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LAPD Chief Defends Decision Not to Fire Officer

April 03, 2014  | 

Photo of LAPD HQ: Paul Clinton
Photo of LAPD HQ: Paul Clinton

Police Chief Charlie Beck has defended his decision to overrule a disciplinary board’s recommendation to fire a police officer with close family ties to the department, denying favoritism played a role in his determination, reports the Los Angeles Daily News.

A Los Angeles Police Department disciplinary board found that Officer Shaun Hillman should be terminated for lack of integrity, stemming from an investigation into an off-duty incident at a Riverside County bar. Hillman was caught on tape using a racial slur during a late-night altercation in Norco but later denied it to LAPD investigators. The board advised that he be fired for lying in the investigation, not for the fight itself.

Beck overruled the board’s decision, something he has done just twice in his term as the city’s top cop, and handed down a 65-day suspension instead.

Hillman’s father is a retired LAPD officer, and his uncle is former Deputy Chief Michael Hillman, a popular commanding officer who moved up through the ranks at the same time as Beck, which aroused speculation that the chief’s decision was unfair.

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Henry Johnson @ 4/3/2014 5:36 PM

Lack of integrity is serious. Will Officer Hillman have a "Brady" issue? If yes, will he be placed in an assignment that will keep him out of court?
All boots are taught by their FTO's, along with senior officers, to tell the truth and "to take their medicine." Usually, integrity issues will always get an officer terminated.
What about the previous officers that were terminated prior to Officer Hillman?

kevcopaz @ 4/3/2014 5:40 PM

I agree, the fight stupid, the racial slur stupid equal days off. the lie during an investigation= FIRED. He would have been here in Phx. He will have a Brady issue. He should have a Brady issue. So in essence we now have a cop who can not fully perform his duties. Beck you did a favor for a friend, you know it we all know it…but you did the Department no favor at all nor did you do any other honest cop any favors. BAD move Boss.

Troop @ 4/4/2014 1:57 AM

And the good old boy fraternity keeps on rollin.

TheRookie @ 4/4/2014 3:12 AM

Fire a seasoned Officer over a bar fight, name calling, and trying to tell the less than truth to stay out of trouble. Come on people. Every one of us have done something stupid. I don't care whose kid he is, the money invested into this Officer is not worth throwing away on such a BS incident.

mdor0914 @ 4/4/2014 6:58 AM

"TheRookie", I assume based on your name that you are new on the job and have alot to learn. Please take this as professional advise for a long and successful career. In our job integrity is required at a much higher standard than it is for Joe Hamburger Flipper. If you are willing to lie to conceal the details of a stupid and insignificant incident, the what are you going to lie about when you are on the stand under cross examination by a good defense attorney who wants to make you look like an idiot. You lie, attorney finds out, bad guy walks out of court, and you have impeachment issues in every subsequent hearing or trial you are called for. Now after all of that, how do you maintain an effective law enforcement career? The answer is you don't. You are fired, not because you did something stupid, but because you lied about it. Rookie, I wish you luck in your new career, but if you intend to last, close your mouth and listen to the guys who have been there.

parolecop @ 4/4/2014 7:22 PM

Law enforcement is one of the last honorable professions. If done with honor.

SeaBass238 @ 4/6/2014 7:57 AM

Good luck testifying in court ever again Officer Hillman!

Ima Leprechaun @ 4/21/2014 3:14 AM

It sets a great precedent for all future rulings. I honestly don't care what people do off duty unless they are involved in illegal activity. But off duty in a bar, he's on his own time unless he is in uniform. Even if there was a racial slur it's all on him if he gets beaten up for it. This is a non-issue and should never have been raised by LAPD. The Chief's ruling will stand as the standard for everyone else now so that isn't too bad either. I believe in ethical behavior but we are only human and we make the exact same mistakes as everyone else. So let the guy be human, especially on his own off time. The rest of you are wrapped way too tight. Please go back on your necessary medicine and relax.

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