not like my big fat gypsy weding we are ordanery pepole God Bless

Cooper @ 9/7/2014 1:46 PM

It's funny. Look at all the Germans who hate Jews or all the blacks that are involved in crime. But you don't see someone making a website putting the whole race down . U might of said in the told it wasn't to all gypsies but that was just using psychology butting a positive with a negative to make it not sound as bad. U are racist people. You can't judge a whole race just by the bad people in it

skinrod101 @ 9/12/2014 7:28 PM

Saying all Gypsy's or travellers are bad is like saying every priest or minister is a CHILD MOLESTER .come on now .most are honest and do good work but just like anything every body wants a good deal to get off cheap and to make that happen corners got to be cut facts of life like everything else on the planet you use to be able to buy a car made of steal now they are plastic and 100 times the price .welcome to america land of opertuinty

lol @ 10/6/2014 6:35 AM

They talk like we aren't even ppl just cause they can't figure us out they want to talk about someone well I got news for em I'm only half romanichal but that half over rides that Hoosier and for the reffs telling our business shut ya mouth I'm not hating on gorjas there ppl to but they need to quot being noise and worry about them slef if we wanted ya to know we would tell ya and my big gypsy wedding the maker of that show has belittled or ppl

vicsecrets76 @ 10/18/2014 1:02 PM

I have something to say I no some gypsy and they are some cons and I have seen it with my on eyes nobody is putting gypsy ppl down that is what you all are none for and what y'all do the gypsy ppl I no have con so many ppl I live in houston and that shit is going on all over there kids can't read and they don't go to school and the wife sleep with men for money and is hooked on pills and I been noing these gypsys for 8yrs and helped them with a lot so there you have it it's only the truth that they are talking about to bad it is what it is.....

Pete the pikey @ 10/20/2014 3:11 AM

Don't you just love the spelling ? Lol

jimbo @ 11/11/2014 7:02 AM

Gypsies are crazy. I work at 711 and they always pull that distraction stuff. They try to steal Cuban sandwiches. Get free slurpees or whatever they can get. I watch them like a hawk. What peculiar people they are. I get so aggravated cuz they think everyone is stupid and they lie to your face. I have no problem kicking a gypsy out of my store. Losers

Jennifer @ 12/9/2014 12:28 PM

There is good and there is bad in everybody in the world. Black, white, yellow, gypsy or not. Im gypsy. And have never done any of the above. I've been in school. And my kids are in school. Don't say every gypsy is a criminal, That is just wrong. I have never stold anything a day in my life. And that is because my parents taught me better. We are christians and try our best to live in a way pleasing to God

brandon j mitchell @ 3/1/2015 1:04 AM

I see a lot of hatred against my people, It's a shame that people like Americans rape and kill and mirder and steal just like every single race of men and women and it's really funny someone said that gypsy women sleep with men for money, Look at you're whore houses and hookers what is it filled with Mexicans and Caucasians just white people black people a bunch of different kind even Asians and if my people are so bad, Than what are the Germans who killed millions and the Mexicans and Indians and the Japanese and Chinese and the French? You people act as if we the Roma have made war and done anything that is as worst as all of what you're own kind have done and did and have done, I do agree some Gypsy's are bad but hey! Don't talk we didn't make weapons we didn't kill millions of people we didn't make drugs and meth and weed and everything that people made not mine? Lol

brandon j mitchell @ 3/1/2015 2:14 AM

Dear Sir
We have just been sent a copy of your remark where you tell America that we can only be Gypsies if we are criminals. It’s racists like you who make life so difficult for us. Why should we ever feel well disposed to your people, when you have done nothing but hound and persecute us since we first came in contact with each other? Tell me one instance of when your people have ever offered us help, approached us with good intentions, or done anything constructive for us. Your people are worse criminals than any of our people ever were. Why don’t you study someone else and leave us alone? Even now you are making a name for yourself off of us. What are you giving back, Why are you people So ignorant and racist against my rom people.

Kyle stevens @ 9/3/2015 5:52 PM

This article is racist and offensive I shall see that it be abolished

Pat M @ 11/26/2015 8:39 AM

^racist? Jeez I can tell you're a gypsy because your dumb as a bag of rocks.. This article seemed totally accurate l, gypsies are a bunch of low lives who steal from others because they are too lazy to earn anything for themselves

D W @ 12/4/2015 8:28 AM

Really Pat M? You can tell the previous posters are Gypsy because "your [sic] as dumb as a box of rocks"? Seems an ironic statement given the numerous errors in your post. Some may say that they make you appear "as dumb as a box of rocks" and therefore by your own standard a Gypsy.

As far as this article goes it is both inaccurate and unfair. Setting aside that the term Gypsy is a made up catch all referring to numerous ethnic groups and nationalities it also has little basis in fact.

For example the rate of criminal activity in those groups collectively labelled Gypsy is no higher than that of the general public. Indeed with the possible exception of The Travelers it is lower than that of the general public.

Second the crucifixion story is that which is held by any Gypsy groups. It seems as if the author googled and wrote the first thing they found. Frankly given the shoddiness of the article I'm surprised the author didn't also include the urban legend about Gypsies stealing children.

I've not visited this publication before but as it represents itself as one for law enforcement I have to say if this article is any indication they are doing a gross disservice to LEOs everywhere.

Shame on this publication, the author and the ignorant nitwits posting such hateful drivel.

selena @ 12/16/2015 12:00 PM

Very accurate and well written article. I've experienced this first hand.

Floridajames @ 1/3/2016 12:15 PM

This is racist why dont you talk about blacks or mexcains the way you do gypsy people you wouldent right because they scream racism eventually sites like this and people like this will be sued for being racist bunch of jack rabbits that don't know what they're talking about

Zealous @ 1/3/2016 10:14 PM

I have been on the receiving end myself. I was just a young girl whose heart had been recently broken, and with no faith--a perfect target for these people. They took me for a ride, landed me in so much debt--all the while looking me right in the face without even batting their eyes. I was a kid in a big city desperately needing comfort and healing and these sick people took total advantage of me. Same story. They have this "work" that needs to be done to cast out the dark forces that are robbing me of happiness--the work costs thousands of dollars and they do it in a "church" they won't tell you the name of and you can't verify. They get you to keep coming back. The worst of it is this was in the nations capital, DC, the very heart of our country. Not far from where our Congress meets.
Since then, I have found my healing and discovered how to love and be loved beyond belief. Not only in my personal life and with my family but with my greatest love of all---the holy, inspired Word of God. I am a born again Christian, basking in the true love of the Lord and in the only authority on this earth--HIS Word. And by that Word, these people are about to experience the greatest wrath and execution of justice they can imagine--HIS justice. The God of Heaven hates false prophets and that is exactly what these people are. I don't care what phony story regarding crucifixion they come up with--they are in blatant violation of HIS Word and will indeed reap the consequences of that for sure. That's the final authority for all of us and we all will give an account someday to HIM with whom we have to do. So all of you folks who are defending this, post whatever you want here to defend your thieving culture, but when you are before the judgment seat of Heaven, what answer will you give then??

Davino @ 1/8/2016 6:14 AM

I get frustration with crime, no matter who or what the perpetuators are or were.
But let me tell you this: In most civilized countries including Germany which slaughtered 500'000 Sinti, Rom and Traveler "Gypsies" during the 3rd Reich (Nazi), most of the generalizing

Davino @ 1/8/2016 6:18 AM

Comment wiul land the poster solidly in JAIL. Because it's a CRIME.

As others very well point out, there are criminals in every ethnicity, religion or nation... including Gypsies.

But the vulgar and racism driven comments like "filthy", "all scammers, thiefs, crooks, liars" are ushered by criminals, because it's a hate-crime!

girl @ 1/15/2016 6:23 AM

First off I would like to start by saying he with out sin cast the first stone . I do send my kids to school but like the others said they cant tell what they are because of judgemental people . We go to church infact I myself do nursery at my church . Yes we work just the same as everyone else to make a living for there family but do not steal kill rape . Ignorant people like the people who wrote this give us a bad name . There our God fearing people in our familys . Just because one dose it doesn't mean we all do. There are bad people in very race . People need to think befor they speak and realize that we have feelings to .

Catherine Sutton @ 1/19/2016 7:04 PM

This is exactky why my family kept our Romani heritage a secret. I didn't know til a few years ago. Every group has it's law breakers. Everyone in my family is well educated. I have a Master's Degree. My son is a police officer in San Francisco. If someone commits a crime, they should be caught and prosecuted, but to disparage a whole culture is ignorant. Please realize this article is blatently racist and if it were possible, I would sue the author for lying. This is disgusting and shows a lack of education. Would you say this about any other ethnic group? I hope all Romani and Travelers learn about this and rise up in protest.

Catherine Sutton @ 1/19/2016 7:16 PM

Also, my culture does not thieve. We have a Romani Code of Conduct which we are taught at home beginning almost at birth. It includes the Golden Rule and the Ten Commandments, and more advice to live a good life approved by GOD. I am so angry at such ignorance and hate. Because you were vulnerable and got scammed by someone doesn't mean all of us will scam you. Beware. This is how the Holocaust (Parajmos) began. Learn from it or one day those in power will come for you and there will be no one left to stand up for you and what's right.

cheryl @ 1/29/2016 5:10 AM

I was tricked into marrying a Yugoslavian Gypsy. Distraction Thiefts. It took me seven years to break free. I left with two children, a two and three year old. It was a war leaving with the children. But I won. My children are in their late 30s now. College educated, hard workers. But they still live with the secret that their half Gypsy. It has to be that way so they can live normal American lives. I'm so proud of them.

Martin Luther King @ 2/1/2016 8:19 PM

This is super racist! It would almost be funny if it wasn't serious. Reread the article and substitute the word "black" or "Jew" for Gypsy lol. white supremicist propaganda.

American gypsy @ 3/11/2016 9:07 AM


American gypsy @ 3/11/2016 9:08 AM


Mimi @ 3/13/2016 10:16 AM

@cheryl... I'm interested to hear more about your story... I think I'm in a situation like yours 😞

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