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Theme Park Denies Entry To Father Wearing 'Police' Shirt

September 06, 2013  | 

A South Florida family was recently denied entry into Universal Orlando because one member was wearing a shirt that said "police," and he is not a sworn law-enforcement officer.

Christian Jarosz told the Orlando Sentinel on Wednesday that he and his wife traveled with their daughters and a friend to Central Florida from Jupiter on Aug. 24 to see the Blue Man Group perform. A security guard told the family they weren't allowed onto the property because of the "police" shirt Jarosz was wearing, he said.

Jarosz said his brother, who is an officer in New York, gave him the "police" shirt as a gift and he wears it because he is proud of his sibling. Jarosz said the security officers told him Universal does not allow people to wear clothing identifying themselves as police in the park.

Read the full Orlando Sentinel story.

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Michael @ 9/7/2013 5:56 PM

Good for them. Tired of seeing people wearing POLICE shirts. Last time I was in NYC I saw a guy in times square wearing black BDUs, boots and a POLICE tshirt walking with his wife and a kid. The guy was obviously a tourist and based on his grooming and slouchiness I doubt a LEO. He was however a big target for anyone looking to harm an officer and I'd hate to think if someone had been injured and needed immediate assistance and someone saw this guy and wasted precious seconds just to learn that he just likes to dress like he's SWAT on the weekends. My department doesn't allow us to wear anything off duty that signals that we're law enforcement or post photos, etc online depicting ourselves wearing our uniform. No one puts on a POLICE shirt simply to show support for a relative officer. If my brother starting donning my department shirts I'd give him a quick reminder that unless he earns the title he has no business wearing it around town.

Getum @ 9/9/2013 3:28 PM

Really, who cares...... Half the people that wear the shirt for a career are not worthy to wear it too!

bob retired leo @ 9/9/2013 3:54 PM

I don't think that non LEO's realize the danger in wearing items of clothing marked POLICE in Public places. It not only can make you a target for any perp wanting to kill a cop and endanger those with you, but think of it as saying: This clothing can be hazardous to your health when not used by the designated professional.

Samuel Owens @ 9/9/2013 4:24 PM

I believe it is illegal in some jurisdictions to wear clothing, etc., identifying yourself as law enforcement if you actually are not. As for off duty officers, I've never met one stupid enough to wear such attire off duty.

TheRookie @ 9/9/2013 4:49 PM

Something I did back in the 80's when I was a rookie, but it was a lot different then. After 1 year on the job learned not do that anymore.

Alan @ 9/9/2013 5:45 PM

Come on. Lighten up. I bet if he was wearing a shirt with a marijuana leave on it the would have let him in.

Chuck @ 9/9/2013 7:02 PM

I'm a former LEO with 9-years experience and I have never worn anything off-duty that could identify me as such. This includes back when I still carried a badge!!

Why anyone would want to wear something that identifies them as something they are not is beyond me.

j @ 9/9/2013 7:15 PM

"Officer, officer, officer!!!!!! Please do something there is a man with a gun over there by the restrooms". Oh I'm sorry I'm not a cop. " but that's what your shirts says, so please help before someone gets killed"." I'm not a cop however, I did stay at a Holiday inn express last night".

Not only do you draw attention and put you and your family in harm's way. The public can assume that you are a cop and look for you to respond. That takes time and prevents them from finding the real professional. Presious time could cost someone there life.

Larry Weaver @ 9/9/2013 7:48 PM

What a waste of time. If people think people in cop shirts are cops I guest people wearing tie dye shirts are long gone hippies.

Lee @ 9/9/2013 9:32 PM

....The article never depicts where, or how police was written....Everyone calm down, do your departments not have shirts from relays or events, etc?? for all we know his shirts said "New York "Police" Department" in cursive over a giant badge with a 9/11 never forget logo......get over it

Trigger @ 9/10/2013 4:47 AM

I agree with not wearing "police" clothing off duty, however Lee is correct. Besides Universal Orlando is private property.

Lt Dan @ 9/10/2013 5:35 AM

All you guys that think you aren't recognizable as a cop off duty need to check up on that. If you are one who chooses to patrol with the windows down regardless of the weather, the bad guys can spot you EVERYWHERE you go. There is a posture, walk, and attention to surroundings that you telegraph to all who are ACTIVELY looking for you. Shirt or not, 5-11's and a rigger belt or not, they see you.

As for the guy at Universal, Meh!

James @ 9/10/2013 6:37 AM

1. 99% of off duty officers still look like cops, it is hilarious at times, and still today in parts of this country they still sport the 1970's television cop mustaches, and most have their weapons printing through their clothing.
2. Disney is private property and they don't want the sight of cops to ruin a gang bangers day at Disney. Stupid political correctness.
3. NY has the most shirts and hats out there with the Police or fire dept logos on them, doubt me? Go look online, even Ebay.
4. I have worn a dept T shirt under a regular shirt, but never seen. It should be obvious why you would keep a low profile. You are always a target, this is not 1960 any more. There are so many terrorists types, criminals, or plain old insane people out there looking to make a name for themselves. BAD IDEA to look cop off duty.
5. Lt Dan is 100% most off duty officers can be picked out by even amateurs in public due to posture ect.

There is tons of PD, FD wear out there in civilian hands.

XLEO @ 9/10/2013 7:10 AM

Showing my age but "real" police attire used to be distinctive and something one would not wear to Wally World with the kids on your day off. Nor would it be appropriate to gift departmental issue. 8 point hats have been replaced by baseball hats, creased front-button shirts with patches have been replaced by embroidered golf shirts, and pants with contrasting side stripes have been replaced by glorified cargo pants sold in an array of colors. Also wonder, would the result have been the same if it was a child wearing the same T-shirt, a gift from his uncle?

Boston @ 9/10/2013 8:50 AM

An LEO or dumb-ass civie who wears clothing marked with POLICE is opening themselves and their family members for a bullet from some POS gang banger. A street smart LEO is not going to be parading around in police attire these days. I bet the guy was not a cop and its just like the guys with the SEAL, FBI, DEA hats. Of course feel free to wear a ICE hat its seems to clear the lines at McDonalds and car washes.

Firecop @ 9/10/2013 12:48 PM

First of all, it is just plain stupid to wear a shirt that says POLICE on it, whether you are not a sworn officer or you are off duty. Stupid. And to think that somebody might believe a person wearing a shirt that says POLICE on it might be a police officer is like saying....somebody wearing a hoodie might be a.....
Just sayin. Stay safe.

Ima Leprechaun @ 9/10/2013 5:13 PM

1st amendment right to free speech plain and simple. Whatever the reason, if somebody wants to wear a shirt that says "police" I have no problem with it. A simple solution would have been to put the t-shirt on inside out but most people are just not that smart.

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